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Hexes & Bows is a nerdy podcast that discusses all kinds of tabletop games and the culture surrounding them. Every week, Gnome, Hansard, Tim, Joe and guests talk about their favorite games, upcoming releases, and more! From Dungeons and Dragons to Pretty Pretty Princess, no game is off limits. Each podcast ends in a roleplaying session of a bunch of cranky townfolks griping about those pushy adventuring parties that parade through their quiet town! Be sure to check out our website at www.hexesandbows.com! We also livestream Dungeons and Dragons on Twitch (twitch.tv/gnomedic); old episodes can be found on YouTube (youtube.com/c/gnomedicx) and additional information on the story and characters are found on our website.






H&B Podcast Game Review: Manicdotes

hexesandbows.com Gnome and Tara get their hands on Manicdotes! This social, storytelling card game is a fun way to kickstart your gamenight. Players tell tall tales to tally points against one another by using 5 pre-selected words from a deck of cards. Opponents listen to the story closely and try to decipher which words used were from the card! These Hexes & Bows Podcast co-hosts take their time in playing and reviewing Manicdotes as honestly and openly as possible! Manicdotes is...

Duration: 01:08:21

RPG Book Interview with Author Tristan Zimmerman

In this special podcast, Gnome sits down with co-author Tristan Zimmerman of Archive: Historical People, Places, and Events for RPGs which is available on Kickstarter until June 5th! Learn how to use this tremendous RPG resource book to craft rich, detailed, and memorable experiences and NPCs in your next RPG campaign setting!

Duration: 00:53:09

H&B Podcast Reviews: Die Hard (Dice!)

hexesandbows.com's Tara and Joey review some legendary dice from Die Hard Dice at dieharddice.com! Nothing makes a statement at the gaming table when you pull out some metal dice and let them roll! The thundering sound adds an element of flare and Die Hard Dice delivers you some of the best dice we've gotten our hands on! From their enchanted-relic looking glow-in-the-dark dice to their very own custom mold d6s, Die Hard offers good deals and creative ways to enhance your tabletop gaming...

Duration: 01:07:32

Episode 009: Star Wars Talk with guest Darryl Vincent

www.hexesandbows.com Mandalorian Merc Costume Club member and Star Wars expert, Darryl Vincent, joins the Hexes & Bows cast in today's episode! Due to technical difficulties (blame it on the Jawas) much of the footage was lost. However, thanks to a diligent gnome and some digital duct tape, we're still able to enjoy the conversation with Darryl about his experiences with Star Wars: X-Wing, Clone Wars, and some old-fashioned AOL roleplaying! We appreciate your patience with this episode and...

Duration: 01:10:11

Darksilver Forge Dice Review

hexesandbows.com Join Mr. and Mrs. Gnome as they test out and review two legendary metal dice sets by Darksilver Forge! Use code "hexes" at checkout for 10% off your entire order at www.darksilverforge.com!

Duration: 00:43:22

Episode 008: Did Someone Say Kickstarter?

hexesandbows.com In this week's episode of Hexes & Bows Podcast we wrangle up almost the full cast and dive headfirst into Kickstarters we're super excited for! We also touch on our recent C2E2 adventures, chat about Star Wars roleplaying games (hey, it was May 4th, we had to!), and lay out some plans for the future of Hexes & Bows!

Duration: 01:32:36

Ambience and NPCs

Check us out at www.hexesandbows.com! Better late than never! H&B Podcast returns with Tim, Joe, and Hansard to talk about current Kickstarter games, how to set the mood for your gaming table, and the thought process behind developing memorable NPCs. H&B Podcast will resume it's weekly episodes as normal, releasing every Monday for your listening pleasure! Thanks for listening!

Duration: 04:01:12

Episode 005: When is a Quest Not a Quest?

Did someone say roleplaying? Yes! Hexes & Bows Podcast finally starts roleplaying with special guest Chris from Car Bomb Podcast! hexesandbows.com We're joined today by variety podcaster Chris from Car Bomb Podcast. Us Americans are taught a thing or two about Tim Hortons and the paranoia and curse of playing "roll up the rim." We also get a little serious and inquire about making roleplaying games more accessible by using American Sign Language. While we don't have any real answers,...

Duration: 02:00:26

Episode 004: 50 Shades of Gaming

Check us out at hexesandbows.com! Today's episode of the Hexes & Bows Podcast is a little special! Mr. and Mrs. Gnome have a solid heart-to-heart conversation about the influence, benefits, and importance of gaming in a relationship. Being open and using communication builds a stable relationship, but so does sharing a common hobby! Learn how Tara and Joey worked through hurdles in finding just the right game together and how gaming keeps their 10-year relationship stronger and more...

Duration: 00:57:28

Episode 003: Roll to Seduce Centaur

For more H&B tabletop fun, check out our website: hexesandbows.com or follow us on twitter: @hexesnbows *This episode contains some strong language Fill your ears with the sweet, sultry voices of Gnome, Tim, Hansard, and first time co-host, Tara (aka Mrs. Gnome!). There's plenty to talk about today, with topics ranging from roleplaying in non-roleplaying games, zombies, zombies, zombies!, and Gnome's personal favorite topic of late 80s / early 90s childhood board games! This week's...

Duration: 01:37:17

Episode 002: Roll Baby Roll

During this episode, the Hexes & Bows Podcast team talks about the geeky culture of dice superstitions! It's real (it's not) and it effects all kinds of games and gamers! We also discuss some interesting Kickstarter tabletop gaming campaigns as well as set the stage for our roleplaying campaign at the end of the episode! For more information, articles, stories, podcasts, and live D&D games, head to www.hexesandbows.com! Follow us on Twitter @hexesnbows and be sure to leave a comment about...

Duration: 02:02:23

Episode 001: A New Campaign

This week on the Hexes & Bows Podcast, Gnome, Hansard, Tim, and Joe discuss their favorite childhood boardgames and other games that influence their lives today. We learn that Joe's a bit too competitive and Gnome despises Risk. Enjoy some humor mixed in with learning more about the people that make up Hexes & Bows. There is no roleplaying this week, but stick around for Episode 002 when the adventure begins in the merchant town of Galter!

Duration: 01:24:04