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Podcast for September 19th, 2017

Tony updates his stolen car saga, while Paul laments the closing of Iota. Tracklisting: Zack Be – Wheels on a Family Church [Used To, Elsewhere] Makeup Girl – Think of You [Something New] Dissonance – [Screech] Reagan Bombs – Wind Me Up [Reagan Bombs] The Scotch Bonnets – Cut From The Cloth [The District] Wytold […]

Duration: 00:51:27

Podcast for September 5th, 2017

Paul’s new drums are still unplayed, while Tony fights off a summer time cold. Tracklisting: allthebestkids – Confetti [Confetti / Unafraid] ShowPony – CastlePonia [ShowParty Demos] Ms. Fridrich – Oh, Girl [Last Brick Laid] The NRIs – Brooks Was Here [An Echo For Each One Of Us] The Vintage Babies – Say My Name [The […]

Duration: 00:43:15

Podcast for August 23rd, 2017

Tony and Paul are back in the game with a look at upcoming #DCmusic pre-orders with the theme Looking Forward! Tracklisting: Flex Mathews – Never Change [Hi I’m Flex Mathews] The North Country – E-Meditation (Forever, Forever) [In Defense Of Cosmic Altruism] Chain & The Gang – Rome [Experimental Music] The Effects – Back and […]

Duration: 00:46:35

Podcast for July 31st, 2017

Tony causes mayhem at a roller rink, while Paul acquires a drum kit. Tracklisting: Bells & Hunters – I Do [Modern Witch’s Songbook Vol. III] Dunc – All Night [A Way Home] Will Eastman & Haile Supreme – Evolution Supreme [single] Uptown Boys Choir – Disclaimer [unreleased] Bless – You’re Always On TV [7″] Dove […]

Duration: 00:45:07

Podcast for July 13th, 2017

The Hometown Sounds boys (of summer) compare music lifestyles in college. Also Tony shares some of his handcrafted parody lyrics, while Paul lets go of an old grudge. Tracklisting: Faunaphor (Louis Weeks & Noah Berman) – in a library, in the summer (when I read I fall asleep) [single] Ciscero feat. Sugg Savage – Poppin’ […]

Duration: 00:47:33

Podcast for June 22nd, 2017

Tony recounts his high-flying weekend at the Firely music festival, while Paul kicks back and eats a muffin. Tracklisting: Loi Loi – 1985 [single] Bencoolen – Spotlight [single] Uptown XO – Spirit That Never Dies [4pac “The Spook that sat by the booth”] Bacchae – Cursed Life [Down the Drain] Lisa Said – Some Dudes […]

Duration: 00:48:48

Podcast for June 13th, 2017

Tony’s car gets stolen! But he got it back! And Paul recounts how he fell in love with ska. Tracklisting: The Greatest Hoax – As The Light Dims [Expiration Compositions] Kill Lincoln – Second Cities [Sheila] Reesa Renee – Tunnel Vision [single] Queue – Frontier [single] Dawkins – Bad Faith [EP1] The Cowards Choir – […]

Duration: 00:52:33

Podcast for May 24th, 2017

Tony puzzles over frozen burrito preparation, while Paul yearns for a comic book bro. Tracklisting: Be Steadwell – Sage (Witch Two) [Breakup Songs] Rare Essence & Backyard Band – You Can’t Run From The Crank [single] Jack on Fire – Ban White Men [War for the Matriarchy] Glenn Yoder & The Western States – Optimist […]

Duration: 00:42:35

Podcast for May 10th, 2017

Paul recaps his recent trip to the Live Music Capital of the World, while Tony struggles with Facebook’s new colored posts. Tracklisting: Bat Fangs – Wolf Bite [single] Mellow Diamond – Where The Heart Grows [American God] Humble Fire – Taliesin [Builder] Julian – drawn 2 [single] DoubleMotorcycle – The Record [DoubleMotorcycle] Tristan Welch – […]

Duration: 00:38:17

Podcast for April 26th, 2017

Paul protects his personal space at a recent show, while Tony fears rogue flying mic stands. Plus a recap of our last Millennium Stage show with Olivia Mancini & The Mates! Tracklisting: The Obsessives – Surfer Rosa [The Obsessives] The Duskwhales – Good Times [Sorrowful Mysteries] Near Northeast – Indali [True Mirror] Caz Gardiner – […]

Duration: 00:54:21

Podcast for April 12th, 2017

Paul recalls beverage comedy at a New Year’s Eve house show, while Tony gets named Teacher of the Month. Tracklisting: Den-Mate – Fall [Entropii] ROM – Habit [single] Jackie and the Treehorns – A World Gone Mad [single] Lookout Gang – Shadow Chasers [Shadow Chasers EP] K.A.A.N. & Eremsy – Vibes [K​.​A​.​A​.​N. x Eremsy EP] […]

Duration: 00:39:14

Podcast for March 29th, 2017

Tony recaps his SXSW experience, while Paul gets his pronunciation corrected. Tracklisting: The Soulvation Society – Last Night [The Soulvation Society] Scanners – Bogus Existence [Bogus Existence] BathHouse – Thank U feat. Francesca Lola & NAPPYNAPPA [single] Washington Hebrew – Bank Holiday Wknd [Washington Hebrew] Bumper Jacksons – I’ve Never Met A Stranger [I’ve Never […]

Duration: 00:41:15

Podcast for March 16th, 2017

Tony heads to Texas, while Paul sets the record straight. Tracklisting: Will Eastman – Froggie [Hilo] Venn – Surreal [Venn EP] Dulio – Nostalgia Web [single] The Sea Life – Red Eyes [The Sea Life] Vegas with Randolph – Women in Airports [single] Yoko K – Lou [We Stand: An International Compilation In Support of […]

Duration: 00:45:02

Podcast for February 28th, 2017

Paul watches some classic 70s British sci-fi, and Tony pops the question on stage. Tracklisting: Coup Sauvage & The Snips – Hamburg [Heirs to Nothing] My French Roommate – LUV DG [MFR] Two Dragons and a Cheetah – Lessons [Something, Something​.​.​. Poetry and Light] iworkmusic – Good Morning [The Growth] MetroSongs – Shady Grove feat. […]

Duration: 00:41:38

Podcast for February 15th, 2017

Tony introduces us to his keychain of wonders, while Paul wishes he could still give music as gifts. Tracklisting: Turtle Recall – DC Tour Company Run Come See – On and On [single] 1432 R Soundsystem – Want It Bad [Extended Family Comp 1] Channels – Backpfeifengesicht [Backpfeifengesicht / Airstrip One] Nappy Nappa – Shameless […]

Duration: 00:37:19

Podcast for February 1st, 2017

Paul shares listener feedback from the front lines of the inauguration. Also Tony finally lands a joke. Tracklisting: Derek Evry – Armageddon [Exclusive Premiere!] Natalie York – Girlfriend [Ghosts EP] Street Stains – Street Stains [Street Stains] Mountain Jew – We Only Know What We’ve Been Told [The Art Takes Action Mixtape] Young Rapids – […]

Duration: 00:34:39

Podcast for January 19th, 2017

Paul invents new magazines, while Tony invents a new restaurant. Tracklisting: The El Mansouris – The Grays [The El Mansouris] Sarah Stardust – Supernova [Sarah Stardust] Railsplitter – Tiger Papers [Tiger Papers] PHZ-Sicks – Hurt [single] Flash Frequency – Omni (live) [single] Teething Veils – Here’s to to the State of Donald Trump [single] Right-click […]

Duration: 00:38:29

Podcast for January 3rd, 2017

Paul DJs mashups at a burlesque show on New Year’s Eve, while Tony makes full use of an Olive Garden gift card. Tracklisting: Furniteur – Redundant Buzz [single] Tarica June – Four Unit (My Life) [Stream of Consciousness Vol. 1​.​5 EP] Stephen Redhead – Cap Heights [Exxxactly] American Television – Explosions in This Guy [Reaction […]

Duration: 00:50:37

Holiday Podcast for December 15th, 2016

It’s our 5th annual mix of DC holiday music! Also Tony’s feeling under the weather, so Paul serves up delicious cold remedies. Tracklisting: Aerialist – Little Drummer Boy [nuzak EP] DuPont Brass – This Christmas [Christmas Time Is Here] The Archives feat. Christos DC & Olivia Simone – Christmas Time Is Here [Dub Carols] Kingsley […]

Duration: 00:39:44

Podcast for November 30th, 2016

The guys recap their second Kennedy Center Millennium Stage show, and Paul crunches numbers on the podcast while a song makes Tony nostalgic for a middle school video game. Tracklisting: Bad Moves – Shitty Tomorrow [Bad Moves EP] Jack On Fire – Pussy Generation [single] Last Train Home – Tonight [Live at Iota] KTW – […]

Duration: 00:42:59

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