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52 Reconstruction at Chimborazo-Mike Gorman

On this episode, Mike Gorman, who is a historian with the Richmond National Battlefield Parks talks about reconstruction in Richmond focusing on what was the former Chimborazo Hospital. Listen or subscribe to History Replays Today, The Richmond History PodcastoniTunes,Stitcher,Tunein,oranother podcast … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:00:24

51 Mason’s Hall-Phillip Barnard part 2

This is part 2 of the conversation with Philip Bonnard. This part of the conversation concentrates on the 19th and 20th history of the great Mason’s Hall in downtown RVA. In the conversation George Washington, The Marquis de Lafayette, Edgar … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:32:37

50 Mason’s Hall-Phillip Barnard part 1

Philip Barnard is the guest on this episode talking about the history of one of the most under rated historic buildings in RVA, Mason’s Hall. Designed as a monument to George Washington, it is one of a handful of 18th … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:51:07

49 Eliza Poe/Debbie

This episode has 2 guests, Eliza Poe, the mother of Edgar Allan Poe and Debbie Phillips. Eliza Poe discusses her life.Debbie Phillips, who is the Director of Operations for Richmond Discoveries and has developed a program called the Life and … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:58:55

46 The Confederate Battle Flag’s History – John Coski

On this episode, John Coski talks about the history of the Confederate Battle Flag. Coski is a historian at the Museum of the Confederacy which is part of the American Civil War Museum. He is also the author of the … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:01:15

(Repost) 8 Baseball in Richmond/ John O’Connor

As we get closer to the MLB All-Star break, I am reposting episode 8 with John O’Connor who is a long time sports writer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He tells some great stories about Parker Field, the building of the … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:48:44

46 John Murden/ Church Hill People’s News

This episode features John Murden, the publisher of the Church Hill People’s News. He discusses the area known as Church Hill and its history. What is casually called Church Hill is actually a collection of many neighborhoods, (including a neighborhood … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:13:58

44 Ed Peeples/ Scalawag (2/2)

This is part 2 of the conversation with Ed Peeples who is a human rights activist, emeritus professor from VCU, and the author of Scalawag: A White Southern’s Journey through Segregation to Human Rights Activist. This is a frank conversation … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:37:11

44 Ed Peeples/ Scalawag (1/2)

This episode is part 1 withEd Peeples, who is an emeritus Professor of VCU, a humanrights activist who grew up in RVA in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the author ofScalawag: A White Southern’s Journey through Segregation to Human Rights … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:14:29

10 Lincoln in Richmond-Mike Gorman (CW150 Repost)

This episode is being reposted in honor of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s historic trip to Richmond, Virginia on April 4, 1865. It was less than 48 hours after the Confederate Government left the city. During Lincoln’s “adventure” to … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:16:10

43 150th of the Fall of Richmond-Mike Gorman

This special Civil War 150th episode features Mike Gorman, talking about the fall of Richmond that beganApril 2, 1865 and the evacuation fire that followed. The fire will destroy somewhere between 800-1000 buildings. The fall of the Capitol of the … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:45:01

3 Patrick Henry-Kevin Grantz (repost)

This episode is being reposted for the 240th anniversary of Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech at St John’s Church in Church Hill. The speech was delivered 3/23/1775. The conversation is with Kevin Grantzwhonormally played George Washington at St John’s … Continue reading →

42 Richmond Hill/ Rev Ben Campbell

On this episode, the senior pastor at Richmond Hill, The Rev Ben Campbell talks about the history of the community. Founded in 1987, Richmond Hill is an ecumenical Christian fellowship and residential community in Richmond’s historic Church Hill. Itis housed … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:36:40

40 Ed Ayers

Ed Ayers, the President and a History Professor at the University of Richmond is the guest. He discusses some of the complexities of emancipation, what emancipationmeans in a practical terms, and post Civil War Richmond. He also discusses why many … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:33:57

39 Maggie Walker/ Ajena Cason Rogers

On this Episode of History Replays Today, Ajena Cason Rogers, The Supervisory Park Ranger at the Maggie L Walker National Historic Site discusses the life of Maggie Walker. Walker is best know as the first woman to charter a bank … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:25:27

38 The VA State Capitol during the Civil War/Mark Greenough Part 2

The is part 2 of a conversation with Mark Greenough, The Tour Supervisor and Historian at The Virginia State Capitol. He discusses how the State and Confederate Governments were able to worktogether in one building, what the Capitol was like … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:54:55

37 The VA State Capitol during the Civil War/Mark Greenough

This episode features Mark Greenough, The Tour Supervisor and Historian atthe Virginia State Capitol discussing the Virginia State Capitol during the Civil War. This is part 1 of the conversation focusing onVirginia before secession, secession, the settling of Richmond asthe … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:55:47

Beer in Richmond/Lee Graves

Lee Graves known as the RVA Beer Guy tell History Replays Today about the history of brewing beer in the Richmond area. Richmond is going through a huge boon in local brewing but beer has been in the area since … Continue reading →

35 Frank Robinson/Lewis Ginter Part 2

This is the second part of the conversation that focuses on the creation of Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, how it was formed, how it almost never came to be, how it almost became part of Maymont Park, and how it … Continue reading →

34 Frank Robinson/Lewis Ginter part 1

This episode features Frank Robinson, the President and CEO of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden talking about Lewis Ginter and his legacy. Lewis Ginter not only helped shape the tobacco industry in America and built the Jefferson Hotel, but hecan also … Continue reading →
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