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When Failure Helps You Grow: An Interview with Jessica Cole

How can you turn your failures into opportunities for growth? Find out today on Homeschool Heartbeat, as HSLDA blogger Jessica Cole shares her strategies for battling perfectionism.

Duration: 00:08:01

Best & Worst Countries for Homeschooling: An Interview with Mike Donnelly

Have you ever wondered what homeschooling looks like in other parts of the world? Well this week on Homeschool Heartbeat, HSLDA attorney Mike Donnelly joins host Mike Smith to explore the joys and challenges of home education around the globe.

Duration: 00:09:22

Tips for Hands-on Science in Your Homeschool: An Interview with Aurora Lipper

Does your child drag his feet when it’s time for biology or physics? Join rocket scientist Aurora Lipper to learn how you can turn those sluggish steps into eager bounds!

Duration: 00:09:49

Homeschooling with Dyscalculia: What You Need to Know | An Interview with Faith Berens

Dyscalculia can be frustrating for both parent and student—but don't give up! Today on Homeschool Heartbeat, special needs consultant Faith Berens explains how she was given the tools to overcome this learning challenge.

Duration: 00:10:19

4 Simple Rules for Teaching Money Management: An Interview with Jesse Mecham

Want an easier way to teach your kids about budgeting and finance? Our guest Jesse Mecham has taken the art of budgeting and boiled down to four simple rules. That's today on Homeschool Heartbeat.

Duration: 00:10:23

Homeschooling with Dysgraphia: What You Need to Know | An Interview with Kristy Horner

Okay, so you've discovered that your child has dysgraphia. Now what? How do you help your child work through this learning struggle? Hear practical tips and guidance from HSLDA Special Needs Consultant Kristy Horner on today's Homeschool Heartbeat.

Duration: 00:08:58

Bringing Music to Your Living Room: An Interview with Dr. Kristina Tanner

It's no secret that children who study music can reap great rewards in all areas of life. But what does a good music education actually look like? Find out on this week's Homeschool Heartbeat with Dr. Kristina Tanner.

Duration: 00:13:24

Homeschooling with Dyslexia: What You Need to Know | An Interview with Marianne Sunderland

Are you homeschooling a child with learning challenges such as dyslexia? Today on Homeschool Heartbeat, author and speaker Marianne Sunderland has some great ideas for fostering a positive learning environment.

Duration: 00:12:23

Is There Life after Homeschooling? An Interview with Gina Smith

Are you nearing the end of your homeschooling journey and wondering what's next? Tune in to today's Homeschool Heartbeat as our guest Gina Smith talks about the joys of life after homeschooling.

Duration: 00:10:33

Can I Homeschool as a Single Parent? An Interview with Aleesha Huff

Single mother Aleesha Huff has seen her share of hard times, but her commitment to providing the best education for her two young children has never wavered. Catch a glimpse of Aleesha's inspiring story on today's Homeschool Heartbeat.

Duration: 00:08:31

Stop the Stress: 5 Signs You’re Too Busy: An Interview with Alli Worthington

Are you feeling overstressed, over-busy, or overworked? You're not alone. Author Alli Worthington has been there—and today on Homeschool Heartbeat, she's got some great ideas for conquering your busyness.

Duration: 00:08:07

Homeschool Science: 3 Ways to Engage Your Student: An Interview with Paige Hudson

When done right, science can be an exciting and fun subject for homeschool students. So how do you actually do it right? On today's Homeschool Heartbeat, author and scientist Paige Hudson outlines the three key elements of an engaging science program.

Duration: 00:08:37

Bring Learning to Life with Hands-on Homeschooling: An Interview with Kris Bales

Is your child tired of dry history textbooks and boring math lessons? Then don't miss this week's Homeschool Heartbeat,as our guest Kris Bales chats with host Mike Smith about how you can make learning come alive for your kids.

Duration: 00:10:12

Raising Resilient Children: An Interview with Lea Ann Garfias

Experience is the best teacher, and sometimes the most helpful thing you can do for your child is simply to get out of the way. Today on Homeschool Heartbeat, learn why it's so important to let your children experience the consequences of their actions.

Duration: 00:11:32

From Self-Doubter to Homeschool Advocate: An Interview with Sam Sorbo

You may have heard it a million times—"You are your own worst critic." But does that make it any less true? Join us on today's Homeschool Heartbeat as author and homeschooling mom Sam Sorbo shares how she overcame her paralyzing self-doubt.

Duration: 00:14:44

The Science of Play: How Creativity Helps Your Child Develop: An Interview with Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige

Have you ever wondered why children are scared of monsters they know aren't real? Today on Homeschool Heartbeat, our guest sheds light on the workings of the young mind—and offers a vital piece of advice for homeschooling parents.

Duration: 00:16:42

Homeschool Grad Redefining “Politician”: An Interview with Jennifer Sullivan

Representative Jennifer Sullivan is hard at work making her state a better place, and she credits her homeschool education with paving the way for her success in office. Hear more about Jennifer's accomplishments on today's Homeschool Heartbeat.

Duration: 00:08:51

Conquer Your High School Writing Woes: An Interview with Carol Becker

For many homeschooling parents, getting your high school student to write is like pulling teeth—really big teeth. How can you make writing a joy rather than a burden for your teen? Hear the answer on this week's Homeschool Heartbeat.

Duration: 00:13:34

Want to Succeed? Get Outside Your Comfort Zone: An Interview with Violinist Mia Laity

Professional violinist Mia Laity says she wouldn't be where she is today without her homeschool education. What made homeschooling work so well for her? Find out on today's Homeschool Heartbeat.

Duration: 00:11:36

“They Did What?” Avoiding the Homeschool Comparison Trap: An Interview with Neysa Brandon

What is the quickest way to suck the joy out of your family's homeschool journey? Hear the answer from homeschooling mom Neysa Brandon on today's Homeschool Heartbeat.

Duration: 00:07:55

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