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If you’re striving to make a meaningful difference in the world… If you’re longing to lead a purposeful and prosperous life… If you’re determined to be a successful entrepreneur … Welcome!!! Featured Host Jory Fisher and her impressive array of guests will inspire you to find and fulfill your divine calling--and give glory to God through your work.

If you’re striving to make a meaningful difference in the world… If you’re longing to lead a purposeful and prosperous life… If you’re determined to be a successful entrepreneur … Welcome!!! Featured Host Jory Fisher and her impressive array of guests will inspire you to find and fulfill your divine calling--and give glory to God through your work.
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If you’re striving to make a meaningful difference in the world… If you’re longing to lead a purposeful and prosperous life… If you’re determined to be a successful entrepreneur … Welcome!!! Featured Host Jory Fisher and her impressive array of guests will inspire you to find and fulfill your divine calling--and give glory to God through your work.






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"Last Words" (Jory Fisher & Kim Crabill)

Life is full of good-byes. A child grows up and leaves for college or military service. A neighbor moves to another state. A loved one is dying. Sometimes we face seasons when we must say good-bye to security and safety, to prosperity, to a cherished dream. One of the rich ministries we can have in people’s lives is to know the words to speak at such times. Jory and Kim Crabill explore the kinds of “last words” that can keep a person grounded and moving forward with hope even though the...


"Living the Significant Life - Part 4" (Jory Fisher & Karen Hirsch)

Success happens to you; Significance happens through you. Jory and Karen explore two of twelve principles from the book, Living the Significant Life - 12 Principles for Making a Difference, for those that are hungry for more than the traditional definition of success. This episode will be a discussion on Principle #7 - Adjust your Attitude, Principle #8 - Embrace Challenge, Principle #9 Pinpoint Priorities. Hear how you can have a life with purpose, passion AND success while most...


"Turn Sales into Share" with Jory Fisher and Julie Fleming

Do you enjoy having sales conversations? Whether it’s a natural hesitancy due to fear of rejection or dislike that stems from being the victim of manipulative or uncomfortable sales conversations, too many entrepreneurs would prefer to do almost anything rather than have an actual


"It's All About the Road Trip" (Jory Fisher and Jennifer Miller)

Your spiritual walk, or relationship with Christ, can be compared to many different things, but for Jennifer Miller, she uses the metaphor of a road trip to explore how to connect with Jesus. In this episode, Jory and Jennifer discuss her new book, Road Trippin’: A Parable of a Spiritual Journey, and how it can inspire anyone to go deeper into their own relationship with Christ. They explore what it means to grow in faith and integrate it into all areas of your life, including your...


"Give It a Rest" (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)

It’s not surprising to hear that we are, as a culture, completely stressed out. Technology has made our lives easier, but not any simpler. We can now get twice as much done in the same amount of time. Our schedules are now inundated with commitments, obligations, and expectations. We live in a hamster wheel of perpetual striving. Consider the toll that it takes on your health and well-being, as well as on your relationships. In this episode, Jory and Jennifer explore this all-too-common...


"How to Stand Out from the Crowd" (Jory Fisher & Julie Fleming)

Does your business have a lot of competition? If so, that’s good news, because it means there’s plenty of demand for the kind of product or service you offer. It also means you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd of your competitors, to distinguish what’s unique about you so your ideal clients and customers will identify you as the right solution to their needs. When you share a point of view or other distinctive factor through your business, you’ll become memorable, attractive...


"Worthy Words" (Jory Fisher & Kim Crabill)

Let’s put to rest the old lie that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” Real life teaches otherwise: The words we speak to ourselves and others have real power to hurt us. But the flipside is good news: Words also have tremendous power to heal, to restore hope, to make people feel important and valued. In this episode, Jory and Kim Crabill explore ways to ensure that the influence of our words builds others up rather than tears them down. Kim Crabill is...


"Whom shall we serve? Declaring your target market" Jory Fisher & Julie Fleming

It’s the question every entrepreneur faces right after deciding what kind of business to launch: whom shall I serve? Good marketing requires specificity so that your ideal client will realize you’re speaking to her or him. But it can be a challenging process to identify specifically the audience you want to serve, and even more difficult to create an avatar that encapsulates your ideal client. Whether it’s because of your own lack of clarity or fear about getting too specific, you may...


"Trust God - even when times are tough!" (Jory Fisher & Kim Crabill)

Have you ever wondered what God is up to when life isn’t going so well? Have you ever wondered if God cares about you and all that you're going through? Kim and Jory talk candidly about how to press on, how to persevere with hope, even when you feel like your life is on hold. They will encourage you to remember that God's timing is not our timing. His timing is perfect. As we seek Him daily and grow in our relationship with Him, we will discern His purpose and His perfect timing for our...


"The Church's S-word (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)

Yes, the Christian Church has an “s-word” all of its own and it is “submission.” Everyone has some sort of reaction when they encounter that word. It may be positive and it may be challenging, especially with the changing attitudes of our culture. A traditional approach to understanding how men and women relate isn’t always well-received, even within the Christian community. The concept of egalitarianism is actually on the rise within the Church. What does that all mean for both Christian...


"How Your Gender Affects the Workplace" (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)

Men and women manage their stress very differently, especially in the transition between home and work. Men have the uncanny ability to compartmentalize whereas women tend to let everything affect everything else. In this episode, we explore the impact of gender differences on the workplace. What do these differences mean for how we perform at work and how work impacts our home life? Do we see this play a role in management styles? It is also common knowledge that the wage disparity...


"Why You're Losing Business..." (Jory Fisher & Julie Fleming)

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re working hard to build your client or customer list, but whatever you do seems to fall flat? In today’s episode, we’re sharing our observations about what you’re doing that causes you to lose business and what you can do instead. Lots of new entrepreneurs think that just putting a website out will be enough to get business (we both thought so too, for a short time) and flail around when that proves to be untrue. Maybe you’re imitating someone who’s...


"Making a Living while Making a Difference" (Jory Fisher & Karen Hirsch)

We will discuss the emergence of the new industry of social entrepreneurship and how women can play a pivotal role in social change. Social entrepreneurship combines the unique product technology, cash flow, and leadership skill of for-profit companies with the heart, passion and purpose of not-for-profit organizations with the goal of providing sustainable solutions to the world's biggest problems. Social entrepreneurship doesn't require a degree from business school -- all it requires is...


"Unwrapping the Wonder of Christmas" (Jory Fisher & Kim Crabill)

It’s Christmas Eve. You have shopped till you dropped, made enough food to feed a small city, wrapped what seems like a trainload of gifts, and earned overtime pay for postal workers because of all the Christmas cards you sent. Now you are frazzled and weary and feeling strangely dry. You are thirsty for a cup of Christmas wonder. Join Jory Fisher and her co-host Kim Crabill as they unwrap ways to fill your soul with God’s soothing peace this Christmas and beyond. You may be facing an...


"Overcoming the Super Woman Complex" (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)

Research shows that while the majority of women work outside the home, they still continue to do double the housework and twice as much time caring for the children as their working husbands. This is a reality that totally explains how we find many women living with a Super Woman Complex. Because women tend to be cooperative and nurturing, most will find themselves feeling overextended at some point. In this episode, Jory and Jennifer discuss how women end up so overcommitted and how...


"Feminine Strengths at Work" (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)

When it comes to work and career, it doesn’t always seem like being a woman is a great benefit. This can be due to a lot of things, but, in this episode, Jory and Jennifer explore how certain characteristics and traits specific to the female gender can create struggles in the workplace. Does being emotional or relational ever serve as a hindrance in your professional setting? Do you have a hard time with disciplining or even firing employees? What about embracing your entrepreneurial spirit?...


"How to Avoid Burnout and Nurture Your Creativity" (Jory Fisher & Julie Fleming)

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a ministry leader, or just plain human, stress is a part of life, especially during the holiday rush. The more roles you juggle and the more demands you face, the easier it is to find yourself alone on Pain Island, feeling stress our and even burned out. That’s especially bad news if your livelihood depends on your creativity, since stress tends to make creativity vanish. In today’s episode, Jory and co-host Julie Fleming discuss the roots of stress—both...


"Fear Factor" (Jory Fisher & Kim Crabill)

Can you feel the fear in the air? ISIS, Ebola, a roller-coaster stock market, racial tensions - we’re living in a frightening period. Add to that our private fears: that we’ll lose our job, get cancer, be single forever. That our 30-year-old son will never move out! For years, Kim Crabill let fear steal her joy and hold her back from being all God created her to be. Now Jory and Kim talk about how to hand over our fears to the God who says, “Fear not.” Their conversation is inspiring and...


"Knowing How to Hold the Line" (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)

In their previous episode, Jory and co-host Jennifer Miller, explored what boundaries are and how they can look in both personal and professional settings. In this episode, they continue the conversation about boundaries, shifting their attention to learning how to communicate and enforce boundaries. It is one thing to decide where to “draw the line” and quite another to then “hold the line.” How do you express the boundaries they you have chosen for yourself and your relationship with other...


"Knowing Where to Draw the Line (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)

You may have heard that good fences make good neighbors, but, good fences can make for good anything. Fences help define things clearly and that is exactly what all of us need for ourselves and our relationships. In this episode, Jory and co-host Jennifer Miller explore what boundaries are and how they can look in professional settings. How do you define your role and clarify the limits of the professional relationship? They then shift the discussion toward more personal settings. How do we...


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