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The Homesnap Snapshot podcast features real estate agents who are using social media and content marketing in innovative ways to develop clients and build their brands.

The Homesnap Snapshot podcast features real estate agents who are using social media and content marketing in innovative ways to develop clients and build their brands.
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The Homesnap Snapshot podcast features real estate agents who are using social media and content marketing in innovative ways to develop clients and build their brands.






The Snapshot: Marketing Listings on Waze

We talk to Justin Nabozna, U.S. Channel Sales Lead at Waze, about the new Waze Ads by Homesnap, which are geo-targeted listing ads aimed at drivers who are near advertised listings. You'll learn: 1) What Waze is and who uses it 2) How agents can reach people near their listings 3) What message agents should be sending at the physical point of sale 4) How Waze Ads by Homesnap can generate leads 5) Why Waze partnered with Homesnap 6) Best practices for Waze geo-targeted campaigns 7)...

Duration: 00:19:22

The Snapshot: What's New In Lead Generation For Real Estate?

We talk to Chris Watters of Watters International Realty in Austin TX and author of the Million Dollar Real Estate Team about where he is having success with (mostly) digital lead generation, with some traditional tactics thrown in. You'll learn: 1. How Chris is boosting lead quality and Facebook conversion rates through Agent Legend. 2. Chris' success with getting leads from expireds, withdrawns and FSBOs. 3. How Watters decides which topics to create videos about, and how they...

Duration: 00:26:17

The Snapshot: Why Content Marketing Is Still King

We talk with repeat Snapshot guest Andrew Fortune, owner of Great Colorado Homes, about content marketing and why it has been so successful for him. You'll learn: 1) The role Facebook plays in content marketing 2) Andrew's approach to listing videos and what they will accomplish 3) Why Andrew thinks this podcast is awesome! 4) Why Facebook is so dominant vs Snapchat 5) What has changed in terms of client use of social media over 18 months? 6) Open houses - worth it? Links...

Duration: 00:27:29

The Snapshot: Make Snapchat An Essential Part Of Your Marketing Plan

We talk to Chelsea Peitz, Director of Marketing for Fidelity National Title, about how to work Snapchat into real estate marketing plans. You'll learn: 1. Why you cannot build a powerful brand without creating video. 2. Market yourself and your face, not just your homes. 3. Who's using Snapchat and why it's worthwhile to be there. 4. What is the end goal of using Snapchat. 5. What to post! 6. Why you should show some vulnerability on Snapchat. 7. Filters, filters, filters. 8. Why...

Duration: 00:33:33

The Snapshot: Launching A New Business Using Social Media Marketing

We talk to Garrett O'Shea, CEO of D.C. furniture moving company PockitShip, about how he has used digital media marketing to launch and grow the business. You'll learn: 1. How Garrett is using digital marketing to get the word out about PockitShip. 2. Why Craigslist ads are challenging. 3. How to use and scale word-of-mouth platforms like neighborhood listservs and NextDoor. 4. Why radio worked so well for PockitShip. 5. Garrett's checklist when PockitShip moves into a new...

Duration: 00:28:30

The Snapshot: Why Email Is Still King

We talk to Joe Garcia, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Mark Spain Real Estate, about email marketing, why it's still so effective, and how to do it right (deliver valuable and relevant information!). You'll learn: 1. Why email is still such a marketing mainstay 2. Best practices for subject lines and sender identities 3. How content is determined by the type of email 4. Emojis - yes/no? 5. The #1 goal for email 6. Suggested email content topics 7. How email fits into a...

Duration: 00:28:51

The Snapshot: How To Do Hyperlocal/Niche Marketing

We talk to Kymber Lovett-Menkiti, president of sales at the Menkiti Group in Washington DC, about hyperlocal marketing and why it has worked for her. She shares how to define your market, how to focus your marketing efforts, and which tactics work best for a narrow market. You'll learn: 1. What hyperlocal marketing is and why it might make sense for you. 2. Which market (geographic, demographic) you should focus on. 3. Why you should "go deep, not wide". 4. How to become the subject...

Duration: 00:29:24

The Snapshot: How New Agents Can Build A Brand

We talk to Gitika Kaul of Wydler Brothers in the DMV about how to use digital marketing to build a brand. We discuss: 1. How to start with a digital marketing plan, including which platforms to focus on. 2. How to decide where to allocate those precious marketing dollars. 3. Being authentic in your social media marketing. 4. Why Gitika has focused on Facebook and Instagram 5. How blogging can establish you as a real estate expert. 6. How to get comfortable with video. Links...

Duration: 00:23:53

The Snapshot: Developing Millennial Agents

We talk to Sammer Mudawar of Re/Max Prestige in Costa Mesa, CA about training and working with millennial agents. We discuss why he doesn't recruit, the type of agent who succeeds in his office and the tools millennial agents are using to develop clients. We also explore whether millennial clients like to work with millennial agents and compare old vs. new marketing tactics. Links mentioned: Inman article about Sammer Wunderlist

Duration: 00:21:09

The Snapshot: Developing A Real Estate Content Strategy

We talk to Carrie Little, managing broker of CarMarc Realty Group, about some basic digital marketing tactics for real estate agents, including content marketing, audience targeting, direct mail and websites. You'll learn: 1. How to develop a content marketing strategy, and create that content. 2. How to set the goals for that content. 3. Which platforms are best for your content, and how to know whether they are working. 4. The basics of audience targeting. 5. How to repurpose...

Duration: 00:29:30

The Snapshot: Creating Authentic, Engaging and Persuasive Videos

Drop whatever you're doing and check out Conrad Bitangcol's marketing videos. He creates authentic and engaging videos - recent sales, closings, listings, life in Edmonton, Canada - that make clients want to work with him. Find out how he got started and how these videos fit into his overall marketing plan. Also, Conrad hits on three key Snapshot podcast themes in one sentence, which makes us very happy. Links mentioned: Conrad Bitangcol's Instagram Conrad Bitangcol's YouTube...

Duration: 00:22:53

The Snapshot: Embrace Your Strengths To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Real estate coach and trainer Bernice Ross talks about how to embrace your strengths and develop long term behaviors that lead to success as a real estate agent. What differentiates top producers from mediocre producers? What holds agents back from reaching their top potential? Bernice also talks about the importance of cutting edge marketing tools (Homesnap, Matterport, augmented reality (AR)) to keep you ahead of the competition. It's also crucial to have a business plan, and designate...

Duration: 00:31:23

The Snapshot: Facebook Live With Homesnap CEO John Mazur

This week, we're sharing our recent Facebook Live session with Homesnap CEO John Mazur. We talk about what attracted him to Homesnap, what sets Homesnap apart from the competition, his favorite features of the app, and which song gets the most play on his iPhone. (Hint: he's a classic rock guy.)

Duration: 00:09:11

The Snapshot: Creating Original, Engaging Real Estate Videos

We talk to Ivan Estrada of Ivan Estrada Properties about his excellent video content. Ivan focuses on delivering relevant content of value to his audience instead of just selling and pushing homes. You'll learn: 1. Which topics resonate the most with Ivan's audience. 2. How video content fits in with his larger content strategy. 3. Why millennials reject traditional marketing videos. 4. How to get started with video. 5. How to get comfortable in front of a camera. 6. Whether you...

Duration: 00:22:24

The Snapshot: How Snaplistings Is Transforming Real Estate Marketing

Snaplistings is an account on Snapchat that features compelling, entertaining agents who create video content around desirable properties. It was founded by digital marketing experts Michael Hoffman and Dolly Meckler, and we talk to them about how Snaplistings came about, how they create content, and why it's so important to tell a good story when you're selling real estate. They also talk about why Snapchat's real-time, temporary content is a great fit for marketing...

Duration: 00:26:07

The Snapshot: Why You Need A Marketing Plan

Join us for a great conversation with Neil Mathweg of the Onion Juice Podcast about what's hot in real estate marketing, why digital marketing is a long game, and the biggest mistakes that agents make in marketing. You'll learn: 1. What's exciting in Facebook advertising right now. 2. How to "document your day" and turn it into social media content. 3. Why it's OK not to be perfect on social media. 4. How to use Snapchat to show potential clients who you are. 5. Why you need to have...

Duration: 00:28:27

The Snapshot: Making Order Out Of Chaos Through A CRM Platform

We talk to Zvi Band, Co-Founder and CEO of Contactually, about how CRM platforms like Contactually can help agents mine their existing relationships, messy and disparate as they may be, through technology. You'll learn: 1. Why we're in the "post-acceptance, pre-disruption" phase of technology and real estate. 2. How Contactually addresses the messiness in our lives, in terms of our overlapping spheres of influence, both virtual and "real". 3. How Contactually incorporates new social...

Duration: 00:25:34

The Snapshot: How To Hire The Right People

John Pyke of The Talent Genius explains how companies can identify high performers before they hire them. What tools are available for companies to identify top performers, and what are their limitations? What are some of personality traits that companies should look for when they decide who to hire? John also talks about how to write the perfect job ad and what to ask in an interview. We also cover why that interview is so important, and the questions applicants should ask to determine...

Duration: 00:29:57

The Snapshot: Making The Case For Professional Photography

We talk to Jay Stringham, Internet Marketing Coordinator at Real Tour Vision in Traverse City, Michigan about why you need professional photographs / visual content for homes you're selling. You'll learn: 1. How to choose a photographer based on the style of photography you want. 2. How to create virtual tours using RTV's DIY service. 3. How to get the most mileage out of your house photography. 4. How to select the right images for the right platforms. 5. How video fits into a...

Duration: 00:25:40

The Snapshot: Tips For Creating A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

We talk to Rhonda Sher about why agents need to be on LinkedIn: to create relationships who will be sources of referrals. Linkedin is also an excellent way to establish credibility. You'll learn a wealth of actionable tips for how to make your LinkedIn profile more powerful. Too many to list here! Links mentioned: Dux Srappaportioup Rapportive The Scan App Waze Audible Card Tap VIP Perks Slack Rhonda's LinkedIn Profile

Duration: 00:28:42

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