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When there's something strange in the neighborhood, Will and Marc (let's be real - it'll be Will) will probably develop a barely relevant hashtag to go along with it! Join us for our conversation about Ghosbusters, including explorations of the personhood of the undead, proper disposal of ectoplasmic beings, and our favorite awful psychology experiments. Next week: The Heart of Podness 2017 Oscars Extravaganza!


The Big Sick

Welcome back! This week we're talking about THE BIG SICK, so we welcome nurse Moira Redmond to talk about the movie's representation of life in a hospital. We also talk movie dates, one-man shows, Holly Hunter's heckling history, and debate just how many cheeseburgers Will could eat in one sitting. As always, make sure to rate, review, and subscribe. Next week: GHOSTBUSTERS!


Easy A

It's our first foray into the 2010s! We welcome a very special guest to the show to discuss Will Gluck's 2010 film EASY A. Join us as we discuss the logistics of mascot costumes, high school gossip, and whether EASY A truly is the Scarlet Letter adaptation it claims to be. There's also a surprising amount of conversation about ham. Please make sure to rate, review, and subscribe. Next week: THE BIG SICK


Pretty Woman

We're back in rom com territory with PRETTY WOMAN, the 1990 feel-good prostitution romance that took the box office by storm! Join us for discussion of the complicated and problematic power dynamics at play, the strange development journey this movie went on, and a surprising discover about our own bodies. PLUS: Is Jason Alexander just playing George Costanza? Is Richard Gere playing Mitt Romney? Are magicians cool? Take a listen, and then tell us what you think on social media. As always,...


The Muppets Take Manhattan

It's time to get things started! This week we're continuing our exploration of some of Will and Marc's favorite fandoms with THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN, the third of the original Muppet movies. Join us as we attempt to understand the plotline of "Manhattan Melodies," mouth-to-beak resuscitation, spying vs hugging, and surprise weddings. Follow us on Twitter, and be sure to rate, review and subscribe! Next week: PRETTY WOMAN


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Accio Podcast! That pseudo-Latin jibber-jabber must mean we're talking about Harry Potter - specifically, the abundance of hormonal nonsense that is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Join us for a dive into HP fandom, Warner Bros' scheduling superstitions, and some very minor romantic plotlines. Do all of them need to be there? Probably not! But we'll talk about them anyway. Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe for new episodes every Monday. Next week: THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN


Iron Man

Hello again! This week we decided to indulge Will by letting him talk about a good superhero movie: 2008's IRON MAN. Join us for conversations about Marvel vs DC, the difficulties of being a Gwenyth Paltrow fan, the strange career of Brandon Routh, and more! PLUS the return of Duck Talk, and a very important update on our quest for sponsorship. Help us in that mission by rating, reviewing, and subscribing! Next week: HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE



Happy 2018! Ring in the New Year with Heart of Podness as we try to get some advice from the mother of all dating advice movies: HITCH! This week we welcome friend of the show Claire Derriennic for the inaugural Claire's Clorner, in which we explore the many layers of the 2005 Will Smith rom com, from its name to its casting to the merits of the many dates included. As always, make sure to rate, review, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Next Week: IRON MAN


A Christmas Kiss

Merry Christmas! We're here this Christmas Day with a special holiday-themed episode talking about the 2011 Ion Original Christmas movie, A CHRISTMAS KISS! Special guest Fiona Redmond walks us through as we explore the grandeur of Boston, the romantic potential of elevators, and a surprisingly well-funded community theatre. PLUS: Marc gets a special Christmas present, and we just might have a sponsor! (But probably not.) As always, don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe. Next week:...


Can't Buy Me Love

Welcome back! Join us this week as we explore the 1987 Patrick Dempsey high school rom com CAN'T BUY ME LOVE! We really liked this movie, but its romance may be a little suspect. Come along as Will and Marc talk about that one time they danced together, the many podcast networks that are definitely planning on picking up the show, and Will's attempts to coin new words. Plus - help us try to answer questions like: What kind of hat is Ronnie wearing? What's the deal with teachers in movies?...



Hello again! Hop on in for another new episode as we discuss SPLASH, the 1984 Tom Hanks rom com where he falls in love with Madison the mermaid, a Daryl Hannah character who learned how to speak English by spending two hours watching TV! Join us for small boats, weird sequels, problematic John Candy, and lots of different ideas for remakes. (Hollywood, give us a call!) As always, make sure to rate, review, and subscribe! NEXT WEEK: Can't Buy Me Love!



It's our first ever MUSICAL EPISODE! To be clear, we don't sing, but the characters in GREASE sure do! Join us for an exploration of SoCal high school life in the 50s as portrayed by the 70s as played by a cast of shockingly old actors and actresses. We've got deep thoughts on bullying, coolness, cars, and sleazy TV hosts who are definitely not Dick Clark. PLUS we've got info on Marc's children's birthday business, Will's love of Patty Simcox, and the first installment of Duck Talk! As...


Howard the Duck

We're back! Join our flock for a dive into the 1986 George Lucas-produced monstrosity, HOWARD THE DUCK. Why is Howard such a jerk? Can Lea Thompson ever truly come to love him? Why is everything on Duckworld the same as on Earth? Are ducks more progressive than humans? (Spoiler - no.) Honestly, we watched the whole movie, and we still really don't know. But we do have opinions on this romance! Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe to Heart of Podness on your favorite podcasting app!


While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to Heart of Podness - a new podcast that digs deep into cinematic love stories to answer the age-old question: Does Hollywood romance actually make any sense? For our first episode, we'll be looking at the 1995 Sandra Bullock/Bill Pullman romantic comedy WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING. Join us for this classic tale of love built on lies, furniture deliveries, more lies, and some very seductive leaning.