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HIPAA is not about compliance, it's about patient care.

HIPAA is not about compliance, it's about patient care.
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HIPAA is not about compliance, it's about patient care.




5 Things To Do Before Year’s End - Ep 130

Hard to believe another year is coming to an end. It is time to review 2017 and plan for 2018. That means it is time to make your list of 5 Things To Do Before Year’s End. Just in case you need some help with that list, we made one for you!

Duration: 00:44:56

Text messaging is not secure by default - Ep 129

Text messaging is often the preferred method of communication for many people today. It does have great advantages with its simplicity, instant delivery, and convenience. However, I did not mention security on that list. Text messaging is not secure by default. Yes, you can secure it but that requires apps, platforms, and planning. The bottom line is the communication method most people call text messaging is not secured enough to send and receive PHI without patient authorization to use...

Duration: 00:40:14

Is there a cyber storm brewing? Ep 128

Lately, there have been a lot of articles in the "nerd news" services about various problems and vulnerabilities looming on the horizon or happening right now. Usually, there are one or two in a normal week or so that really get our attention. The last few weeks though it seems a bit different. Maybe it is just noise or paranoia created to drive traffic to sites. But, sometimes it becomes overwhelming enough to take time to step back and look at the details as a whole and determine what...

Duration: 00:51:29

HIPAA Horror Stories V3 Ep - 127

Each year we have done a special scary episode for Halloween. Last year we took you on a tour of a haunted house. This year for HIPAA Horror Stories V3 we get to hear a campfire horror story. So gather around and hear how scary HIPAA mishaps can be for us all! For more info go to

Duration: 00:35:26

Social Media, Marketing, and HIPAA - Ep 126

When it comes to social media, marketing, and HIPAA things can get a little dicey. There are certainly many cases where using social media has gone awry in health care cases. However, when handled correctly, you can actually use social media, marketing, and HIPAA in a sentence without getting chills down your spine. Today, Janet Kennedy joins us for a discussion on the positive reasons you should be active on social media and the precautions you should take to make sure everything stays in...

Duration: 00:49:05

On-boarding and Termination Checklists - Ep 125

During the onboarding and termination process is where many mistakes are made that lead to security incidents and even reportable breaches. Today we discuss why they are important and the kinds of things you should consider having in yours. For more information

Duration: 00:48:27

Talk To The Boss About HIPAA - Ep 124

How do you talk to the boss about HIPAA? That is a regular question we get around here. The staff responsible for compliance gets trained and understands what needs to be done but they don't get leadership support. Over the years we have had to have those conversations many times. It is never easy but there are some key pointers to making ground with your argument and turning the tide for supporting your efforts. Today we cover a few of our ideas on how to broach the subject effectively...

Duration: 00:44:34

OCR Audit Updates Phase 2 - Ep 123

During the NIST OCR HIPAA Security Conference we covered in the last two episodes, there was also a session on OCR Audit Updates. OCR gave an update on the information gleaned so far from the compliance desk audits that were started in 2016. Their presentation included some interesting details. Today we cover the information they shared so you can compare and contrast those details against your own program. For more details

Duration: 00:35:17

NIST and OCR Security Conference Part Deux – Ep 122

This is the second episode covering the things David has to share from the Safeguarding Health Information conference. There are many great points he picked up. As we review them we keep coming back to the reminder that HIPAA is about patient care now. Join us as we discuss everything from ransomware requirements to security for a small practice on this episode. More info at

Duration: 00:56:46

NIST and OCR Security Conference - Ep 121

The annual NIST and OCR security conference has come around again. This year, David attended the conference via webcast and shares his notes on the first day of the conference. Before the conference discussion, we have to touch on the announcement from Equifax about their HUGE data breach. For more information go to

Duration: 00:48:20

Disaster Recovery Preparations Ep - 120

We recorded this episode on the day that Harvey was hitting Houston and had no idea just how bad that disaster would eventually become for those on the gulf coast. On the day we publish this episode, we are both personally involved in the evacuations and preparations in advance of Irma. She is forecast to hit Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas in the next few days. The timing for this discussion could not be more appropriate from a news perspective but this planning should have already...

Duration: 00:41:59

Should I use a local, data center, or cloud server? - Ep 119

Every time we discuss server security issues it opens a debate about where is the best place to keep your servers. There are three options and we are going to discuss them today. Local hosting vs data center hosting vs cloud servers under HIPAA. For more details email us:

Duration: 00:53:51

What is reasonable and appropriate? Ep 118

What is reasonable and appropriate? The HIPAA legal reference and guidance mentions reasonable and appropriate all over the place. Many times that concept creates confusion. How do you determine what is reasonable or appropriate for any environment? More at

Duration: 00:42:40

Alexa Plus HIPAA Plus Other Questions - Ep 117

Can a doctor have Alexa in OR to play music? Is it a HIPAA violation for staff to look at their own records or is it an internal policy violation? I am a small company BA do I really have to do all of HIPAA compliance requirements? If I know my upstream BA or CE isn't following their HIPAA compliance obligations what am I legally obligated to do? Why would you make daily copies of your visitor logs? More info at

Duration: 00:46:56

Security Incident Investigations Find More Than Expected - Ep 116

Sometimes following the news lets you find things like security incident investigations with interesting details. But, these cases were different than most. Even better than that, we learned how can a fish tank help hackers! There were just too many parts of these stories that got my attention to pass them up. When something occurs and the investigation uncovers way more to the story than you normally see we should all learn from them. More details at

Duration: 00:43:45

Incident Response Plans V2 - Ep 115

Incident response plans have been a topic of our show several times. But, these days we just can't get enough of a good thing! Actually, there is a reason we are covering it in this episode. I was reviewing a Business Associate Due Diligence from a software provider. In the questionnaire, we always ask if you have a written incident response plan and trained incident response team. They responded Yes, with a comment of "we have an engineering department". More info at...

Duration: 00:45:45

Compliance Officer Personal Liability? - EP 114

There has always been a concern from many people we work with about compliance officer personal liability. Specifically, is a compliance officer personally liable for the compliance of the company? The recent settlement agreement between the FTC and the Chief Compliance Officer of Moneygram has created interesting conversations for compliance circles. In this case, the Chief Compliance Officer of Moneygram was able to reach a settlement in the liability case against him but it included a...

Duration: 00:37:43

OCR Mic Drop For Cloud Providers - EP 113

The monthly OCR Cyber Newsletter for June had some interesting points. The fact that OCR mentions multiple times and in multiple ways that they do not endorse, certify, or recommend specific technology or products should serve as their "OCR mic drop moment" on this discussion. We can dream, can't we! Today we are going to review that newsletter and how they have pointed these things out once again. Before we close out the episode we are also covering some questions and comments from...

Duration: 00:50:56

NotPetya, Windows, and Ransomware - Ep 112

This is not another episode about preventing and responding to the NotPetya ransomware. There are countless articles about those topics. We are discussing the bigger picture today. In this episode, NotPetya, Windows, and Ransomware, we discuss what happened in the case but also what does all of this really mean in the big picture of cyber attacks. If you don't stay proactive in evaluating what the criminals may do next then you don't have a chance of being anything but reactive. In light...

Duration: 00:40:39

Breach reporting costs and decisions for 2017 - Ep 111

In June, the NY State Attorney General announced a settlement with CoPilot, a healthcare services company that illegally deferred notice of breach of more than 220,000 patient records. Another annual report was also just released with the latest numbers : 2017 Cost of a Data Breach Study from Ponemon Institute and IBM. Today, we are going to discuss how the two of them can help us all make better decisions where potential breaches of PHI are concerned. Breach reporting costs and decisions...

Duration: 00:48:16

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