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For the best in inspirational health information, I am your host Diane A. Thompson MD, MS. I know for sure that your health is your wealth. Unfortunately, far too many people realize this when it is too late. One of my greatest passions in life is to give you the knowledge, tools, and strategies that will help you create a healthier lifestyle so you can live your life to its fullest potential.




4 Lessons From a Water Melon with Kesmit Williams

Kesmit Williams was born in Jamaica and his early life was influenced by the teachings of his grandmother. He went on to become a very skilled garde manger chef and has combined motivational teachings with his fruit carvings to help inspire others. In this episode, Kesmit shares "4 Lessons From a Water Melon."

Duration: 00:31:26

Lessons learned from the passing of my uncle

On January 17, 2016 my dear uncle, Charles Guthrie aka uncle Freddie died suddenly. My heart was broken, and still is. Yet I was still able to find bothlife and health lessons from his passing. This episode shares some of those lessons with the hope that listeners will take care of themselves.

Duration: 00:30:23

Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime with Dr. Alex Shvartsman - Aug 18,2013

Join holistic dentist, Dr. Alex Shvartsman, as he teaches tips and strategies to help keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime. Dr. Alex Shvartsman is a top graduate of SUNY at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. During residency he was appointed Chief Dental Resident. In addition, he has completed a two-year Fellowship in Dental Implants and Advanced Dental Prosthodontics and has taught implant dentistry at NSUH at Manhasset until his practice relocation in 2005 to Smithtown, Long...

Duration: 01:02:52

How To Avoid Falling In Love With a Jerk with John Van Epp - Jul 07,2013

Dr. John Van Epp has a PhD in counseling psychology and is the author of How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk. He is a pastor and adjunct professor at both a University and a Seminary where he taught marriage and family coursework.Dr. Van Epp's work has won the Smart Marriage Impact Award (2008) and he has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Psychology Today, O Magazine, and Cosmopolitan. He has appeared on the CBS Early Show, The O'Reilly Factory, Fox News, and...

Duration: 00:38:16

When Love Hurts with Ross Rosenberg - Jun 22,2013

Join us to learn why we love people who hurt us and how to protect yourself from a broken heart. Learn how to identify and avoid lovers who are emotional manipulators, as well those with narcissistic, boderline, and antisocial personality disorder. Listen for strategies to help you have a healthy romantic relationship. Ross A Rosenberg, M.Ed, LCPC, CADC is a national expert in codependency, sex addiction, narcissim, borderline personality disorder, and the emerging field of emotional...

Duration: 00:39:08

The Vitamin D Cure with Dr. James Dowd - May 05,2013

What are the health benefits of vitamin D? What diseases are associated with vitamin D deficiency? Are you at risk of vitamin D deficiency? What are the signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency? How can you increase your vitamin D levels? Join board certified rheumatologist and integrative holistic physician, Dr James Dowd, as he discusses his latest book, the vitamin D cure. The book is based on more than 20 yrs of research and related practice. Disclaimer: The information presented is...

Duration: 00:38:13

Your Hair Will Grow with Victoria Crystal - Apr 07,2013

Have you ever struggled with growing long healthy hair? Do you want to know the tips and practices used by a leading hair growth expert with over 30 yrs of experince to grow her hair from very short to waist length? Join me with my guest Victoria Crystal, author of the book "My Hair Won't Grow," as she helps you devise a great plan for growing your hair healthy, long, and strong. You may learn more from Victoria by going to her website at Disclaimer: This...

Duration: 00:38:53

Fast-5 Diet and Lifestyle with Bert Herring MD - Mar 24,2013

How would you like to FINALLY take control of your weight with a diet and lifestyle proven to work? Join me with Bert Herring as we talk about the benefits of the revolutionary Fast-5 Diet and Lifestyle. Bert graduated from Texas A&M School of Medicine with his eye on a surgical career and was selected for a surgical internship at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. Surgical residency would have to wait, though, until he repaid his U.S. Navy scholarship obligation with a three-year Marine Corps...

Duration: 00:40:30

One Woman Changing The World with Lorna Owens - Mar 17,2013

How can you as one person make a difference in this world while pursuing your purpose and passion? For the answer, listen to Lorna Owens' amazing story. Lorna Owens is the founder of Footprints Foundation which is an organization that works to reduce maternal and infant mortality in the Eastern Congo. Owens is a former midwife, registered urse, attorney and also legal commentator for Nancy Grace, CNN, HLN, and Tru TV In Session. She is also an adjunct professor, gender expert,...

Duration: 00:34:54

Control Your High Blood Pressure With Dr. Elijah Saunders - Feb 24,2013

Learn how to control your high blood pressure with the country's number 1 expert on hypertension especially in the minority community, Dr. Elijah Saunders. Learn about the latest research on the subject of high blood pressure management and how best to protect your cardiovascular health. We will also demystify the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. Dr. Elijah Saunders is a board certified cardiologist and Professor of Medicine and Head, section of Hypertension in the...

Duration: 00:39:25

Design Your Life with Dr Deana Murphy - Jan 27,2013

Dr Deana Murphy is the founder of LivingDesigns360 and Global Women Interior LifeDesign Institute. She is speaker, consultant, award winning author and life coach to executive women and entrepreneurs. She has appeared in O Magazine, Exceptional People Magazine, Meredith Publications, Panache Publications, has been seen on HGTV, Fine Living, and she is the resident Interior LifeDesigner on Hype Media International. She also has over 25 years of personal experience, teaching, and mentoring,...

Duration: 00:27:29

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life! With Erica Goodridge - Dec 30,2012

Join our guest who is an author, educator, top-rated professional speaker, christian/life coach, and one of the industry's leading experts in leadership development, relationship building, and mindset as she teaches you how to change your mindset to make 2013 your best year. Erica Goodridge may be reached at Learn what's new in medicine from Dr. Sara Jenkins and pick up a great financial tip of the week from Winston A. Clarke to take you into the new year....

Duration: 00:30:08

From Good To G.R.E.A.T! With Molesey Knox-Brunson - Dec 16,2012

Join me with author, motivational speaker, and success mentor Molesey Knox-Brunson as she helps you unlock your Queen Code and teaches you strategies to replace limitations with possibilities so you can begin living an extraordinary life. Disclaimer: The information presented in this broadcast is for education purpose only and not intended to diagnose or treat.

Duration: 00:30:02

How To Have a Healthy, Happy, and Stress-Free Holiday - Dec 09,2012

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is upon us. This can be a time of over-eating, over-indulging, and over-spending which can suck the joy out of the holiday season. Join us for great tips to help you have a healthy, happy, and stress-free holiday. Disclaimer: The information presented is for educational purpose only and is not intended to diagnose or treat. Please seek the advice of your healthcare provider before making any changes to your health.

Duration: 00:30:04

The Benefits of Cancer Coaching - Nov 25,2012

It is often said that cancer is the most feared word in 7 different languages. Today, millions of Americans are living with cancer and even more friends and family members are a part of the struggle through the diagnosis and treatment. Cancer coaching has emerged as one of the weapons to help patients as they go through this challenge. Dr. Sara Jenkins who trained in radiation oncology, psychooncology, and is a certified cancer coach is our guest and will share information on the benefits...

Duration: 00:30:11

Manage Your Stress or It Will Manage You - Nov 04,2012

A little bit of stress can be good, but too much stress has the potential to negatively impact every organ in your body. Listen to this wonderful discussion on the many dangers of persistent stress, and leave with some great tips for managing your stress. Disclaimer: This information is mean to educate and not meant for diagnosis or treatment.

Duration: 00:30:44