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Juiced Up off the Henny w/FrankeeLu

What do you do when you have dreams and goals, but you're a single mom and want to get up out of the state you were born and raised in and start over somewhere else...? YOU DO IT! You pick up your life and you follow your dreams. We sat down with queen @frankeelu who did just that. She spoke to us about the struggles, the victories, and her new life living in ATL... Of course the conversation gets a little too real, (Bottle girls vs strippers, R.Kelly, Getting head, The Kardashians , sex,...

Duration: 01:40:54

A bottle of Henny and Opinionated Males

When the creators of the opinionated male blog stop by and provide some strong opinions about sex, love, and relationships all seems right in the world. We ended up speaking for 2.5 hours after this initial conversation because we had some much to talk about. We get into things like waiting 90 days to have sex, child support, introducing your kids to a partner, and whats attractive and whats not. @mshotsauce2u talks about her sabbatical from males and her plans moving forward. Opinionated...

Duration: 01:48:32

Loving You, Sexing Him but I'm honest

a discussion about open relationships. Neither one of us has really thought about it but decided that we will stick our nose into the world of open relationships. explore some rules and parameters that people use to try to make it work. Are open relationships just honest regular relationships. Leave your comments and questions on any social media @hennyandhotwings or what ever medium you choose to listen from.

Duration: 01:19:33

Why women are psychos on PMS

The emotional world of women during PMS. This episode Was recorded while @mshotsauce2u was under the crazy shield of PMDD (a more advanced strain of PMS) and wanted to bring light to the craziness that goes on in the headspace of a woman the weeks before she starts the worst week of the month ... Let us not judge but let this be a guide/insight for partners, friends, and children on how to stare clear and proceed on the side of caution when dealing with a women with pms or pmdd....

Duration: 01:12:28

HNH Brunch Party Meet The Bachelors

HNH Brunch Party Meet The Bachelors by MsHotSauce

Duration: 00:57:33

Drunk Friends Talking about Nothing

A couple of my closest friends (and sister) gather around the table and say mad words (drunk AF)... It gets really real at times but there is no real topic of discussion and I don't know whats going on half the time.

Duration: 01:26:18

Sexual Uprising w/ @torivisage @amandaschaefer33

I can't even begin to tell ya'll what this whole entire long ass episode is about. Why? because we talked about everything from sex, sexuality, open relationships, side pieces, hoes, lesbians, dating, bi-sexuality, being petty, monogamy, being single, rejection, more sex, and literally one long ass girl talk about life @torivisage and @amandaschaefer really kept it all the way real in true @hennyandhotwings style.

Duration: 01:59:05

I Didn't Mean To Share All That w/ @taylaandre and @kodeknox

My Radio Sister Rebel @TaylaAndre and our Radio Homie @kodeknox joins us this week to consume #hennyandhotwings and talk everything from equal housing opportunities, The black family, Trusting the opposite sex, Being too busy for love, and sexual harassment... Well we did most of the harassment but it's all in the same. Listen as we get up close and personal to the point that we shared things we didn't even mean too. Very Insightful and entertaining

Duration: 01:46:06

Date like a Boss Ass Woman w/KaiNicole and CrystalT

The big frustrating world of dating... We had to fly in the experts for this one. This week we have author and dating specialist Kai Nicole along side entrepreneur and serial dater Crystal Tyson (seen on the Steve Harvey Show) we discussed dating, expectations, myths, and the does and don't of going out with someone. Dating is about learning yourself and other people... dating should be fun and care free, but too many of us got the game all wrong and are taking L's left and right cause we...

Duration: 01:51:26

Episode 51: Smooth Ass Niggas AKA @The Museum TV

Episode 51: Who sheds light on the people that are shedding light on the people of the city? @Hennyandhotwings sat down with the creator and hosts of Boston's Premier Vlog @themuseumtv to discuss being a creative, finding love and lust, how to be a smooth ass nigga, hustling for your passion, and so much more! Shout out to @le_goolord @ambersafo and @djguru_sanaal for stopping by and talking that talk!

Duration: 01:42:27

Henny and Hotwings LIVE2

Our 2nd serving of #HennyandhotwingsLIVE! Should out to @larryJordanBIM and all of our amazing sponsors that made the second time around super dope and amazing. Look out for our next event coming soon

Duration: 02:01:38

This is NOT Episode FIFTY

We haven't decided what we want to do for the BIG 50th episode so we decided to take a break for the month of May to focus on Henny and Hotwings LIVE on Sunday May 21st. We will start our 3rd Serving (season) in April. In the mean time this would be a good chance to catch up on past episode and revisit your favorites and tweet me at @mshotsauce2u with #HNH(episode#) "#HNH1" for example. Thank you guys to much for rocking out with us! So much more in store for you....

Duration: 00:10:41

Episode 49: BroGot Gumbo with a side of Taboo shit

While Jill Badu is out riding elephants in Thailand @mshotsauce2u was out cooking in the lab with @brogot about everything from Boston Culture, personal branding, Hosting, and paving the way for other creatives doing their thing. Later around the 41min mark shit took a turn for the left and we got into some Taboo sex stuff and becoming the manager or Hotsauce's sexual endeavors... I gots me a PIMP y'all!

Duration: 01:39:02

Episode 47: Shopping for a Wife or Husband

So many single people out there... How is it that we can't seem to find each other? #HennyandHotwings invited two of Boston's more notorious socialites @lizonamission and @mayyor617 to talk about it. Of course the conversation got heated as we discussed what men and women want from each other, our preferences, and the things that we require from a mate. Tune in and tell a friend to listen . Sharing is caring

Duration: 01:33:37

Yoni Poppin On A Hand Stand

Yoni Poppin On A Hand Stand by MsHotSauce

Duration: 01:19:13

Buttplugs against Humanity

Featuring Phat Pu$$y Philamena and The Platform Podcast! Lets Play Cards Against Humanity!!! If you know anything about this game you know if can be wild and out of order and the commentary and conversation thats had during this game will have you shaking your head and laughing your ass off... We obviously have serious issues.

Duration: 01:24:36

Yelp my mouth game w/Tass from @brokeandwoke

I love that girls can come together and just talk it out. I had my first podcaster on the show TASS from @Brokeandwoke podcast. We discussed the thought process women have when getting a pap smear, offering your wax lady dinner after a good grooming, Have written reviews on Yelp for your mouth and box game. This episode was amazing. Don't forget to get your tickets for Henny and Hotwings Live www.hennyandhotwingslivereloaded.eventbrite.com

Duration: 01:20:38

Story Time with: Trabass X Lincoln3dot X Alovich

The Trabulation Tour with Actor, Comedian, and Artist @Trabass alongside recording artist @Lincoln3dot and upcoming talent @Alovich join forces with #Hennyandhotwings to present to you an exclusive candid interview and conversation about everything under the sun... In true @hennyandhotwings style we get into sex stories, groupie tales, and the rise to stardom and the stuff that comes along with it... Share with a friend or foe, comment, and don't forget to follow

Duration: 01:21:51

If you can't get chicken whats your P$$$y Worth

Episode 42: This episode was filled with so many GREAT quotes that I wanted to use for the title, but they were all out of order and extremely vulgar... Which lead me to this one... "If you can't get some chicken, what really is your P***y Worth" We brought in one of Boston's most notorious Shit talkers @larryjordanbim to help me talk the talk when it comes to sex, love, relationships, and more SEX. Listen, Laugh out loud, and blush a little. I promise your day will go by quicker... Use...

Duration: 01:41:35


Body Language and the Art of seduction. This week #Hennyandhotwings sat down with Seductress @Missksyn and @cavbernah to discuss having confidence and loving your body, the music industry, sex, dic pics, branding, and a slew of other things. Make sure you follow them and @hennyandhotwings across the social network world and don't forget to share this episode with your friends and your foes!! Don't forget Henny and Hotwings LIVE on March 19th

Duration: 01:34:29

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