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Each week, Tracey and julie will discuss a different topic in the arts and sciences. Come along with us and learn as we learn about the arts and what makes them great. Com ediscover the arts!

Each week, Tracey and julie will discuss a different topic in the arts and sciences. Come along with us and learn as we learn about the arts and what makes them great. Com ediscover the arts!
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Each week, Tracey and julie will discuss a different topic in the arts and sciences. Come along with us and learn as we learn about the arts and what makes them great. Com ediscover the arts!






Heart and Music Radio, Program 30

This week Tracie delves into the history of physics. She also talks about the origin of the word "physics." She discusses how scientists have learned and are still learning about the world. Julie then ansers the questions "Where does the word yankee originate?" and "Who is a yankee anyway?"

Duration: 01:53:04

Heart and music Radio Program xxIX

It's a mnew year, and our desire to promote arts is as strong as ever! Hence, we are talking about one of the os misunderstood forms of arts (Science) making emphasis in its importance and the talent it requires in order to provide us with all the ideas that created those advantages that mwe use through our lives an that make it easier and more enjoyable. We value your comments! Don't be shy, talk to us and let us know what yu think.

Duration: 02:16:57

Heart And Music Radio, Program XI

Today Julie and Tracie discuss the traditions that surround New Year celebrations in many cultures. Tracie also talks about why we feel the need for a fresh start each year.

Duration: 01:51:16

Heart and Music Radio, Program XXVII

Today Tracie gives us a summary of some Christmas traditions around the world, particularly in South America. She also talks about why we call it Christmas.

Duration: 01:34:53

Heart and Music Radio, Program XI

Today Julie explains how Christmas carols came to be and why they are the songs we know and love today. She then discusses the histories of four beautiful carols.

Duration: 00:36:48

Heart and music Radio program XXV

Today we attempt to explain the myths and traditions that surround ourChristmas celebration. More concretely, we will talk about The Christmas Tree and the tradition of giving that goes with it. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:58:19

Heart and Music Radio, Program XXIV

This week we discuss the history and traditions of Hanukkah. Hear some of the music belonging to this ancient jewish holiday.

Duration: 01:21:57


This is the season when we most think of greeting cards. Christmas is upon us, as well as many other cellebrations that, as is the case in many meaningful situation, they motivate us to express our good wishes along with our own sentimets of gratitude. Join us and learn about how greeting cards became part of our traditions and our way of communicating.

Duration: 01:32:13

heart and music radio Program XXII

This week Tracie talks about the origins of Thanksgiving and how the earliest colonists might have celebrated. She also explains how Thanksgiving came to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Julie then discusses the history of some traditional Thanksgiving foods including turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

Duration: 01:49:49

Heart and Music program XXII

Julie and Tracie will travel through a world of imagination, make-believe and fun. Join us in this meeting with a world you can build all by yourself.

Duration: 02:40:07

The nature of sounds in Nature

Let's have fun with sounds,songs and all the things we can do when we pay attention to Nature. Julie and Traci invite you to talk about the sounds of Nature and to discover things you may not know yet. Hope to see you soon!

Duration: 01:38:51

Heart and Music Radio, program XX

Today Tracie talks about how the ear works. She also talks about frequencies and how we distinguish voices and sounds. Julie also answers the question, "How do fish hear?" Take a listen!

Duration: 01:51:00

hmr 10-23-2017

Today the program is a bit more inv\formal. You will get to know more about Julie and Tracie as they tell you about themselves and the reasons they are producing this podcast. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:39:52

Heart and music Radio program xviii

Julie and Traci conclude the series of programs on time-keeping devices. We speak about watches, pendulum clocks and the quest to achieve the best time-measurements tools.

Duration: 02:52:05

Heart and music Radio, program XVII

Today Julie talks about the history of the clock, an Tracie comes along to share an interesting detail of that history. We hope you'll spend time with us.

Duration: 00:38:14

hmr 10-02-2017

This week, Julie interviews Sammie, a local baker. They discuss what is involved in working at a bakery as well as how to start baking as a hobby. Sammie also shares her passion and love for the art. Tracie and Julie also share snippets of baking history.

Duration: 00:31:25

Heart and music radio Program XV

Tracie and Julie will tell you as much as possible about baking and its vast history. Though it is not a small thing, Julie also will talk about some of the most fascinating things that are not necessarily easy to see. We'll see you wherever you may be.

Duration: 01:39:28

heart and Music Radio Program XIV

This week Julie talks about the novel. She discusses the history of the novel and the origin of the term. She explains some types of novels as well as the essential elements. In our oddity, Tracie talks about the hydrolus.

Duration: 01:42:19

Heart and Music Radio Program XIII

Julie and Tracie "speak" about oratory, one of the oldest arts. Also, we talk about the art of speech writing.

Duration: 00:42:42

hmr 09-04-2017

This week Tracie talks about laughter as a physical and neurological phenomenon. Julie talks about humor-why we find things funny and what types of humor exist.

Duration: 00:41:11

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