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Madras, India


A Fulto Amdavadi show! Amdavad wakes up to the sound of Hello Amdavad. If it is happening in Amdavad, it is on Radio Mirchi. From the tasty dabelis and khada na dalwada to actual khada i.e. pot holes on the road, RJ Dhvanit, has a take on everything under the sun in Ahmedabad. His musical take “Dhvanit ka d-mix” has the problems rocking, literally! His morning masti puts a smile on city’s lips while his protests gets things changed in the city. If a tree is cut, he is the first to object, if a new pothole is dug, he is the first to spot, a new food-stuff is up for takes, he is the first to taste it. The who-is-who of Ahmedabad on “Ame Ahmedabadi,” to the youngsters at a kitlee.



This program will be available tomorrow at 8:30PM.