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Erin Hamel - Potty Party Under Pressure

This episode contains some serious potty talk. Erin Hamel started her business, Transition Tales about nine months ago. Transition Tales are personalized books that teach young children about potty training by letting children see themselves as the main character in their own transition tale. Erin is also a wife, mom of two children and a full time student. She holds a masters degree in Special Education and is currently a doctoral student in Human Development at the University of Nebraska –...


Caryn Kusleika - Training Under Pressure

As a Registered Dietitian who has completed several triathlons including an Ironman, Caryn Kusleika understands the role nutrition can play in performance during training and on race day. Not only does Caryn work full time for the Midwest Dairy Council of Nebraska, she is also a single mother mother of three children who runs a side business coaching athletes. I sat down with Caryn to discuss what it takes to train for a triathlon and how she stays healthy under pressure as a busy...


Lana Zumbrunn - Building Community Under Pressure

Lana Zumbrunn is the Director of Innovation and Culture at the H2 Organization in Fort Myers, Florida. Not only does she support female and minority founders, but she also connects startups with capital and builds emerging markets. Lana and I spoke about her recent move to Florida and how she stays healthy under pressure while supporting the local startup community.


Kevin Klatt - Nutrition Science Under Pressure

Kevin Klatt is a dietetics and molecular nutrition focused PhD student at Cornell University's division of nutritional sciences. In this episode, I talk with Kevin about what led him to the field of dietetics and how he stays healthy under pressure as a student and nutrition scientist.


Jim Hogg - Recovery Under Pressure

Jim Hogg is a family man, entrepreneurial cheeleader and heart attack survivor. Not only is Jim a professional matchmaker for franchise entrepreneurs, but in October of 2016, Jim collapsed while training for a local half marathon. We spoke about the events of that day and what his physical and emotional recovery looks like under pressure.


Questions Under Pressure

How do I make my employees take time off? How do I manage my stress level as a startup founder? Since launching the show, I've received a number of questions about health and startup life. So, I pulled my husband into the studio this week to help answer questions we've received from the listeners. Please be sure to follow Healthy Under Pressure on Instagram and like us on Facebook.


Christy Wilson - Journey Under Pressure

When Christy Wilson resigned from her government job, her family thought she was crazy. Since making the jump into the world of entrepreneurship, Christy maintains a part time position at the University of Arizona while writing her first cookbook and building her consulting brand. I had a chance to catch up with Christy while my husband and I took a quick trip to Tucson, Arizona. We talked about life, entrepreneurship and the weird world of dietetics.


Hustle With Heart Under Pressure

Natalie Micale knows how to hustle with heart. Within the last two years, she has transitioned from life as a local reporter to life in a startup. Not only is she now the director of business development at a digital marketing agency, but she launched a lifestyle blog and became a certified spin instructor all within the last few months. I sat down with Natalie to talk about the challenges of startup life and how she manages to stay healthy under pressure as a young professional. You can...


Matt Webster - Fitness Under Pressure

Matt Webster is a busy husband, father, business owner and student. Matt has spent the last 6 years building his personal training business, Fitness Integration, as a way to bring on-site personal training to his clients. Matt understands that providing a safe and comfortable environment is key to his client's success, which is why he's now pursuing a master's degree in counseling. Not only does he believe staying healthy under pressure involves including functional fitness in your...


Crystal Belsky - Performance Under Pressure

Crystal Belsky is a Registered Dietitian who works with high pressured individuals. Crystal is the Global Director of Nutrition, Exercise and Health Promotion at Omni Behavioral Health in Omaha, NE. In this role, she guides the development and implementation of nutrition, exercise and wellness efforts for both staff and clients. Crystal is also a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and substance abuse in athletes. I sat down...


Dustin Clonch - Meal Prep Under Pressure

Dustin Clonch is a husband, father of three and CEO of a software development firm. Listen and learn how this busy professional and father of three uses meal prepping to stay healthy under pressure. Dustin and I also discuss the pros and cons of following a ketogenic diet. You can connect with Dustin on twitter and learn more about his company here. Please be sure to follow Healthy Under Pressure on Instagram and like us on Facebook.


Michelle Welch - Wellness Under Pressure

Michelle Welch is an entrepreneur at heart. Michelle is a Registered Dietitian and the District Wellness Facilitator for Lincoln Public Schools which includes faculty, staff and students. In this episode, Michelle provides advice for startups who can't afford a wellness plan and tips for making 2018 your best year yet. You can check out Michelle's wellness challenges and connect with her on twitter. Please be sure to follow Healthy Under Pressure on Instagram and like us on Facebook.


Jill Thayer Liliedahl - Accelerating Under Pressure

Jill Thayer Liliedahl knows the challenge of managing health and startup life is a matter of survival. Most startup founders know what it's like to build and manage a business under pressure, but Jill has to manage her blood sugar as well. Jill is a type 1 diabetic, crazy dog lady and the CEO of, which started in 1995 as the pet industry’s first eCommerce retailer. Nearly twenty years, under Jill's leadership, she helped manage a turnaround for SitStay. You can find Jill on...


Brent Comstock - Young Venture Capitalist Under Pressure

When Brent Comstock was 12 years old, he started fixing computers for neighborhood elderly ladies. He was 15 when he took his first website client. Seven years later, his one­ man show has transformed into BCom Solutions. Not only is Brent a recent college graduate and the founder of BCom Solutions, but he is also the COO for Change Ventures. Change Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital fund backing ambitious Baltic founders. You can find Brent on Twitter and LinkedIn. Please be sure...


Lauren Rathman - Grad School Under Pressure

Lauren Rathman might not be an entrepreneur, but she's a busy person who knows what it's like to live healthy under pressure. Not only is she a newlywed, but she's also a personal trainer and a Dietetic Intern/grad student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I sat down with Lauren to chat about how she handles the stress of being a full time grad student and what her thoughts are on the ketogenic diet. This episode also features an introduction to Ben Pankonin, startup founder and...


Brooke Mullen - Building Beautiful Things Under Pressure

Moving to Thailand not only inspired Brook Mullen to start a business, but it also helped her gain a new perspective on what it means to be healthy under pressure. Brooke's business, Sapahn, bridges the gap by connecting artisans' high quality crafted collections with customers who want their beautiful things to do beautiful things.


Andrew Uden - Finding Contentment Under Pressure

Before Andrew Uden was the Chief Operating Officer of Quantified Ag, he was helping his father raise cattle on their ranch in western Nebraska. Transitioning from life on the farm to life in a startup has not been easy, but Andrew says finding contentment is what keeps him focused.


Tiffany Verzal - Finding Healthy Motivation Under Pressure

What motivates you to stay healthy? For Tiffany Verzal, it's her family. Tiffany and her husband started their business from their daughter's hospital room. If you've ever sat in a college stadium, you've probably seen examples of their work. Listen and learn how this couple stays healthy under pressure in order to take care of business at home. You will be in inspired by this mom, marathon runner and brain injury advocate.


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