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Description: Your #1 podcast for health tips, tools and resources to help you and your family live the vibrant life you were created for! The Healthy Living podcast will cover a range of topics such as: - digestive disorders - food sensitivities/allergies - nutrients/supplements and their effect on the body - herbs and their uses - sleep and improving energy - hormonal imbalances + much more! Host Angela Busby will discuss and dissect hot topics such as Paleo, vaccinations, GMO, gluten free, and bring you interviews with top health professionals. Our goal is to curate, research and deliver the most cutting edge health information every week, giving you the tools you need to start living your best life, today! Thanks for listening.




132: Dangers of Antiperspirants

In this brief episode Angela explains why anti-perspirants and chemically based deodorants can be potentially very hazardous for our health, including and especially breast health, with links between the use of Aluminium based anti-perspirants and the causation of breast cancer. Angela also chats about some safe alternatives that can be easily found in most health food stores or made at home! - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best compliment you can give is a...

Duration: 00:09:11

131: 5 Benefits of Deep Breathing

Did you know breathing can lower blood pressure, stop a panic attack, support our immune and protect our heart? In our busy 21st century lives most of us tend to breath shallow, stress filled breaths that barely oxygenate our bodies. In this episode Angela outlines for us the 5 big benefits of learning to breath deeply, slowly and from our diaphragm. Before finishing this episode you will be equipped with the knowledge to once again breath powerfully and effectively! - Thanks for...

Duration: 00:18:53

130: Treating Mastitis with Probiotics

Mastitis is a painful inflammatory condition affecting 1 in 3 breastfeeding women. In this practical episode Angela explores the causes of mastitis and natural ways to treat and prevent this condition, including the use of strain specific probiotics. - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best compliment you can give is a referral, so please share this with your friends and remember to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and write us a review! This show is about you,...

Duration: 00:22:37

129: Pelvic Floor Exercises in Pregnancy

Why is it important to do this exercise in pregnancy? What is the pelvic floor and how to do exercise it? Learn in this short & sweet 5 minute episode exactly how to incorporate this vital practice into your every day routine during pregnancy and beyond to have a quick and strong recovery and avoid unpleasant symptoms such as incontinence and lower back pain. - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best compliment you can give is a referral, so please share this with...

Duration: 00:07:34

128: Allergy Symptoms & Testing Options

Today we chat about the various methods of testing for potential allergens in our diet and environment. If you suffer from the classic hay-fever, hives, asthma and even anaphylactic responses you may already know you have an allergy but just need to conduct the right type of testing to find out what is triggering it, but perhaps you suffer from more insidious symptoms such as fatigue, tummy upsets, brain fog, seizures, mood changes, strange skin problems or more! If this is the case it...

Duration: 00:23:50

127: Understanding & Healing Codependant Relationships

This episode explores the realm of relationships, where Angela outlines what codependency is, how to identify a codependent relationship and how we can begin changing this dynamic to much more healthy one such as inter-dependance. If you have ever felt emotionally or physically depleted in a relationship, or perhaps you at times feel resentful or smothered then listen in to this episode to learn what you can do to take healthy steps for you and the relationship to flourish free of...

Duration: 00:43:13

126: Melatonin's Role in Sleep

This episode will help anyone who needs to get more or better quality sleep! Angela explains what melatonin is, how it is produced in the body and why it is essential to a good nights sleep. She outlines for us the reasons why we might not be getting enough and gives us simple, practical steps to improve our melatonin and in turn improve our sleep! Listen in today if you want to start getting your nightly zzzzz's again! - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best...

Duration: 00:23:30

125: Move From Information Overload to Empowered Changes

In this episode is all about the power of change. More specifically how we can most effectively empower ourselves to make positive change in our lives. We live in a world of information overload, so how can you begin to filter that information in a way that allows you to take action and move towards your priorities and goals? Listen today to find out! - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best compliment you can give is a referral, so please share this with your...

Duration: 00:17:10

124: Clove Oil for Treating Mould

Learn how to use this powerful oil to kill and prevent mould from growing in your home. Angela shares some of the symptoms that can be associated with mould exposure, how to test for mould sensitivities and her own mould cleaning routine that works a treat! - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best compliment you can give is a referral, so please share this with your friends and remember to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and write us a review! This show is about...

Duration: 00:13:18

123: Stroke Awareness and Response

Do you know the signs of a stroke? How do you respond? Learn the FAST system of identifying and responding to a stroke to minimise permanent damage and possibly save your life or that of a loved one! We also chat about ways to reduce your risk of having a stroke with some easy steps you can take to prevent stroke and heart disease formation. This show is a must listen and definitely one you'll want to share with loved ones. - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best...

Duration: 00:13:37

122: Nutrients for Liver Detox

Find out how you can optimise your liver and detox pathways with this episode! The liver has to process 100's of chemicals everyday. There are two main phases in the process of liver detoxification. In this episode Angela outlines for us the main nutrients our liver needs to activate these pathways and safely and effectively eliminate these chemicals and toxic byproducts from our body. Listen in to learn how to adjust your diet and add in these nutrients and herbs to help your...

Duration: 00:26:41

121: The Hormonal & Health Effects of Carrying Excess Fat

Did you know that fat tissue is actually hormonally active? This eye opening episode reveals the varied symptoms and chronic conditions that can be related to carrying excess weight and the resulting metabolic syndromes. Things like infertility, PCOS, fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, poor memory and much more! Listen today to learn how it can affect us and simple, easy steps to start rebalancing and returning to health! - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode...

Duration: 00:27:04

120: Yoga During Pregnancy

Angela shares with us an overview of the many benefits of doing yoga daily throughout pregnancy. Yoga can help reduce pain and strain, strengthen our bodies and protect our backs during pregnancy, create flexibility and is great preparation for a healthy, natural birth! Yoga teaches us some great positions that open our pelvis and help to get our gorgeous babies into the ideal position for a smooth labour and birth. - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best...

Duration: 00:17:06

119: Recovery “Lag-Time”

Understanding the gut & how it works in our busy 21st century lives, many of us forget to take the time out our bodies need to truly heal and recover when we are sick. In this episode Angela explores with us why it is so important to listen to our bodies and take the appropriate amount of time to recover.. including a 2-3 day gap AFTER we are feeling well again. Angela sheds light on how the viruses and bacteria work and how we best allow our immune system to beat them. Listen in today to...

Duration: 00:16:58

118: Specific Nutrients to Heal the Gut (Part 2)

Part 2 in our gut series. Today Angela shares with us the 3 main steps needed in order to properly heal our digestive system. Angela also covers specific nutrients needed when healing and maintaining healthy gut function. Join us today ensure you gut is happy and healthy! - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best compliment you can give is a referral, so please share this with your friends and remember to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and write us a review! This...

Duration: 00:32:06

117: Understanding the Gut & How it Works (Part 1)

In this episode we take a slightly more scientific look at the gut, what it is made up of, the individual layers and how they function. We also explore ways the gut can be damaged and how we can prevent this. We touch on nutrients needed for different cells in the gut. This is the first episode in a two part series so join us next week where we continue exploring specific nutrients we need and how we can heal our gut and keep it working optimally into the future. - Thanks for...

Duration: 00:32:43

116: Omega 3, EPA, DHA Needs in Pregnancy

Join us today as Angela highlights for us the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids such as DHA & EPA in pregnancy and beyond. You will learn why this nutrient is important, how it helps mum and baby, how we can include more of this in our diet, which fish are safe to eat in pregnancy and how to choose a good fish oil supplement. Show notes & Resources - Heart Foundation Article listing amounts of EPA DHA in 150g serve of different types of fish - Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed...

Duration: 00:27:59

115: Serotonin's Role in Mood, Appetite and Sleep

Today’s episode is an in depth look into the vital function of the neurotransmitter serotonin in regulation of our mood, sleep, eating habits, anxiety, depression, OCD, pain, memory and much more! Angela explains why we may be deficient in serotonin and melatonin, why Tryptophan is important, what co-factors we need, such as B3, B6, Zinc, Folate, for serotonin to work properly. You will learn how you can immediately start boosting your mood, addressing anxiety and depression, reduce food...

Duration: 00:32:14

114: Pregnancy Nutrients (Part 2)

Part 2 in our series, Angela covers the remaining nutrients that are essential for us to intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding to have a happy, healthy baby and enjoy a strong, healthy body ourselves! Covering symptoms of deficiency as well as RDI and therapeutic dosage ranges. Angela also touches on the benefits of delayed cord clamping, an overview of trimester specific nutrients as well as dietary ways to increase these essential nutrients. Listen in today and spread the word to...

Duration: 00:46:07

113: Pregnancy Nutrients (Part 1)

This 2 part series provides an easy to understand overview of the main nutrients needed during pregnancy and specifics as to why we need them, what roles they play for baby and for mum. Angela also ties in the role of methylation and when we need to consider activated nutrients, how we can use diet to boost our intake and how to reduce our risk factors for gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. This is a power packed series that will leave you feeling positive and empowered to have a...

Duration: 00:36:58

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