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259 – Probiotics for Vaginal and Urinary Health – My Interview with Anthony Thomas

The probiotic industry has exploded and now we have hundreds of companies putting products into the marketplace that have no real science or benefit. This is a big bandwagon and everyone now has a probiotic. If you are serious about the products you buy, then learn to dig deeper. Ask questions, seek evidence, and figure out what companies and which products you can trust. It's only hard in the beginning, and as you learn more you will gain confidence. You will make better choices and better...

Duration: 00:46:40

258 – You Have Three Brains – My Interview with Dr. Karen Jensen, ND

"The human brain has always been a source of fascination. For centuries scientists have been trying to unlock its secrets. This has never been more relevant than today, when more people, young and old, are being diagnosed with brain disorders – such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, learning disorders, and dementias – than ever before. In her new book, naturopathic doctor Karen Jensen explores the intricate communication network between the heart, the brain, and the gut. An increasing body...

Duration: 00:37:54

257 – America’s Emerging Hemp Industry – My Interview with Josh Hendrix

Hemp is an important agricultural commodity around the world. Hemp played an important role in the growth and development of America as well. Until 1937 when the marijuana tax act criminalized all cannabis including industrial hemp. This is a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. The road back to US hemp production is just gaining traction. Hemp based products have been available in the US for probably a decade or so. Products like protein rich hemp seed, hemp oil (not to be...

Duration: 00:39:59

256 – Nutrition for Children – My Interview with Jolie Root

We face a growing challenge with childhood health. It seems that more and more children are experiencing significant health issues more so than in the past. Parents are rightly concerned and always want to do the best for their children. Easier said than done. When we begin to consider the many ways in which children can be adversely affected it can be overwhelming. Perhaps even more daunting is how do we raise healthy children in today's environment.

Duration: 00:45:20

255 – Testing Your Antioxidant Status – My Interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe

Antioxidants are an interesting topic. Everyone seems to understand that antioxidants are important for good health. After that it all gets fuzzy. I admit that my own understanding of antioxidant function is limited. What actually is oxidative stress? What does the oxidative test measure? What are the differences between the many foods and supplement forms of antioxidants? What are free radicals? Those are a few of the questions answered in this interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe.

Duration: 00:52:39

254 – Clinically Effective Prostate Support – My Interview with Josée Fortin

In this interview Dr. Josée Fortin discusses the challenges that most men will face with swelling prostate. She discusses the reasons that men develop BPH and some of the lifestyles factors that can influence the state of prostate health. She also discusses Prostasan. Prostasan is a clinically studied form of Saw Palmetto extract. When searching for a prostate formula look for one where the clinical studies were done on that specific product. You want to know that you are buying the...

Duration: 00:35:17

253 – The Health Benefits of Mushrooms – My Interview with Jerry Angelini

In this podcast I am interviewing Jerry Angelini. Jerry is the National Science Educator for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. We will discuss the broader topic of beneficial mushrooms. Of the hundreds of mushrooms that have been identified there are only a few that we consider as beneficial. Most of the mushrooms considered beneficial are the ones that have been used for centuries in traditional cultures. So with the anecdotal knowledge and today's scientific capabilities we can now...

Duration: 00:37:53

252 – All About Protein – My Interview with Neil E. Levin

In this interview Neil E. Levin will discuss the importance of protein in human nutrition. We will also discuss some of the health concerns related to protein. Considering that protein is one of the macro nutrients, it makes sense that we understand its benefits. What are proteins and why are they important? What are amino acids? What are the recommended levels of protein? What are differences between sources of protein? What happens if protein is deficient? What adversely affects protein...

Duration: 00:49:08

251 – Predictive Biomarker High Sensitivity C-RP – My Interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe

One of the reasons that inflammation is so devastating is that chronic, highly active inflammation from one cause will adversely affect many other structures and functions in the body. One problem will lead to others. The drugs used to treat the disease will likely contribute to additional problems. The drugs cannot heal chronic inflammation. Only your body can do that and only if you put into place that which leads to healing. The good news is that even serious chronic condition can be...

Duration: 00:45:18

250 – Is CBD Oil a Drug or Nutrient? Or Both? – My Interview with Dr. Hector Lopez

There is a great deal of excitement over CBD Oil. With good reason. It's safe and effective for everyday use by consumers and it has properties that can be exploited pharmaceutically. In fact there is ongoing clinical research using CBD for serious health conditions. In this interview with Dr. Hector Lopez, we will explore the difference between the drug development and research and the consumer applications of CBD.

Duration: 00:41:45

249 – Behind the Scenes at NutriGold Supplements – My Interview with Chad Kelly

I have often said companies need two things to succeed; image and substance. A company with image but no substance is selling you fluff. A company with substance and no image, gets lost because no one knows about them or what they do. You want to buy from companies that have substance first as that is the most important thing. It is when you want to look deeper into the substance of a company that the distinctions become clearer. That's what this interview is exploring with Chad Kelly,...

Duration: 00:45:43

The Benefits of Whey Protein – My Interview with Tracy Kreider, N.D.

Many people don't pay much attention to the protein they consume. Athletes understand the importance of protein but many consumers often focus on fats, carbohydrates and supplements and don't understand how proteins exert their effects in human health. As more of consumers are focused on improving their health supplemental proteins are gaining in popularity. In this interview with Tracy Kreider we will discuss the benefits of protein in human health. We will also discuss whey protein, one...

Duration: 00:42:07

247 – Choosing a Woman’s Multi-Vitamin – My Interview with Erin Stokes

In this interview, Dr. Erin Stokes will discuss the nutritional needs for women through 4 distinct stages of a woman's life. MegaFood has created unique formulas for each stage. The four stages being younger women, pregnant, nursing, or women planning to become pregnant, women in menopause and post-menopausal women. Each group has a different sets of nutritional needs. Looking for nutrients that are gender and age relevant is becoming more common. Women can now target nutrients to their...

Duration: 00:43:28

246 – Chemical Free Baby Care with e-cloth – My Interview with Al Coviello

I first learned about e-cloth in the fall of 2016. I did my first interview with Al Coviello later that year. I have since acquired and used many of the e-cloth products throughout my home. My wife and I are converts and we now use e-cloth almost exclusively for cleaning. We have begun giving e-cloth Baby Care products to young mothers as baby and shower gifts. It seems to me that once you understand how e-cloths exert their magic, and once you experience how well they work, it's nearly...

Duration: 00:46:25

245 – Predictive Bio-marker Test – Vitamin D – My Interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the gut and maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal mineralization of bone and to prevent hypocalcemic tetany. It is also needed for bone growth and bone remodeling by osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Without sufficient vitamin D, bones can become thin, brittle, or misshapen. Vitamin D sufficiency prevents rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Together with calcium, vitamin D also helps protect older...

Duration: 00:47:13

244 – Embracing the Mediterranean Diet – My Interview with Jolie Root

We have all heard that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets. It is one of the world's regional diets that seems to provide benefits to health and longevity. In this interview with Jolie Root, we will discuss the Mediterranean diet and contrast that to the standard American diet (SAD). One of the key elements of the Mediterranean diet is the use of particular fats in the diets. Olive oil provides the omega-9 fatty and fish from the sea and grazing animals provide the...

Duration: 00:46:45

243 – Nutritional Support for Menopause – My Interview with Josée Fortin

Menopause is a time in life where the woman’s body goes through a major transformation. It is often perceived as an illness, but its purpose is to prevent pregnancy and childbirth at an age where it would be too taxing on the body. When menopause occurs suddenly or when the body is exhausted, menopause can be a source of major stress. In spite of everything, most women go through this period with minimal discomfort.

Duration: 00:32:35

242 – Are You Protein Deficient? – My Interview with Dr. David Minkoff MD

Countless adults cannot digest the proteins they consume, which can lead to a range of problems from a buildup of toxins, aging, weight gain and lowered immunity.Many people who struggle with protein digestion are also dealing with serious health issues such as Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. The truth is, the sickest of patients cannot digest protein.

Duration: 00:43:40

241 – Calcium, Vitamins D and K for Bone Health – My Interview with Neil Levin

Also important for Cardiovascular Health In this interview Neil Levin discusses three core nutrients for both bone health and cardiovascular health. The science is compelling regarding the important benefits of Calcium and Vitamins D and K. However there is still a great deal of confusion surrounding these nutrients. Neil and I strive to demystify some […]

Duration: 00:53:24

240 – Food and Chemical Hypersensitivities – My Interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe

How to discover over 500 hidden or delayed allergies. One of the biggest and sometimes most mysterious health issues are caused by unknown food and chemical hypersensitivity. We live in an environment that if filled with chemical compounds that never existed until the 20th century. This includes industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, food chemicals and now […]

Duration: 00:45:52

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