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HIPAA is not about compliance, it's about patient care.

HIPAA is not about compliance, it's about patient care.
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HIPAA is not about compliance, it's about patient care.




Uber Health HIPAA - Ep 145

News abounds about Uber and other ride-sharing services taking people to their doctor appointments. They say they have it covered and Uber Health HIPAA compliance is solid. Today we look at what they are saying about HIPAA here and what that means to us. More info at


Does healthcare suck at cybersecurity? - Ep 144

If cybercrime truly is the number one problem with mankind and healthcare is the number one cyber attacked industry is it because healthcare sucks at cybersecurity? For more info


Cyber issues around every corner - Ep 143

If it seems like cyber issues are around every corner these days, you aren’t imagining things. In episode 128 way back in November 2017, we discussed the fact that we thought there were signs of a coming cyber storm. Today we look at what is going on and see if we may actually be in the midst of that storm or is it still building. For more:


Do I Need A Lawyer? - Ep 142

Information privacy and security requirements in various laws are coming up in legal cases more often these days. Part of that is because we have more of those type laws. Although HIPAA has been in effect for over a decade, I don’t recall seeing it used in lawsuits and legal cases as frequently as I do now. Maybe I am just paying more attention but there are certainly plenty of cases in the courts today. Most are civil cases but some are even criminal cases. After hearing these you will...


5 Breaches Equals 1 Big Settlement - Ep 141

As expected, OCR has continued to announce enforcement actions in 2018. This one is a bit different than any previous resolution in that there are 5 different cases across multiple locations in a single organization. It is also important to note that all 5 of these issues data back to 2012. Almost 6 years since the first one occurred, we have the resolution agreement.


HIPAA Made Easy? - Ep 140

HIPAA made easy is a topic we have discussed many times before but today we are going to cover it specifically. So often we get requests for the “easiest way” to do HIPAA. This isn’t something to check off a list and have it done. It is something that you do every day as part of your business. The idea that you can make HIPAA easy is similar to saying that doing all of your accounting and taxes for your business is easy. Maybe if there is one person to pay and that is you but handling your...


6 Cybersecurity Lessons In The News - Ep 139

Cybersecurity is in the news a lot lately. Particularly a lot of news just since the beginning of the year. As usual, we review all the news looking for important things to share with our clients and listeners. There are just so many different stories to choose from this week, we decided to cover several of them in one episode. So, here are 6 cybersecurity lessons in the news. Some of them may be things you saw before but all of them were worth discussing what we should be aware of and...


Cybersecurity Outside The Office - Ep 138

In December, the OCR newsletter was titled Cybersecurity While on Holiday. First, how very British of them! Second, is it just when on holiday? The same rules apply anytime you are on the road with technology and access to the internet. We see this as something you should review no matter when you plan to access information outside the office. While some think the corner coffee shop is a great work space others work in hotels and conference rooms all over town without being on holiday at...


OCR Ends 2017 With A Bang - Ep 137

At the beginning of 2017 OCR announced several settlements. Then, the settlement announcements stopped in May as their were leadership changes that continue to happen. In fact, the only reason this announcement seemed to come out was because it was included in a bankruptcy court filing earlier this month. For more go to


Meltdown - Patch Baby Patch - Ep 136

Unless you never listen to nerd-speak you have to have heard the discussion about Meltdown and Spectre over the last few weeks. It is a perfect time to talk about what patch management really means in your cybersecurity protections. We try our best to discuss it with less geek speak and more English. For more info


7 Educated Guesses About 2018 - Ep 135

Here we go for another year! It is amazing that this is the third new year we have covered on HMWH. There are so many things that have happened over that time and as we head into 2018, so many things to look into our crystal ball and make 7 educated guesses about 2018. We may not be predicting the future but we both have some opinions about what we see happening out there in the world of HIPAA, privacy, and cybersecurity in the coming months. Get more at


Pay Now Or Pay Even More Later - Ep 134

Is HIPAA compliance expensive? Or, is it short-sighted to only worry about what HIPAA compliance costs? A new report from Ponemon Institute, The True Cost of Compliance with Data Protection Regulations, looks at compliance costs across several industries and multinational organizations. The study has a lot of details as we always expect from Ponemon Institute. Read more at


2017 Blooper Episode - Happy Holidays

Each year Bojan Sabioncello, our audio engineer in Split, Croatia, puts together his blooper roll to mock us. Granted, he spends the whole year having to listen to us without a chance to respond until now. This his only chance to respond to a year’s worth of our comments and screw-ups. We will be back next week with a new episode. Happy Holidays from the whole Help Me With HIPAA team!


Cybersecurity Naughty List 2017 - Ep 133

As 2017 comes to a close, we are making our lists and checking them twice. Time to find out who we thought was more naughty than nice this year. The Naughty List 2017 discussion includes everything from big news data breaches such as Equifax and Uber down to stolen hard drives and password issues. Feel free to add your naughty list nominations in the comments. More info at


Five Phishing Findings From Google - Ep 131

A new report on phishing was recently released titled: Data Breaches, Phishing, or Malware? Understanding the Risks of Stolen Credentials. The report of findings from a study that was done by Google, University of California, Berkeley, and the International Computer Science Institute. It was a year-long study of account hijacking, stolen credentials, phishing and malware attacks. The findings are clear that phishing is a problem in ways we may not have thought before now. In the study, the...


SOC2 certification is not HIPAA compliance - Ep 131

Recently, we have dealt with our clients struggling with vendors in the vetting process. Particularly, tech vendors of any sort. Many vendors have written off the HIPAA compliance requirements by simply saying “We are SOC2 compliant so you don’t have to worry about anything”. Often that is said by sales and management folks with a great deal of confidence. After spending some time at a recent HITRUST meeting I heard just how many people shouldn’t be so confident when making that statement....


Black Friday Replay 8 Common HIPAA Myths

We are enjoying the holiday with our families. But, we didn't want to miss a chance to share time with our listeners. Today we are replaying one of our favorite episodes 8 Common HIPAA Myths.


5 Things To Do Before Year’s End - Ep 130

Hard to believe another year is coming to an end. It is time to review 2017 and plan for 2018. That means it is time to make your list of 5 Things To Do Before Year’s End. Just in case you need some help with that list, we made one for you!


Text messaging is not secure by default - Ep 129

Text messaging is often the preferred method of communication for many people today. It does have great advantages with its simplicity, instant delivery, and convenience. However, I did not mention security on that list. Text messaging is not secure by default. Yes, you can secure it but that requires apps, platforms, and planning. The bottom line is the communication method most people call text messaging is not secured enough to send and receive PHI without patient authorization to use...


Is there a cyber storm brewing? Ep 128

Lately, there have been a lot of articles in the "nerd news" services about various problems and vulnerabilities looming on the horizon or happening right now. Usually, there are one or two in a normal week or so that really get our attention. The last few weeks though it seems a bit different. Maybe it is just noise or paranoia created to drive traffic to sites. But, sometimes it becomes overwhelming enough to take time to step back and look at the details as a whole and determine what...


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