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The Positive Health Benefits of Lovemaking

Were you aware that the amazing feeling your brain gets right before, during, and after a lovemaking session, are due to dopamine and opioid chemicals that being generated! That’s Serious Stuff! But far beyond that, Lovemaking has amazing benefits to your overall good health. In Episode 011 of Holistic Healthcare and Divinity we’re going to talk about the positive health benefits of Lovemaking and I’m going to give you 15 darn good reasons to increase your sex life! So sit back relax...

Duration: 00:22:58

The Healing Benefits of Gynura and Naked Juice Ain't Really Naked!

In Episode 10 of Holistic Healthcare and Divinity, Host Angel_ahhh talks about the Healing Plant Gynura, sometimes called "longevity spinach” And what’s up with Naked Juice not being Naked? This week's closing includes quotes by Thich Nhat! So make sure to tune in because: “Your Journey Towards Complete Holistic Health Begins with a Single Step.” You can also tune in at: http://holistichealth.libsyn.com email me: holistichealthanddivinity@gmail.com Follow me on...

Duration: 00:22:28

The Journey Towards Yoga Certification with Frances!

Are you interested in becoming a Yoga Instructor? In Episode 009 of Holistic Healthcare and Divinity we’ll talk to Frances Urias about her Yoga Certification Process and Journey! So sit back relax and absorb, because: “Your Journey towards Complete Holistic Health Begins with a Single Step.”

Duration: 00:23:48

Free Healthcare at Al-Shifa & 3 of the Most Powerful Overlooked Veggies!

In Episode 008 of Holistic Healthcare and Divinity with your Host Angel-ahhh, we’ll talk about how the Al-Shifa Clinic is providing absolutely free healthcare to its patients, and I’ll give you 3 OF THE MOST POWERFUL AND OVERLOOKED VEGETABLES ON THE PLANET. So sit back, relax and enjoy, because: “Your Journey towards Complete Holistic Health Begins with a Single Step.”

Duration: 00:16:30

Costco Leads in Organic Food Sales and are you Acidic?

In episode 007 of Holistic Healthcare and Divinity hosted by Angel_ahhh, we'll talk about how Costco has managed to snag the top spot as the nation's seller of organic food, and is your body Acidic? Find out how you can reduce the amount of acid in the body become more Alkaline! "Your Journey towards Complete Holistic Health Begins with a Single Step!"

Duration: 00:17:03

Chant On and Strengthen Your Third Eye!

In Episode 006 of Holistic Healthcare and Divinity, Host Angel_ahhh will talk about what happened when she went to a Kirtan Chanting session, and if you want strengthen your Third Eye Chakra, you'll definitely want to stay tuned to get 5 ways to get more Third Eye clarity.

Duration: 00:20:58

A Comet, a Full Moon and Eclipse in Leo!

This week's HHD Episode is about the Incredible and Divine, Celestial Events that are taking place during the month of February! The month starts off with a Comet, a Full Moon and an Eclipse that are all taking place almost simultaneously in the sign of Leo! The Heavens are literally going wild, so tune in to find out how!

Duration: 00:16:42

The Antibiotics You Have in your Kitchen

Episode 004 of Holistic Healthcare and Divinity, hosted by Angel_ahhh, discusses the Antibiotics you may have in your kitchen and Trumps Mexico Tax and Immigration Policies and how it might affect us getting our fresh produce.

Duration: 00:20:25

Using Turmeric as Medicine

This week's episode talks about California's "Shop With Your Doc" program and using Turmeric as medicine. Hosted by Angela (Angel-ahhh)

Duration: 00:16:05

Love Healing with Rose Quartz

Today's Episode is about Energy Healing, specifically Love Healing using Rose Quartz.

Duration: 00:11:51

The Truth About Manuka

Today's topic will explore the top 10 Benefits of Manuka Honey. The Holistic Healthcare and Divinity podcast serves to enlighten its listeners on holistic healthcare options, and to educate and empower not only those who may be battling illness, but also those who want to maintain a state of wellness from a whole mind, body, and spiritual perspective. This podcast is also an extension of the HHD community, whose main purpose is to inspire listeners to explore and embrace alternative...

Duration: 00:14:48