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The Heart of the Night Show features Rock, Pop, Contemporary Folk, and music from other genres when it fits with the show. If it's great music, Jill is likely to drop it in! Host jill no jack claims she is always in a "midnight frame of mind". Not really being able to decipher what that means, we have decided she probably means that she is really, really tired. Despite that, she always does her best to play great Indie tunes.




Heart of the Night Show for February 26th, 2010

The Heart of the Night Show rides again on a glorious mixed bag of Indie music that is sure to please those of you who can't be constrained to a narrow definition of genres in your hunt for musical goodness. I am particularly pleased to be bringing you a new one from London's own Tom McKean and the Emperors. Their debut CD is still in the works, but I've been lucky enough to score some advance selections, and they are brilliant! The show turned out a bit "British Empire" this week with...

Duration: 00:27:31

Heart of the Night Show for August 23rd, 2009

Back to the show again after a long period working to update the IndieHeart site to make it an easier place for you to find music...I hope it worked and you'll stop by! Artists on the show this week include lovely ladies Alexx Calise and Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs along with the equally lovely Neil Nathan, Zia Hassan, Renegade Ride, and Sexstone. Yeah...yeah...it's terribly eclectic. Jill Nojack is an eclectic kind of gal. In your Internet ramblings in the next few weeks, don't forget...

Duration: 00:14:56

Heart of the Night Show for April 19th, 2009

It's about time there was a new Heart of the Night Show, doncha think? Well...I know a couple of you think so, since you emailed enquiring about my health! Both I and the Heart of the Night Show are healthy, happy, and on target with some terrific new music. This week's show includes selections from Cold Taxi, The James Clark Institute, McTwist, Ross Crean, The Teddy Boys, and Lizzie Nunnery. Don't forget to visit the IndieHeart site for the full playlist with links to more music by the...

Duration: 00:04:46

Heart of the Night Show for October 12th, 2008

Parental Guidance Warning: this episode of the Heart of the Night Show contains language and themes that are not appropriate for children. With that out of the way - how many 12 year olds can appreciate music anyway? Let them keep that Soulja Boy guy...we'll savor the good stuff while they're out of the room. This week's episode includes selections from The Antiques (North Carolina), Freeflow (British Columbia, Canada), The Shutters (UK), Dan Tindall (Northern Ireland), Droll (Phoenix,...

Duration: 00:32:02