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The Home Office Podcast #13: Des Walsh

No matter where you’re at, working from home can be quite productive. You need a few tricks up your sleeve, like “Lab Days” and a way to track projects. Join Brandie & Des as they discuss some strategies for working from home. Show Notes: Connect with Des: Twitter: @deswalsh | deswalsh.com | xeesm.com/deswalsh My favorite […]

Duration: 00:28:14

The Home Office Podcast #12: Marlynn Schotland

If you’re building a business, is it more important than your family? Do you have to put business before family? Will they forgive you in your later years when you’re sitting around the fire at your house in the mountains? Can you have it all? Join me with guest, Marlynn Schotland as we discuss if […]

Duration: 00:22:41

The Home Office Podcast #11: Get Organized Month, Organizer Quick Tips, iPad & Google Voice

Did you know that January is “Get Organized Month“? I went to my local chapter event over the weekend, the Pacific Northwest Organizing Expo, put on by NAPO Oregon. Some NAPO Oregon Members were kind enough to share their favorite quick organizing tips. Also, this week in the news is Apple’s new iPad – it’s […]

Duration: 00:12:52

The Home Office Podcast #10: Peter Walsh

Did you know that organization (or lack of) is an internal and external issue? Join me with guest, Peter Walsh as we talk about working in a home office, teaching our children the value of organization and using it as a tool. Show Notes: 8 Days of Resolutions Recurring Task Planner VIP Members Site KOIN […]

Duration: 00:28:09

The Home Office Podcast #9: Living & Working Guilt Free

Do you have guilt? I’ll bet you’ve had it once or twice, especially if you’re a woman and a mom. Victoria Cook joins me as we talk about how to live guilt-free. Is it an emotion? Come find out! Show Notes: 8 Days of Resolutions Recurring Task Planner VIP Members Site KOIN segment (New Year) […]

Duration: 00:16:36

The Home Office Podcast #8: Managing Tasks

Tasks: Recurring, the daily list and date specific. How to keep track of it all? Join me as I reveal what I do, and a few tips to help you get it all done. Show Notes: 8 Days of Resolutions Recurring Task Planner VIP Members Site KOIN segment (New Year) 8 Days of Resolutions Recurring […]

Duration: 00:08:58

The Home Office Podcast #7: Focus Notebook

If you struggle to get the important things done, try another approach: a Focus Notebook. I’ll tell you how I use it, and how you can customize it to work for you. Show Notes: Focus Notebook article on Sparkplugging.com How to make label tags Pocket Dividers Sign up for the VIP Membership Preview Call HERE

Duration: 00:11:12

The Home Office Podcast #6: Holly Stokes, Expanding Potentials

Changing your habits…. it seems so daunting. My guest tells us ways to help identify what’s really behind what is holding us back from making real change. Show Notes: Holly’s Stress CD Offer

Duration: 00:23:24

The Home Office Podcast #5: Doing More by Doing Less

Can you really get more done by doing less? The key is focus and making some choices. Kinda like a box of chocolate… 😉 Show Notes: Todoodlist The Home Office Organizer VIP Membership Preview Startup Nation Article: Getting Projects Done, By Doing Less

Duration: 00:10:46

The Home Office Podcast #4: Kelly McCausey, WAHM Talk Radio

If you work from home, you know it can be challenging. If you’re a mom working from home, chances are you’ve got some serious juggling to do! Join me, with guest Kelly McCausey of Work At Home Moms Talk Radio, as she shares what she’s been up to, and how she gets it all done. […]

Duration: 00:17:24

The Home Office Podcast #3: Favorite Organizing Software Tools

In this show, I’m gettin’ my geek on! I have some tools that you would have to pry out of my dead, cold hands, and I’m sharing those with you. These three tools are powerful by themselves, and even more if you use them together! Come on, check them out and save yourself some time […]

Duration: 00:15:31

The Home Office Podcast #2: Rich Sloan, StartupNation.com (Interview)

You work from home, you know about the distractions, challenges and how sometimes it’s just tough to get things done. How about hearing how a seasoned pro does it? Meet Rich Sloan of StartupNation.com. He’s been there, done that… a few times. I had an opportunity to talk with him about how he does it… […]

Duration: 00:14:32

The Home Office Podcast #1: Email, Outlook & Google Apps

We’ve all got it: Email. How do you manage it? Are you an Outlook user? Google Apps user? Did you know they have some differences? The differences are worth considering – and you just might switch when you know what they are. Sometimes you just want stuff to work! Show Notes: ActiveWords Google Apps […]

Duration: 00:10:05