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Hamilton, New Zealand




Good God - the Goodalls! When you were researching your family's roots, did you come across a long-hidden family secret or such-like? We discovered our Great Uncle Samuel was the policeman who arrested Maori activist Te Kooti near Te Puke, and Samuel's great great-grandson is Mike Moore, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and currently our ambassador to the U.S. Another relative, Viscount Admiral Lord Adam Duncan, commanded the English fleet defeating the Dutch Navy off Camperdown in 1797 - a most significant battle in naval history. We also recall our link as teenagers to John Hawkesby, former broadcaster, now with his own vineyard on sunny Waiheke Island. He grew up with the Goodall boys, who he describes as: The Magnificent Seven minus the horses; The Marx Brothers without cigars; The Sopranos without guns and Sinatra’s rat-pack without the broads - in Dinsdale, Hamilton.



This show will be available on tomorrow at 2pm.