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Healthcare Tech Talk is a show that discusses issues around each technology used in the delivery of healthcare, including Healthcare Information Technology and Clinical\Biomedical Engineering Technology. Terry Baker and Kelley Hill, who spend their days in the healthcare environment, sit down on both sides of the table of healthcare technology. Terry comes with more than 20 years of implementing and managing technology, and Kelley brings a decade of perspective from clinicians who use said technology. Together with guests they discuss relevant and timely subjects in healthcare technology, from the latest developments in electronic health records to wireless enabled infusion pumps to health information exchanges and all matters in between.




HTT 60- Are we ready to fullfill the promise of precision medicine?

In this episode we discuss the promise and reality of precision medicine and whether is just the latest buzz word or something we can really begin to leverage to impact the treatment and care of our patients. We talk with a 25 year veteran of Health IT, Alan Portela, about this important topic. Visit us at Twitter LinkedIn Facebook: ...

Duration: 00:34:59

HTT 60- Big Data enabling Precision Medicine

We are all unique individuals, therefore what works for one patient may not work for another. No longer is trial and error and acceptable approach to treating patients, it is time to use Big Data to help deliver the most precise medicine and most appropriate treatments to meet our patients needs. Today we talk with Paul D'Alessandro, the Global Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience Practice Leader for PwC about how Big Data is enable better healthcare. For more information, check out...

Duration: 00:15:16

HTT 59- Clinical Alarm Management

We have been on a bit of a summer hiatus here at Healthcare Tech Talk, but we are back in the editing room and ready to begin publishing new episodes. Today though we present to you an important episode of the AAMI Podcast. If you enjoy it please subscribe to the show. Hospitals are under pressure to draft and implement comprehensive policies that show they have a handle on the crucial patient safety issue of alarm fatigue. There’s been an explosion in the number of medical devices with...

Duration: 00:37:34

HTT 58- Is your Healthcare organization ready for a Ransomware attack?

A string of recent, highly publicized "Ransomware" attacks have many healthcare organizations and their vendors scrambling to protect themselves and spurred the FBI to publish a Flash Alert. These attacks are a fairly new paradigm for hospitals after years of protecting themselves from the theft of patient information, hospitals now must worry about the encryption and potential destruction of their data. These attacks seem to be cruder and easier to carry out, but could be even more...

Duration: 00:41:02

HTT 57- Is your Healthcare organization ready to ditch pagers yet?

In 1956 the first practical implementation of a paging system was setup to pager physicians in New York. Fast forward 60 years and pagers seem to be making healthcare their final stand. The modern healthcare environment is much more demanding and complex than in 1956. Alerts from clinical systems, order notifications from the EMR and messages between clinicians not only need to be routed properly, they need to be acknowledged. Today we talk with Marc Ladin, Chief Marketing Officer of Tiger...

Duration: 00:21:46

HTT 56- Engaging patients via Social Media, are you doing it right?

Many Healthcare organizations have had love hate relationship with Social Media given privacy concerns, the belief the that social media is what you do in your spare time and other reasons. In fact many of us can remember when access was blocked for every computer in our organization. You have to meet your patients where they are though and increasingly that is on Social Media. In this episode, recorded at HIMSS16, we talk with Jan Oldenburg about various strategies that Healthcare...

Duration: 00:20:27

HTT 55- The progress and challenges of Health IT in Europe

With more than 25% of our listeners coming from outside the U.S., we have been encouraged to provide a more international view of the state of Healthcare Technology. In this episode we have a chance to do just that. Our guest John Rayner, Regional Director of HIMSS Europe, joins us to share his insights into the current state of Health IT in Europe. Learn more bout HIMSS Europe at: Read John's latest blog post...

Duration: 00:14:47

HTT 54- Cancer MoonShot 2020, seeking the cure for cancer.

Cancer will affect nearly everyone, either as a patient, or as friend or family member of patient. Fortunately very intelligent people have been working to find a cure and making some progress in treatment and prevention. Now Cancer MoonShot 2020 brings together industry leaders from across the healthcare spectrum to work together in making the dream of a cure for cancer a reality. In this episode we are joined by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, whose is the driving force behind Cancer MoonShot...

Duration: 00:14:37

HTT 53- A CIO's perspective on HIMSS16 and the challenges of the coming year;

In this episode, we talk with Micheal Archuleta. Micheal has been acknowledged as Becker's Healthcare's top 100 CIOs and his organization, Mt. San Rafael, has been awarded "2015 Most Wired Hospitals". Micheal provides us his thoughts on what he feels healthcare organizations need to focus on in 2016. Follow Micheal on twitter at:

Duration: 00:09:21

HTT 51- Is Big Data too big for healthcare?

The use of Big Data in healthcare is the hot topic, but experts estimate that less than 6% of all organizations have a successful implementation. With typical implementations requiring substantial investment and challenging support requirements, many Healthcare organizations see Big Data out of their reach. Ed Simcox, United States Healthcare Practice Leader for Logicalis, joins us to discuss how some organizations are tackling this challenge. Listen and then reach out to Ed to learn more:...

Duration: 00:19:57

HTT 50- Bridging the communication gap between hospitals and primary care physicians.

Far too often Healthcare providers aren’t talking to each other – patients don’t know this. If you visit the ER, does your Primary Care Physician have a clue, does your dialysis provider? Are you sure? In this episode we are joined by Joseph Mayer, MD. He is the co-founder and CEO of Cureatr, which provides seamless communication between doctors, streamlined workflows and real-time mobile push notifications to alert care providers when their patients are treated in any care setting within...

Duration: 00:38:58

HTT 49- Mobility, Security, BYOD, Oh My!

Today we talk with Bill Hudson, Chief Healthcare Strategist with VMware, about the ways we can meet the computing needs of clinicians. Bill draws on his 25 years of experience in Health IT meeting needs of Healthcare organizations to help us explore balancing usability and security in the demanding world of Healthcare. Learn more about VMware in Healthcare at: Visit us at Twitter...

Duration: 00:34:59

HTT 48- Meeting the needs of Population Health with Health IT.

Director of Payer and Life Sciences for HIMSS, Shelley Price, joins us to share her insight into Population Health Management and how healthcare organizations can leverage technology to meet this new paradigm of caring for our communities and the individuals within them. Learn even more via: HIMSS Connected Health Conference Top 10 steps to take before launching a Population Health Management Program. Visit us at Twitter

Duration: 00:24:13

HTT 47-Cognitive Health, do we have the tools to improve live for those with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's?

In this episode we discuss Cognitive Health. Visit us at Twitter LinkedIn Facebook:

Duration: 00:25:45

HTT 46: Connected Health, the future of healthcare?

From wearable technology to smart homes, the means to gather or monitor our health information is growing leaps and bounds. How does one keep up? In this episode we talk with Jennifer Kent, Ph.D., Director of Research Quality and Product Development and Parks Associates about this exciting sector of health devices. Connected Health Summit September 9-10, San Diego, CA Download our Apps: iPhone Android

Duration: 00:32:08

HTT 45: The Continuous Electronic Monitoring of Patients on Opiods.

We hope you are having a great summer! We are on a bit of a break, but would like to present to you one of our 12 episodes from the award winning AAMI Podcast. We hope you find it interesting, familiar and then subscribe. Patients being treated with opioids can be at risk for respiratory depression, even resulting in death. A new national initiative spearheaded by the AAMI Foundation’s Healthcare Technology Safety Institute advocates the continuous electronic monitoring of all patients on...

Duration: 00:47:41

HTT 44: Healthcare Trek Talk-Building the Medical Tricorder with XPRIZE!

Imagine a portable, wireless device in the palm of your hand that monitors and diagnoses your health conditions. That is the technology envisioned by this XPRIZE competition, inspired by Star Trek, and it will allow unprecedented access to personal health metrics. Today we talk with Grant Campany and Rick Valencia about how the XPRIZE process from inspiration to the awarding of the prize and what they hope to achieve with through these grand endeavors. Visit us at...

Duration: 00:52:46

HTT 43: Electrical Safety, Is that still a thing?

With all the sophisticated technologies we are implementing, supporting or looking forward to in the future it is easy to maybe overlook the "routine". We have all learned though, complacency regarding the "routine" can often get people hurt. In fact an entire career field was launched over concerns that thousands of patients were being harmed due to electrical shocks from the very medical equipment that was meant to help them. Our guest Matt Baretich, author of the latest AAMI Electrical...

Duration: 00:29:25

HTT 42- Biomeds without borders, live from AAMI2015

Live from AAMI2015 we interview Pat Lynch, who has been a technical leader in the medical device maintenance and repair industry for 40 years. There is another side of Pat though, that of a humanitarian. Pat encourages us to give back a fraction of what we have recieved. His way of doing so is with is organization, Biomeds Without Borders. While many of us have watched out Clinical partners participate in missions to help those need, being a tech doesn't mean you cannot participate. We...

Duration: 00:23:35

HTT 41- Hot issues in Healthcare Technology Managment and a Preview of AAMI

AAMI2015 is just around the corner, June 5-8, and in this episode we talk with AAMI President Mary Logan and Director of Education Tirza Lofgreen about what we can expect to be the hot topics at this year's conference and what they have in store for this years attendees! AAMI Conference Visit us at Twitter LinkedIn Facebook:...

Duration: 00:25:37

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