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oin History Seekers' hosts Heath Jones and Scott Duncan as they explore a myriad of topics related to the recovery and preservation of history. Adventures await in metal detecting

oin History Seekers' hosts Heath Jones and Scott Duncan as they explore a myriad of topics related to the recovery and preservation of history. Adventures await in metal detecting
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oin History Seekers' hosts Heath Jones and Scott Duncan as they explore a myriad of topics related to the recovery and preservation of history. Adventures await in metal detecting






Russ Balbirona from Fisher / Teknetics.

Tonight on History Seekers we are joined by Russ Balbirona from First Texas Products to talk about the new T2+ and F75+. If you are a Fisher Research Labs or Teknetics Metal Detectors fan, this is a show that you do not want to miss! We also plan to announce a very cool give away. Listen for more details tonight! We go live at 8:00 PM Central / 9:00 PM Eastern. Our call in number is 678-774-7335.

Duration: 01:07:36

Nick Amelio from History Preserved

Tonight on History Seekers​ we are joined by Nick Amelio​. Nick is an up and coming young detectorist that his a bright future in the hobby. Be sure to join us at 8 PM Central / 9 PM Eastern to listen and call in with your questions. The live call in number is 678-774-7335

Duration: 01:03:29

Talking about Hunting Andrew Jackson and our expedition to KY!

Also taking your live calls!

Duration: 01:03:40

Larry Hockman on identifying relics

Talking to Larry Hockman on tonight about identifying civil war relics. The live call in number is (678) 774-7335

Duration: 01:06:19

Open line talking about the Minelab Equinox

This is an open line show but with the major news of the new Minelab Equinox we will be going over that also. The live call in number is: (678) 774-7335

Duration: 01:05:02

Tom Holiday joins to talk coin hunting again

Tom is having another record year and is going to be on to talk about finding silver coins and how you can also be successful. The live call in number is (678) 774-7335.

Duration: 01:03:38

Open line night talking detecting

We are just chatting detecting and where ever the talk or your call takes us tonight. The live call in number is (678) 774-7335.

Duration: 01:09:04

The ultimate metal detector?

History Seekers is excited to welcome our guest Thomas Boykin, project manager, of White's Electronics, Inc. We will be discussing what detectorist want to see in the next generation of metal detectors. This is a great opportunity for our loyal listeners from all experience levels to have input. Get your questions and suggestions ready, due to call volume time will be limited to approximately 30-40 seconds. Tune in live on Agust 29 at 9:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM Central.

Duration: 01:18:35

Open line call in night

We are also announcing an exclusive test on a new machine! It is being posted after the show! Talking detecting and anything history related. Our live call in number is (678) 774-7335

Duration: 01:10:56

JJ Holt about his recent Civil War buckle

Tonight on the show we will have Jj Holt on talking about what he learned from his first experience hunting for Civil War relics and also his past as a coin hunter. We will also be talking about general detecting and even giving away some prizes to callers. Join us live tonight at 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern.

Duration: 01:02:49

Live Call in show!

Join us to talk detecting!

Duration: 00:37:17

Archaeologist Turned Metal Detectorist - Nick Bell

Our guest on History Seekers for Tuesday, July 25, 2017, is Nick Bell. He is a trained Archaeologist turned Metal Detectorist. Nick is full of good information and has found a lot of amazing relics from the American Revolution as well as the American Civil War. Up until now he has just been sharing his information with his son "Relic Kid" on youtube (see link below). Now he will share the information with all of us. We can not wait to get his take on things and what he may have to offer to...

Duration: 01:00:00

Butch Holcombe - Publisher @ American Digger Magazine

Tonight's guest (July 18, 2017) is going to be Butch Holcombe the publisher of American Digger Magazine . We are going to delve in what goes into publishing one of the most successful digging magazines in the world, what he looks for in articles, and finds to be published. We may even get some words of wisdom from his 40+ years of detecting! Our call in number when we open the lines will be 678-774-7335. Listen live for free at the link below: 8 PM Central / 9 PM Eastern...

Duration: 01:26:55

Tanktop Mafia - Jocelyn Elizabeth and Dominque Da Silva

Tuesday night we will be joined by the #tanktopmafia , also know known as Dominique Da Silva from The Silverslingers and Jocelyn Elizabeth from Relic Recoverist. These ladies have amassed quite the following with their enthusiasm about metal detecting. We are going to talk to them about that as well as give our listeners a chance to call in live with questions. Plus hear more about this new idea they have behind #tanktopmafia. We go live on Spreaker at 9pm eastern / 8pm Central time (678)...

Duration: 01:12:06

UPDATE! Fighting back against the archaeologist!

On tonight's show we will be talking about the reply from our Freedom of Information Act submission and where we go from here, news from KG and Ringy, as well as any other history topics that pops up. As always we love to hear from callers! Our live call in number during the show is: (678) 774-7335 www.spreaker.com/historyseekers 8 PM Central Time / 9 PM Eastern Time See our reply on our request. https://www.facebook.com/hseekers/posts/486843765040754

Duration: 01:05:04

Open Line night

Open line night talking about whatever comes up detecting and history wise. The call in number is (678) 774-7335.

Duration: 01:20:49

Talking research using Genealogy and open line

Talking about using Genealogy for research and the abilty uncover sites. We will also be taking open line calls during the show. The live call number is (678) 774-7335

Duration: 01:02:35

Part II - Detecting for beginners

Tonight on History Seekers, the guys will be doing PART II of the Beginner metal detecting series as they give tips for advancing in the hobby.

Duration: 01:15:09

Talking detecting with the XP Deus and new HF coil as well as other machine.

Tonight on the History Seekers we will be talking about the new deus coil as well as theories on it's use for coin/jewelry hunting. We will also be talking about any other machines and settings that you want to ask about or that pop up. Special guest Co-Host Jeff Lubbert will also be joining the conversation. www.spreaker.com/historyseekers

Duration: 01:11:31

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