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Ep47 Re-Animator

This week we watch 1985’s Re-Animator don’t forget to go check out our Patreon. T-Shirt Club

Duration: 02:02:08

Ep39 Airheads

This week of Hey Down in Front - (8:00) Mike is out. Bryce finished Frasier. Blaise finally saw Baby Driver and Will messed his pants talking about 1974’s Black Christmas (28:30) Then we completely ignore the fact that 1994’s Airheads is playing in the background! Don’t Forget to Support some awesome people doing awesome things!! Those Movie Guys Patreon Gore Noir Kickstarter Promos (3:42) In Poor Taste Film Roast

Duration: 02:08:41

Ep38 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This week’s episode of Hey Down in Front is brought to you by Who invited THIS guy? An awesome podcast that everyone who isn’t afraid a little smack talk should go check out!!! (6:09) We catch up with our friend Ian. Bryce watched season two of Slasher. Blaise won’t stop talking about flannel. Will was disappointed by netflix’s The Baby Sitter. (21:46) Finally we jump into 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Enjoy!! Go Support some awesone people!! Those Movies Guys Patreon Gore Noir...

Duration: 02:00:40

Spoiler Alert Series Ep07 - Stranger Things 2

*Spoiler Alert* In this episdoe of our Spoiler Alert Series the guys, with our good friend Ian, watched Stranger Things 2 and could not contain themselves from talking about it!!!

Duration: 00:50:17

Ep37 Halloween

On the 5th and Final edition of Hey Down in Front’s Halloween episodes - (4:40) Mike’s got nothing. Bryce watched Netflix’s 1922. Blaise dug into some stand up and Will runs on about some great podcast again!! (27:15) Once the awful is over we jump into the 1978’s classic Halloween. Enjoy! Happy Halloween!!! Go Donate to some great people witha great podcast!!! Those Movie Guys Patreon Those Movie Guys Podcast Promos: (3:10) Beauty and the Beastly Minute (26:34) The Film and TV...

Duration: 02:23:04

Ep36 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This week on Hey Down in Front Podcast - (05:54) Mike talks about….his teeth?? Bryce watches Fraiser and CBGB. Blaise saw Blade Runner 2049. Will talks about some awesome podcasts like I’d Hit That! iTunes Link (29:07) After all that fun we tear into 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Enjoy! Those Movie Guys info: Patreon iTunes Link Promos with week from: (03:28) Man Cave Chronicles - iTunes Link (28:37) Murder Under the Midnight Sun - iTunes Link

Duration: 01:56:55

Ep35 A Nightmare on Elm Street

On week 3’s Halloween edition of Hey Down in Front - (4:55) Mike went back in time and watched the Butterfly Effect. Bryce went head first into AHS Roanke. Blaise did some doc’n and Will watched a bunch of crap! (24:59) After all that jazz we get into 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street! Enjoy! Promos this week (3:04) Corpus Delicti Podcast iTunes Link (23:56) Home Video Hustle Podcast iTunes Link

Duration: 01:59:32

Ep34 Friday the 13th Part 3 - 3D

Today on Hey Down in Front - (4:58) Mike watched Big Mouth. Bryce watched Curse of Chucky dispite Will’s warnings. Blaise checked out Ghosted and Will watched the Death Note anime series. (21:05) After that we hack our way into 1982’s Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D. Enjoy!!!! Promos this week (2:11) Color Me Dead Podcast iTunes Link (20:24) Based on a True Crime iTunes Link

Duration: 01:58:57

Ep33 Land of the Dead

Today on Hey Down in Front - (3:42) Mike was out this week, so our friend Tommy sat in and he went to Baltimore ComiCon. Bryce got binge watched both seasons of True Dectective. Blaise started Strek Trek and started listening to a new Podcast. Will did some Netflixin’ and watched Castlevania and Ozark. (33:44) Then we get into the late George Romero’s 2005 zombie come back. Land of the Dead. Enjoy!! Promo’s this week: (0:55) Rock Talk: A Guide to the Films of Dwayne Johnson iTunes...

Duration: 02:08:46

Spoiler Alert Series Ep06 - Mother!

*Spoiler Alert* In this episode of our Spolier Alert Series. Hey Down in Front went to see Darren Aronofsky’s latest film Mother!

Duration: 01:11:39

Ep32 Batman Forever

On this weeks episode of Hey Down in Front - (2:38) Mike gets way into American Vandal. Bryce hated Ludo and got his FooFoo on. Blaise is all but useless at this point and Will watched Burn After Reading and 3 Ninjas. Why??? Why not!! (13:45) Once we finish boring you with that, we will bore you with agruably the worst Batman movie ever. 1995’s Batman ForNever!!! Enjoy!!! This weeks Promos: (1:15) Nerdy Things Podcast iTunes link (12:40) More Gooder Than Podcast iTunes link

Duration: 02:12:58

Ep31 Signs

Today on Hey Down in Front - (2:58) Mike started Scream: The TV Series. Bryce went educational and watched Rocco. Blaise as usual contributes nothing to the episode and Will finished Narcos Season 3. (20:42) Once we finish running our mouths we dig into 2002’s Signs. Enjoy! Promos: (1:01) Home Video Hustle iTunes link (19:55) Color Me Dead iTunes Link *Select Full Desciption for links*

Duration: 02:03:59

Spoiler Alert Series Ep05 - IT

*Spoiler Alert* It’s been a few months since the Hey Down in Front Crew has brought you a Spoiler Alert episode. But we figured with fall approaching we’d get about as basic as it comes and give you what you don’t want, an IT movie review. So plug yourself in and grab a pumpkin spice latte as we give our drunk and unprofessional opinons on IT. Enjoy!!

Duration: 00:55:49

Ep30 Wild Wild West

This Week on Hey Down in Front - (3:55) Mikes struggled through the Bring It On reboot. Bryce seasoned his feet and talked American Horror Story. Blaise checked out Death Note and Will talks smack on Trick or Treat! (24:40) Then we finally dig into 1999’s Wild Wild West!! (2:06:58) We have a “special presentation” Promo play for: Fun Dip and Cherry Coke @fundippod

Duration: 02:18:04

Ep29 LIttle Giants

Today, on Hey Down in Front - 3:18 - Mike’s attempt to talk about American Horror Story is hijacked by the rest of the group. Blaise and Bryce talk a some Mike Tyson. Will read Ready Player One. 31:35 We watch 1994’s Little Giants. Shout out to The More Gooder Than Podcast!!!

Duration: 02:16:03

Mini-Sode Ep01 Un Chien Andalou

Hey Down in Front brings you its first installment of a new series we are simply calling Mini-Sode. In this round Blaise, Bryce and Will watch a French made silent film. 1929’s Un Chien Andalou. Hope you enjoy!!

Duration: 00:30:42

Ep28 Predator

This week on Hey Down in Front - Mike talks about watching Atypical. Our guest Joey watched Lone Wolf McQuade. Cause he’s old. Blaise has been catching up on Veep. Will quickly recaps The Defenders (no spoilers). After that we dig into THE BEST ACTION MOVIE TO COME OUT IN 1987 Predator!!!!!! Enjoy

Duration: 02:02:29

Ep27 Ghostbusters

This week on Hey Down in Front - Mike talks about his trip……sort of. Bryce talks Crystal Lake Memories. Blaise goes on about himself and The Defiant Ones and Will got caught up on Game of Thrones! After all that shhhhtuff we get into 1984’s CLASSIC!!!! Ghostbusters!!!! Enjoy!

Duration: 02:07:08

Ep26 Super Mario Bros.

Today on Hey Down in Front - Our friend Ian sits in as Mike travels across the country. Bryce talks horror movies. Blaise tries to remember anything. While Will saw Dunkirk and brings up Marvel….again. After all 40 minutes of that nonsense we finally get into 1993’s overwhelmingly awful Super Mario Bros. Enjoy!!

Duration: 02:23:22

Ep25 Lake Placid

This week, on Hey Down In Front - Mike talks about his aspirations to become Post Malone. Blaise went Camping. Bryce contemplates his life choice while watching Okcha and Will talks about his current favorite podcast, including FlicksXrayed, You Don’t know Ish and Murder She Spoke. After that we get into 1999’s most uneventful killer croc movie Lake Placid! Enjoy!!!

Duration: 01:48:14

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