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D&D Boardgames

The mental break for Dungeon Masters In this episode Larry and Al join Rich and I in talking about the boardgames that Dungeons and Dragons has been putting out. Great games, tons of hours of play, interchangable heros from box to box, and excellent miniatures you can use in your Roleplaying games! http://dnd.wizards.com/products/tabletop-games/board-card-games


Pt 2. GenCon Survival Series - Running your own Event

This week Rich and I talk about the joy of running events at GenCon and other conventions. GenCon 2018’s Event Organizer sign up ends March 10th but these tips will help you for any con. We’re on Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming


Dungeons & Dragons - an intro

Rich and I talk about the game we’ve loved for the longest, and certainly put the most time into over our lives. This kicks off a series of episodes we’re going to do about D&D. We’re on Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming


Pt 2. Legend of the Five Rings - #depends

Robert and Ben join Rich and I again to discuss Legend of Five Rings, the new card game. This episode focuses on the game itself, some basic strategy considerations and how layered the experience can be. We get into the role that tornament winners play on impacting the game for every player in the future, uniquely this game changes after major tournaments in a way that no other game has attempted with player decisions impacting the story, and even the game rules for individual...


Pt 1. Legends of the Five Rings - LCG - Game Lore

Robert and Ben join Rich and I to tell us all about this very tactical card game. We’re breaking this conversation up into two episodes. This one focuses un the world of Rokugan, the game setting for Legend of the Five Rings, the new Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight. Fantasy Flight game page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/legend-of-the-five-rings-the-card-game/ L5R Discord: https://discord.gg/jnVXhv Card Database: https://fiveringsdb.com/#/ Play online for free:...


Board Game Geek Convention Fall 2018 wrap up

This week Ryan joins Rich and I to talk about a convention in Dallas they put on 4 times a year. Twice in Dallas and twice on cruise ships! An excellent style of convention to load up on tons of unique games with over 3000 titles to chose from. https://boardgamegeek.com/ https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/BGGCON


Women in Gaming

Rich and I talk with several of our friends about their experience as women in the gaming scene. They share a lot of great experiences both possitive and negative about the games and events they’re apart of. This episode is more serious than our normal afair but we wanted to talk about this subject. We need to thank all of the people who asked to be apart of this episode, the timing didn’t work out for everyone but the guests we had on were...


GenCon 2018 Survival Guide - Housing

This Espisode Rich and I discuss how to game the gaming con! GenCon Housing is different than it was in years past, this survival guide will give you every tool and trick we know to improve your odds of getting a hotel room, and some ideas on when you’d prefere some hotels over others based on the games you want to play. gencon prep notes:


Shadowrun: Crossfire

This Week Daniel joins Rich and David in talking about this cooperative deckbuilding game. A sleeper challenge that really ups the pain late into the game with tons of replay ability https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/135382/shadowrun-crossfire Reprint!? https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1716719/will-there-be-reprint http://www.shadowruntabletop.com/category/crossfire/


Pandemic! by Z-Man games

Kelly comes back to talk about her favorite game, Pandemic! It gets her epidemiologist heart all a twitter, naturally we have a deep bench of strategies and teasing to spell at Rich who’s never won a game apparently. We cover several expansions along with the main game here are links to the versions of Pandemic we covered: Base Game: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/30549/pandemic Expansion 1 - On the brink:...


2017 games we played and visions of 2018

A bit different today, this episode Rich and I revisit some games we talked about earlier in the year. We know it’s a little… dumb? to do a looking back episode after only 6 episodes but hey, Game of Thrones Season 8 is what? 6 episodes? We’re just following the greats! Seriously though we’re pumped to talk about our future here at HSG. We spend most of this episode talking about things to come and how much fun we’re going to have in 2018!


Eons - By Krista Witt

A small but fun game where the players are galactic architects, competing to create the largest collection of stars, planets, and blackholes possible before the end of the universe. This competitive game shuffles turn orders and provides many paths to victory making for some creative plays to lock in a win. Board Game Geek Game rules hosted by Gamer Nation Gamer Nation product page - Alternative rules for cooperative play, Secret agenda cards are also available for print and...


Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

In this episode Rich and I are joined by my wife, Kelly in talking about this brand new Doctor Who game, that’s actually really fun to play even for non-Who fans like myself. Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks by Gale Force Nine games is a great take on the series, plays well as a semi-cooperative game with rules that really fit in well with the theme. We had a lot of fun with this game and making this episode! Game’s web page: http://doctorwho.gf9games.com/ BGG page:...


Ticket to Ride

Shara joins us to talk about her favorite boardgame Ticket to Ride! We have a lot of fun talking around the game and how Shara’s cousins and her conspire against her Uncle and how Rich’s family never lets him win. Some links to help people get their Ticket to Ride fix on the go: Days of Wonder’s online games: https://www.daysofwonder.com/online/en/play/ Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/108200/Ticket_to_Ride/ Android:...


True Dungeon - A unique gaming convention experience

In this episode David is joined by Rob, talking about their love for True Dungeon. A type of in room dungeons and dragons with paid actors, difficult puzzles, and animatronic monsters! Truely a unique experience only available at Gen Con and similar venues. http://truedungeon.com/


Doom The Board Game

Rich and I talk about the first game we really played together Doom 2004 edition. We played at a convention of all places. We discuss the game itself and how we’d tweak it to make it more fun and some new ideas on how to really do something special for players in a big game. Some more great resources about Doom old and new: http://geekandsundry.com/doom-the-board-game-is-back-in-style/


50th GenCon 2017 Recap and Highlights

This episode Rich and David talk about all the great games they saw and played at GenCon and some strategies for how to get access to all the games you want to get when attending this sold out show! Show notes for episode Gencon Official Website www.gencon.com Gencon Record Attendance https://www.ibj.com/articles/65099-gen-con-brings-in-record-attendance-at-its-50th-convention Captain Sonar https://www.asmodee.us/en/games/captain-sonar/ Masters of...


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