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Join Lily, Scott, and Shawn as they discuss, dissect, and analyze episodes of TV shows, movies, and other curiosities, giving you more information than you could possibly need.

Join Lily, Scott, and Shawn as they discuss, dissect, and analyze episodes of TV shows, movies, and other curiosities, giving you more information than you could possibly need.
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Join Lily, Scott, and Shawn as they discuss, dissect, and analyze episodes of TV shows, movies, and other curiosities, giving you more information than you could possibly need.






Animaniacs: Yakko’s World/Cookies for Einstein/Win Big

Join Scott, Shawn and Jonah as they take a look back at one of the most sharp and irreverent cartoons of the 90’s: “Animaniacs”! Listen as they breakdown and review the second episode of the series, featuring Yakko singing a somewhat accurate list of countries in the classic segment “Nations of the World”, the Warner brothers (and Warner sister) trying to earn merit badges in Switzerland by selling Kid Scout cookies to a frustrated Albert Einstein in “Cookies For Einstein”, and our...

Duration: 01:22:32

The Cantina: Spaceship Pilot

Join Scott and Hamish for an interesting look back at a very strange and short-lived TV show from the early 80s, the Star Wars themed sitcom “The Cantina”. Listen as they discuss this odd and long forgotten series starring Billy Crystal as the struggling Mos Eisley cantina barkeep Blorp and his one employee, the clumsy, yet ambitious wolf man Grunchy, played by Tony Danza. They’ll talk about the many factors that ultimately led to the show getting cancelled after three episodes: its poor...

Duration: 01:35:48

The Simpsons: Blame It on Lisa

Join Scott, Kevin, and Hamish as they welcome special guest Lucas to help them review and breakdown the highly controversial Brazil-themed episode of The Simpsons: “Blame It On Lisa”! Listen as Lucas gives his unique perspective on the many aspects of his home country portrayed in the episode. They’ll talk about the popularity of The Simpsons in Brazil, the backlash this episode received, if Lisa’s travel tips for Homer are true, the massive celebrity status of Xuxa, and lots of talk about...

Duration: 01:27:54

The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang: May the Farce Be with You

Join Scott, Hamish, and Kevin for a look back at a cartoon with one of the worst premises in the history of television: the atrocious “Happy Days” animated sci-fi spinoff “The Fonz and The Happy Days Gang”! Listen as they breakdown and review the second episode of the series, “May the Farce Be With You”, in which The Fonz, Ritchie Cunningham, Ralph Malph, the anthropomorphic dog Mr. Cool, and a super-powered girl from the 25th century named Cupcake accidentally travel to outer space in the...

Duration: 01:50:10

Mister T: Mystery of the Golden Medallions

Join Scott and Kevin as they take a look back an an obscure Hanna-Barbera cartoon centered around a larger-than-life character who was a real-life pop culture powerhouse: “Mister T”! Listen as they breakdown the glorious episode “Mystery of the Golden Medallions”, in which gymnastics coach Mr. T leads his team around the unrealistically steep streets of San Francisco and attempt to solve a convoluted mystery involving gold chains (not his, amazingly), a missing little brother, and stolen...

Duration: 01:12:08

Generation X

Join Scott and Hamish as they take a look back at what is technically the very first X-Men movie, the 1996 made-for-TV: “Generation X”! Listen as they review this feature length TV movie that was also a failed pilot for a possible series. They’ll compare the original members of the team that are seen in the Uncanny X-Men and Generation X comic books to their live-action counterparts. They’ll also discuss the new characters that were created just for this production, the interesting acting...

Duration: 02:34:54

MST3K: The Return (w/ Lead puppeteer Grant Baciocco)

Join Scott, Hamish, Kevin, and Matt as they welcome a very special guest to the show, “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ lead puppeteer Grant Baciocco! Listen as they discuss the long awaited return of MST3K, thanks to a very successful crowdfunding campaign and years of loyal fan devotion. Grant will share his personal experiences leading up to his work with Crow T. Robot, such as being a puppeteer for the Jim Henson Company, working for Cinematic Titanic, and even getting to open for Weird...

Duration: 01:27:37

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Teaser)

Join Scott along with Hamish and resident Star Wars expert Paul as they take an in-depth look at the new teaser for the highly anticipated follow-up to 2015’s The Force Awakens: “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi”! Listen as they breakdown every scene of our first taste of this new episode and discuss details you may have missed. They’ll talk about the status of our heroes and villains since the last movie, what we can expect from Luke Skywalker, and what might be revealed in this...

Duration: 00:59:46

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Attack of the Hawkmen (Part 1)

Join Scott and Steve as they take a history-rich look back an an often forgotten chapter in the Indiana Jones franchise: the early 1990’s ABC TV series “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”! Listen as they breakdown and review the episode “Ravenel, France 1917″, which served as the first part of the made for TV movie “Attack of the Hawkmen”. They’ll discuss the amazing historical accuracy of this fictional account of Indiana Jones’ World War I assignment as a photographer for the French...

Duration: 01:52:44

Parks and Recreation: Hunting Trip

Join Scott and Matt as they breakdown and review “Hunting Trip”, a hilarious episode of one of the funniest sitcoms of the last decade: “Parks and Recreation”! Listen as they discuss the history of this show, from its original conception as a spinoff from The Office, to lasting seven seasons on NBC as a staple of its Thursday night comedy block. They’ll talk about the long history of the Pawnee City Hall building (really located in Pasadena, California) and how its ridiculous size and cost...

Duration: 01:31:53

UHF (1989)

Join Shawn and Scott as they continue their look at the work of Weird Al Yankovic and delve deep into his hilarious 1989 cult classic film, “UHF”! Listen as they breakdown this great film, including its many segments and commercials, such as “Spatula City”, “Conan The Librarian”, “Raul’s Wild Kingdom”, “Wheel of Fish”, Weird Al’s music video for his Dire Straits parody “Beverly Hillbillies”., and so much more! They’ll discuss other famous actors and comedians that were considered for roles...

Duration: 01:59:38

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (w/ Scott Ross AKA Scotty Gee)

Join Scott and his special guest, the very talented Scott Ross, (AKA Scotty Gee of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) for a fun episode about Scotty’s journey from dancing in Boston to touring the world as a member of one of the most popular hip hop groups of the 90’s. He’ll talk about being called by Donny Wahlberg, working with Mark Wahlberg, signing with Interscope, filming the music video for their smash hit “Good Vibrations”, performing on The Tonight Show and The Arsenio Hall Show, and...

Duration: 00:38:10

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

WARNING: SPOILERS AND MAJOR PLOT POINTS ARE DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE! MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE MOVIE BEFORE LISTENING! Join Scott and special guests Hamish and Paul for this discussion and review of one of the most anticipated movies of the year: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”! Listen as they share their own viewing experiences, discuss details of the movie scene-by-scene, highlight the many nods to the the original trilogy, and compare the trailers to the final product they saw on the...

Duration: 02:11:37

Batman (1966): Smack in the Middle

Join Shawn and Scott as they breakdown and review “Smack in the Middle”, the second episode of the iconic 1966 series “Batman”! Listen as they detail this story, which continues from the Batman pilot (covered in last week’s episode of the podcast) in which the dastardly Riddler hatches a plot to separate the Dynamic Duo, kidnap Robin, and steal a small country’s priceless treasure. They’ll talk about Burt Ward’s difficult performance, attempting to portray Jill St. John’s character, Molly,...

Duration: 01:15:54

Batman (1966): Hi Diddle Riddle

Join Shawn and Scott as they breakdown and review “Hi Diddle Riddle”, the pilot episode of the iconic 1966 series “Batman”! Listen as they discuss the brilliance of Adam West, playing Batman as a serious detective despite the show’s lighthearted campiness. They’ll also discuss Batman and Robin’s first adversary of the series, The Riddler, played masterfully by the great Frank Gorshin. From The Riddler’s near-impossible (but always quickly solved) riddles and Batman’s penchant for labeling...

Duration: 01:26:09

Sledge Hammer!: Under the Gun

Join Scott and Shawn as they take a look back at the pilot episode of a hilarious 1980’s series that spoofed “Dirty Harry”, with all of the comedic timing and wit of “Get Smart”: “Sledge Hammer!” Listen as they discuss the fascinating career of the show’s creator, Alan Spencer, who began his show business life sneaking on to the set of “Young Frankenstein” and being befriended by Marty Feldman! They’ll breakdown the many visual gags, the wonderfully insane title character played by David...

Duration: 01:08:34

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (w/ Steve Lavigne)

Join Scott as he welcomes a very special guest to the show: an artist, illustrator and letterer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, (and a guy described as the inspiration for the character Michelangelo), Steve Lavigne! Listen as Steve talks about the early days of the Turtles, from working with creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird out of his apartment, to seeing the underground comic book expand to include a popular toy line and animated series, all within a span of three years! He’ll...

Duration: 00:49:30

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Official Trailer 2)

Join Scott and his special guest, resident Star Wars expert Paul, as they break down and review the new “Official Trailer 2″ for the latest offering of the Star Wars franchise: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”! Listen as they discuss each new scene, pointing out details you may have missed, and speculating on what we’ll be able to expect when the movie premieres on December 16th! They’ll talk about the possible connection of Galen Erso and Orson Krennic, what Saw Gerrera’s fate might be,...

Duration: 01:11:36

Am I Right?? (w/ Jesse Pruden and Evan Wilson)

Join Scott and his very special guests, hosts of the hilarious Canadian Comedy Award nominated radio show “Am I Right??”, Jesse Pruden and Evan Wilson! Evan and Jesse are usually in Calgary, but for this conversation, they are strewn about Canada with Jesse angrily sitting on a park bench in Vancouver while Evan enjoys a coffee at the airport in Edmonton. Listen as they discuss some memorable moments from the long run of their radio show. From hilarious returning guests like Andy Kindler...

Duration: 01:15:03

The Ren & Stimpy Show: Space Madness/The Boy Who Cried Rat!

Join Scott and Lily as they breakdown “Space Madness” and “The Boy Who Cried Rat”, two hilarious stories from a classic episode of “The Ren & Stimpy Show”! Listen as they detail the tumultuous history of Ren and Stimpy, from the masterful early episodes with creator John K. at the helm, to Nickelodeon’s split with John K., the banned episode, and even the much maligned Spike TV series “Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon”. They’ll discuss the great moments of “Space Madness”, including its...

Duration: 01:17:09

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