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Ep49 Ghoulies

This week Hey Down in Front brings you another classic? 1985’s Ghoulies!! Enjoy! This Episode if brought to you by More Gooder Than Podcast Click the link to check out their show!!


Ep01 Anime Hour

Welcome to the first episode of a new monthly installment from Hey Down in Front. Once a month Ian and Will are going to sit down and chat over 2 Anime shows they are watching. So if anime is your thing you might hate it! if anime isn’t your thing, give this episode a shot and it might change your mind!!


Ep48 Gargabe Pail Kids

This week on Hey Down in Front the guys painfully sat through 1987’s Garbage Pail Kids. Good luck!! Please go check out our great friends how gave us the recommendation for this week’s episode!! They may not like us. But we still love them! Those Movie Guys Podcast


Ep47 Re-Animator

This week we watch 1985’s Re-Animator don’t forget to go check out our Patreon. T-Shirt Club


Ep46 Top Ten Films of 2017

***SPOILERS AFOOT*** You have been warned! This Week on Hey Down in Front we’re doing things a little different. Each host each take a turn at “quickly” running down their list of Top Ten Film of 2017! Most importantly we want to annouce our exclusive T-Shirt of the Month Club. Make sure to give a listen for details and click the link HERE to sign up before all the slots are filled!!!


Ep45 Die Hard

On the last week of Hey Down in Front’s Christmas Commentary - Mike was watching Boss Baby….Like a real creep. Bryce watched…well everything. Blaise checked out the new Judd Apatow special. Will is trying to catch up on the 2017 releases! After that we dive head first off of Nakatomi Plaza into 1988’s Christmas miracle Die Hard. Promos: Flicks XRayed Podcast Rock Talk Podcast


Ep44 Home Alone 2 Lost in New York

On this weeks episode of Hey Down in Front’s Christmas Commentary - Mike put up Christmas decorations. Bryce is easy. Blaise revisted some Christmas classics! and Will tells you all about Theme Park Films!! After that we get lost in New York with Home Alone 2!!!! enjoy!!! Promo Theme Park Films iTunes


Ep43 Gremlins

This week on Hey Down in Front Christmas Commentary - Mike watches F is for Family. Bryce gets his pod on. Blaise lost faith in Valerian and Will rewatched 1960’s Psycho! (17:00) After that we get wet, eat after midnight and watch 1984’s Gremlins!! Enjoy!! Promos this week: Based on a True Crime Hile on Life Podcast


Ep42 Jingle All The Way

Happy Holidays from Hey Down in Front - Today Mike talks about finally catching up on stuff! Bryce and Will make a mess in each others pants talking about Litany For the Whale Go check out their bandcamp in that link!! and Blaise chats about the Hatebreed show he went to see! (19:08) After all that’s done we slide into 1996’s Jingle All The Way!! Enjoy!! Litany for the Whale iTunes link Go Check out this other Podcast!! Nerdy Things Podcast You Can Rewind It Podcast


Ep41 Dredd

This week on Hey Down in Front - (3:43) Ian was with us again and he saw The Big Sick. Bryce checked out Jim and Andy. Blaise actually went to the theatre to see Thor Ragnarok. And Will has been checking out a new podcast call From The Pit (20:42) After all that we jump into 2012’s Dredd. Enjoy!! Special thank you to anyone who went an supported Gore Noir Magazine successfully funding their kickstarter!! Promos with week for: Rough Giraffe Podcast The Nature vs Narcissism Podcast


Ep40 Addams Family Values

For Thanksgiving, Hey Down in Front is bringing you a special episode!! not really. (4:35) Mike is back after moving and has watched My Sister’s Keeper. Bryce checked out West World. Blaise watched Lord of the Rings with the kid and Will saw Creep and They Look Like People. Finaly we all watch Addams Family Values! Happy Thanksgiving!! Go Donate to a great friends at: Those Moive Guys Patreon Gore Noir Kickerstarter Promos This week: False Starts Podcast Good Nightmare Podcast


Mini-Sode Ep02 Ready Player One

In this Mini-Sode of Hey Down in Front - Braxton joins Will and Blaise as the discuss some of their favorite things about Ready Player One. They also break down the trailer a bit and voice their excitment and concerns about the upcoming film. Enjoy!!


Ep39 Airheads

This week of Hey Down in Front - (8:00) Mike is out. Bryce finished Frasier. Blaise finally saw Baby Driver and Will messed his pants talking about 1974’s Black Christmas (28:30) Then we completely ignore the fact that 1994’s Airheads is playing in the background! Don’t Forget to Support some awesome people doing awesome things!! Those Movie Guys Patreon Gore Noir Kickstarter Promos (3:42) In Poor Taste Film Roast


Ep38 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This week’s episode of Hey Down in Front is brought to you by Who invited THIS guy? An awesome podcast that everyone who isn’t afraid a little smack talk should go check out!!! (6:09) We catch up with our friend Ian. Bryce watched season two of Slasher. Blaise won’t stop talking about flannel. Will was disappointed by netflix’s The Baby Sitter. (21:46) Finally we jump into 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Enjoy!! Go Support some awesone people!! Those Movies Guys Patreon Gore Noir...


Spoiler Alert Series Ep07 - Stranger Things 2

*Spoiler Alert* In this episdoe of our Spoiler Alert Series the guys, with our good friend Ian, watched Stranger Things 2 and could not contain themselves from talking about it!!!


Ep37 Halloween

On the 5th and Final edition of Hey Down in Front’s Halloween episodes - (4:40) Mike’s got nothing. Bryce watched Netflix’s 1922. Blaise dug into some stand up and Will runs on about some great podcast again!! (27:15) Once the awful is over we jump into the 1978’s classic Halloween. Enjoy! Happy Halloween!!! Go Donate to some great people witha great podcast!!! Those Movie Guys Patreon Those Movie Guys Podcast Promos: (3:10) Beauty and the Beastly Minute (26:34) The Film and TV...


Ep36 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This week on Hey Down in Front Podcast - (05:54) Mike talks about….his teeth?? Bryce watches Fraiser and CBGB. Blaise saw Blade Runner 2049. Will talks about some awesome podcasts like I’d Hit That! iTunes Link (29:07) After all that fun we tear into 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Enjoy! Those Movie Guys info: Patreon iTunes Link Promos with week from: (03:28) Man Cave Chronicles - iTunes Link (28:37) Murder Under the Midnight Sun - iTunes Link


Ep35 A Nightmare on Elm Street

On week 3’s Halloween edition of Hey Down in Front - (4:55) Mike went back in time and watched the Butterfly Effect. Bryce went head first into AHS Roanke. Blaise did some doc’n and Will watched a bunch of crap! (24:59) After all that jazz we get into 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street! Enjoy! Promos this week (3:04) Corpus Delicti Podcast iTunes Link (23:56) Home Video Hustle Podcast iTunes Link


Ep34 Friday the 13th Part 3 - 3D

Today on Hey Down in Front - (4:58) Mike watched Big Mouth. Bryce watched Curse of Chucky dispite Will’s warnings. Blaise checked out Ghosted and Will watched the Death Note anime series. (21:05) After that we hack our way into 1982’s Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D. Enjoy!!!! Promos this week (2:11) Color Me Dead Podcast iTunes Link (20:24) Based on a True Crime iTunes Link


Ep33 Land of the Dead

Today on Hey Down in Front - (3:42) Mike was out this week, so our friend Tommy sat in and he went to Baltimore ComiCon. Bryce got binge watched both seasons of True Dectective. Blaise started Strek Trek and started listening to a new Podcast. Will did some Netflixin’ and watched Castlevania and Ozark. (33:44) Then we get into the late George Romero’s 2005 zombie come back. Land of the Dead. Enjoy!! Promo’s this week: (0:55) Rock Talk: A Guide to the Films of Dwayne Johnson iTunes...


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