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Real Fans 4 Real Movies presents: HOLY BATCAST. Holy BatCast is a podcast by Bat-fans, for Bat-fans that celebrates and dissects all aspects of the Batman legend: movies, TV, comic books, games, toys, and more. So put on your cape and cowl and join us in the Batcave.






Holy BatCast #121 - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (on Blu-ray!)

Andy and Jamie are joined by Tim Rooney to celebrate the long-awaited Blu-ray release of the classic animated film, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. They review the new Blu-ray disc as well as look back at and review the film itself. They then wrap up with the latest chapter of The Long Halloween: The Long Review, "Roman Holiday".

Duration: 02:42:01

Holy BatCast #120 - Shazam!, Aquaman vs. Bumblebee, & Wonder Woman's Oscar Bid

Andy is joined by Jaime McGough to catch up on all the news around Batman and the DC Universe including the Shazam! movie, the Justice League condensed trailer, Batman and Harley Quinn on the big screen, bad Batman rumors, Wonder Woman's Oscar chances, and more!

Duration: 01:42:51

Holy BatCast #119 - Justice League Comic-Con Trailer Breakdown

Andy and Jamie break down the glorious 4-minute trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League that premiered at Comic-Con International 2017 in excruciatingly geeky detail.

Duration: 01:47:17

Holy BatCast #118 - SDCC 2017 Recap: Batman, Justice League, Flashpoint, & Aquaman

Comic-Con 2017 has come and gone and Andy and Jamie have a lot to discuss! They cover all the big news from the weekend including the new DC Films Slate, Flashpoint, the new Justice League trailer, the first Aquaman footage, and Ben Affleck's statements about playing Batman.

Duration: 02:14:36

Holy BatCast #117 - Ben Affleck Stepping Away from Batman?

While in line at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Andy and Sean Gerber sit down and chat about The Hollywood Reporter's recent article about the possibility of Ben Affleck not continuing on as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Warner Bros.' strategy for recasting, and how it could affect the overall DCEU.

Duration: 00:43:18

Holy BatCast #116 - Ranking the Batmobiles

Andy and Jamie are joined by Jeremy Lloyd, Guy Milks, and Richard Gaeta to countdown their favorite Batmobiles from movies, comics, animation, TV, and games. They then share the results of the listener vote and answer your questions from the Wayne Manor Mailbox.

Duration: 01:25:38

Holy BatCast #115 - Gotham: Season 3

Andy is joined by Jeremy Lloyd and Guy Milks to recap and review season 3 of Fox's Gotham. They talk all the good and bad of the season including the Penguin, the Riddler, Mad Hatter, Fish Mooney, Mr. Freeze, Ivy, and Bruce's ongoing journey to become Batman.

Duration: 01:54:37

Holy BatCast #114 - Justice League, Danny Elfman, and Wonder Woman Box Office

Andy and Jamie are back to catch up on the latest news around the DC Films including those Justice League reshoot rumors, Danny Elfman taking over scoring the film, Matt Reeves' comments about Batman, and Wonder Woman's amazing box office success. They also review two more chapters of The Long Halloween, "Father's Day" and "Independence Day", and two more episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, "Riddler's Reform" and "Second Chance".

Duration: 01:52:57

Holy BatCast #113 - Batman & Robin 20th Anniversary Commentary

It's finally happened! In honor of the 20th anniversary of Joel Schumacher's infamous Batman & Robin, Andy convinces Jamie and Brendan to sit down and do our first running commentary. Join us for Bat-nipples, ice puns, lots of unnecessary vehicles, and an Alfred who'd rather die than continue with this franchise. Happy 20th Batman & Robin! Find more Holy BatCast on the internet: Web | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Patreon Leave a review of the show and subscribe on: Apple...

Duration: 02:27:32

Holy BatCast #112 - Wonder Woman Q&A

Now that Wonder Woman is kicking ass at the box office, Andy and Jamie are joined by Brendan Low and Johanna Diaz to answer listener questions about the film. They talk everything from Themiscyra and Steve Trevor to connections to Batman v Superman and possible sequel ideas!

Duration: 01:30:32

Holy BatCast #111 - Remembering Adam West

Andy and Jamie are joined by Brendan Low to pay tribute to and celebrate the life of the one and only Adam West, who played Batman in the classic TV show, numerous animated series, and more. They also share memories and messages in honor of Mr. West from the listeners.

Duration: 01:00:00

Holy BatCast #110 - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is finally here! Andy and Jamie are joined by Pam McNamara to discuss everything about Diana's first solo theatrical film, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Jamie also shares some reviews from some of Wonder Woman's younger fans: the Druley kids!

Duration: 03:03:58

Holy BatCast #109 - Zack Snyder, Justice League, and Joss Whedon

Andy and Jamie are back to discuss the recent news of Zack Snyder stepping away from Justice League due to a family tragedy. They also discuss Joss Whedon, clean out the Wayne Manor Mailbox, and review two more episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, "The Lion and the Unicorn" and "Showdown".

Duration: 01:47:12

Holy BatCast #108 - Wonder Woman Spoiler-Free Review

Andy is joined by his lovely wife Samantha to share their spoiler-free reactions to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, after seeing the film at the special fan screening.

Duration: 00:17:53

Holy BatCast #107 - Wonder Woman Reactions, Mera, The Button, and Batman: The Animated Series

Andy and Jamie are joined by Paul Miller to discuss all kinds of fun stuff including the early reactions to Wonder Woman, the new photos of Amber Heard as Mera from Aquaman, and the Batman/The Flash crossover event, The Button. They wrap up by reviewing three episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, "Catwalk", "Bane", and "Baby-Doll".

Duration: 02:09:16

Holy BatCast #106 - Wonder Woman Final Trailer & Animated Film

Andy and Jamie are joined by Joel Miranda to celebrate Mother's Day by discussing the final trailer for Patty Jenkins' and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and looking back at the 2009 animated Wonder Woman film. They also review the next chapter of Batman: The Long Halloween and answer listener emails in the Wayne Manor Mailbox.

Duration: 01:50:39

Holy BatCast #105 - Batman & Bill, The New Bill Finger Documentary on Hulu

Andy is joined by Jeremy Lloyd from Dark Tower Radio to discuss the new Hulu exclusive documentary, Batman & Bill, that chronicles the story of Batman co-creator Bill Finger and the quest to get him official credit for his contributions to the Dark Knight mythos.

Duration: 01:42:49

Holy BatCast #104 - Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Andy and Jamie review and discuss the new DC Universe animated film, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, starring Nightwing, Robin, Terra, and Deathstroke. They also chat about the recently announced DC streaming service and answer your questions in the Wayne Manor Mailbox.

Duration: 02:11:54

Holy BatCast #103 - Batman Begins with The Suicide Squadcast, Part 2

Andy and Jamie are joined by Tim and Scott from The Suicide Squadcast for part 2 of their review and discussion of Christopher Nolan's 2005 film, Batman Begins. How does Christian Bale's first round in the cape and cowl stand up after 12 years? Tune in to find out! NOTE - For part 1, see Suicide Squadcast episode #99.

Duration: 02:08:38

Holy BatCast #102 - Rachel Kimsey, Wonder Woman in Justice League Action

Andy is again joined by Brendan Low from The Knight Light to chat with Rachel Kimsey, who plays Wonder Woman in the new animated series Justice League Action. They discuss the show, the character of Diana, favorite episodes, the DC films, and all-around geekery!

Duration: 01:31:18

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