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Alex Hunt

A conversation with Alex Hunt, the director of the Center for the Study of the American West at West Texas A&M University. A student of Panhandle history, Dr. Hunt is fascinated by Amarillo's connection with the West and the American frontier. We discuss everything from ranching and local hiking trails to how Amarillo's refugee population today compares to the original pioneers in the 1800s. This episode is sponsored by ROI Online and Amarillo National Bank.


Amber Morgan

A conversation with Amber Morgan, the creative young entrepreneur behind the Mani-Camper, an Amarillo-based mobile nail art studio that has been getting attention across the U.S. Like many young creatives, Amber moved away from Amarillo following high school. But after beginning to build a career in New York City, she came back home—and that's when things really started rolling. This episode is sponsored by ROI Online.


Eric Barry

A conversation with Eric Barry, an opera tenor whose career has taken him all over the world. A native of Sundown, Texas, who was trained at Yale University, Eric has recently returned to Amarillo after having been based on the East Coast. He and host Jason Boyett discuss how his WTAMU professors "discovered" his natural talent, the downside of a traveling career, and Eric's recent decision to return home to Amarillo. This episode is sponsored by ROI Online.


Special Episode: Sheldon Chick on Bomb City and Brian Deneke

A conversation with Sheldon Chick, an Amarillo native and the co-writer and producer of Bomb City. This award-winning film opens nationwide February 9 and chronicles the life and death of Amarillo's Brian Deneke. Recorded a few days before the film's Amarillo premiere, Sheldon and host Jason Boyett discuss the filmmaking process, how Amarillo has changed since 1997, and why the events of Bomb City are still relevant today. This episode is sponsored by ROI Online.


Jessie Story

A conversation with Jessie Story, a wildlife videographer and filmmaker based in Amarillo. While attending WTAMU, Jessie co-created the PBS program Texas Wild, and has since been working as an independent freelancer who specializes in wildlife. She and host Jason Boyett discuss how she stumbled into her career, why she loves snakes and bats more than cuddlier species, and how she gets such amazing photos of skittish animals. This episode is sponsored by ROI Online.


Reagan Wilcox

A conversation with Reagan Wilcox, former lead graphic designer at Hillside Christian Church and now owner-operator of The Union Hall Workspace. Reagan and host Jason Boyett discuss her career as a designer, why her work for a megachurch involved more than just "making the bulletin," and about launching her new endeavor—Amarillo's only coworking space. In "Eight Straight," Reagan endorses an entire Amarillo neighborhood. This episode is sponsored by ROI Online.


Jonathan Baker

A conversation with Jonathan Baker, novelist, essayist, publishing veteran, HPPR personality and former standup comedian. Baker and host Jason Boyett discuss his winding career path from Amarillo through Chicago and New York and back to West Texas, why NYC and the Panhandle are more alike than you'd think, and why we "flatlanders" need to rediscover our pioneer-maverick personalities. We discuss Baker's Colloquium article, "It's Hell, and I Like It." This episode is sponsored by ROI Online.


Dusty Green

A conversation with Dusty Green, former Amarillo news anchor and current cohost (with his wife, Nikki) of Two for the Road, a travel and adventure show on PBS. Dusty and host Jason Boyett discuss Dusty's path into local journalism, how he and Nik quit their jobs and sold everything to pursue their travel dream, and why returning to the Panhandle always feels like coming home. This episode is sponsored by ROI Online.


Mary Emeny

A conversation with Mary Emeny, the Amarillo philanthropist and activist whose resume includes everything from being an original founding board member for Habitat for Humanity to helping establish Wildcat Bluff and develop The Greenways. Mary and host Jason Boyett discuss the history of the Frying Pan Ranch, how Mary ended up chauffeuring Vietnamese Buddhist monks around Paris during the 1970s, and why the city needs more sustainable development. This episode is sponsored by Lemieux Company.


Mike Fuller

A conversation with Mike Fuller, one of the sons of L.A. Fuller & Sons Construction, a multi-generational paving and utilities contractor in Amarillo. Mike and host Jason Boyett discuss how L.A. Fuller got started in Amarillo, how a small dirt-moving business ended up having such a huge impact on the area's streets and neighborhoods, and why Amarillo is suddenly seeing so much road construction. This episode is sponsored by Lemieux Company.


Maegan Seymour

A conversation with Maegan Seymour, the marketing director for Underwood Law Firm. Maegan and host Jason Boyett discuss the advertising and marketing industries in Amarillo, how her parents' Jehovah's Witness traditions influenced her upbringing, and what it's like to be agnostic while living in a highly religious culture. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty.


Anthony Harris

A conversation with Pastor Anthony B. Harris of St. John Baptist Church. Anthony and his family came to Amarillo in 2012 after having lived and ministered for decades in the Pacific Northwest. He and host Jason Boyett talk about how Amarillo's religious life differs from that region, about the realities of living in poverty, and about local issues related to race. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty.


Bobby Lee

A conversation with Bobby Lee of The Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo's legendary restaurant, which is known worldwide for its free 72-ounce steak challenge. Bobby and host Jason Boyett talk about the restaurant's history, how founder R. J. “Bob” Lee developed its attention-getting western concept, and why tourists seem to be more familiar with the landmark than locals. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty.


Chriselda Reyes

A conversation with Chriselda Reyes, a local portrait photographer. Chriselda has traveled all over the world with her clients but calls Amarillo home. She and host Jason Boyett discuss how she got started in her career, why wedding photography is such a perilous occupation, and what makes Amarillo such a versatile photographic backdrop. Don't miss her surprising "Eight Straight" answer about The Big Texan. This episode is sponsored by the AEDC.


Wes Reeves

A conversation with Wes Reeves, the senior media relations representative for Xcel Energy's Southwestern Public Service Company in Texas and New Mexico. Whenever there's a power outage, Wes is the guy who appears in the local media to explain why. He and host Jason Boyett discuss how Xcel deals with extreme weather, what electrical customers don't always understand about the grid, and why walking around is the absolute best way to discover downtown Amarillo. Wes also advocates for the joys...


Suzi McKee

A conversation with Suzi McKee, the owner of Live Well Fit, a local women's fitness and wellness studio. Suzi and host Jason Boyett discuss the opportunities she discovered upon moving to Amarillo from Lubbock, as well as the unique niche she has carved out in focusing on women's health. Don't miss "Eight Straight," when Suzi shares which local restaurants have the healthiest meals. This episode is sponsored by the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.


Caroline Kneese

A conversation with Caroline Kneese, the owner of Cerulean Gallery in downtown Amarillo and director of the Derrick Event Center. Located at 814 S. Taylor, Cerulean features the work of established and emerging artists. One of the artists Caroline represents is Denver Moore, the co-author of the book Same Kind of Different as Me and the subject of the new film of the same name. In "Eight Straight," she candidly reveals what Amarillo has way, way too much of. This episode is sponsored by...


David Salas

A conversation with David Salas, the managing partner of Altura Engineering & Design. Along with partners Chris Lopez and Jacob Moreno, David founded Altura in 2013. It recently ranked 434th on the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S. David and host Jason Boyett discuss his upbringing in Amarillo, the importance of Latino-owned local businesses, and why the WT Enterprise Center was so essential to Altura's success. Don't miss "Eight Straight," when David shares why he's...


Jason Crespin

A conversation with Jason Crespin, director of the award-winning Amarillo Little Theatre Academy and frequent ALT performer. He and host Jason Boyett discuss Crespin's local theater career, his opportunities representing Amarillo in New York City and Hollywood, and what it's like to be a gay man living in Amarillo. Don't miss "Eight Straight," when he confesses he only wears cowboy boots on stage. This episode is sponsored by Estacar Companies.


Ginger Nelson

A conversation with Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson about her career as an attorney and entrepreneur, her decision to get into politics, and why she wants locals to embrace Amarillo as a tourism destination. Don't miss "Eight Straight," when she reveals her go-to order at Amarillo's best Tex-Mex restaurants. This episode is sponsored by Estacar Companies.