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22. Sonic Has AIDS

(Content Warning) Shoggoth, Pinback, Megan, Busters and Doginhoodie check out the disturbing and poorly illustrated world of "Chaos", the DeviantArt webcomic wherein Sonic the Hedgehog gets AIDS. And that's not even the worst thing that happens! Join us on this weird and wild adventure into the heart of darkness, fandom, and Offical Sonic Canon. Also stay tuned to the end for a preview of upcoming episodes and our first official Homo Vulgaris contest! Chaos by Ilithium:...

Duration: 01:37:08

21. Sick Little Piggy

Mostly mass shootings, horror, and twitter. @doginhoodie and raymond are back, guesting again. Buy our amazing t-shirt LINKS: SUPPORT US: WEBZONE: TWITTER: DISCORD: RELIQUARY: AN EX CATHOLIC NOVEL...

Duration: 00:54:44

20. End of Second Life

Busters, Megan and a little Shoggoth discuss that realm of the impossible, that land of do as you please, where the furries have animated dicks and draw distance don't even have a distance. Yes dear friends, we're tired of this life so we're getting a SECOND LIFE. Join us in adventures through the diamond mines and slut sewers. Apologies for the (even worse than usual) audio quality, we were experimenting whit a different recording method. TWITTER:...

Duration: 00:57:32

19. Halloween Zuck-Tacular!

Busters, Megan, Pinback and Shoggoth are here to give your Samhain the spookiest most cyberpunk kiss-off! CRYPT-o-currency! The boredom of Satanism! Vampire scams! Great deals on the occult! Halloween is important! best practices for giving kids candy! The Digital afterlife! and MORE MORE MORE! Make the meat around your skeleton click this shit fam! (We recorded this at the last minute so the editing is slapdash and it's practically live) TWITTER:...

Duration: 00:58:02

18. VR Vacations in Hell or Check Out My Geohellcity!

In a Very Special Episode, we're joined by DoginHoodie and Raymond (@imbrogliostew) in a very in depth, incredibly pleasant discussion of how late capitalism has turned this shining ball of light and life into a hell of repetitious clicker game tasks, how Dark Souls tried to warn us, how Amazon Arbitrage turns capitalism into performance art. We also take a roadtrip to the hurricane devastation of Puerto Rico using VIRTUAL REALITY along friend of the show, Mark Zuckerberg! Also, Shoggoth...

Duration: 01:28:11

17. Sad As Hell (And We're Gonna Take It)

Shoggoth and Pinback solo episode! We got: Relationship problems, gay bugs, mass shootings, Tom Petty, anime takes, sexual pathology, slurs: ethics and aesthetics, discourse on the discourse, mysterious artifacts, and a quick look at the nefarious phoebus cartel. I apologize for the chair creaking in the background, I'm trying to remove it. Featured Content: Itsuwari no, Saisei - End of Evangelion OST -- Running Down a Dream - Tom Petty --...

Duration: 00:56:48

16. Our Final Fantasy 7 Mind Control Cult House In the Middle of the Street

Along with guest, Spooky, we're taking the tiny train right into the heart of Internet madness: The legendary Final Fantasy 7 house anime video game cult. Fandom. the things we obsess over, the fictions we seek deeper meanings for our own lives in, and the ways those desires get all fucked up. Also how Big Brother made the tiny trains run on time, harry potter sucks, star wars sucks, and beware the ZUCK. PATREON: WEBSITE: ORIGINAL...

Duration: 01:06:48

15. "Bob" Dobbs the Hedgehog

15. "Bob" Dobbs the Hedgehog by H. Vulgaris

Duration: 00:33:56

14. We Live in Apocalyptic Times

Pinback and Shoggoth return with special guests Hankman and Casey. We talk Leftbook culture and the misuse of content warnings. Casey defends Lost's season finale. David Lynch drops by to explain the real meaning of Twin Peaks: The Return. Shoggoth gets too drunk and crosses the line. Technical difficulties abound. In conclusion: We live in apocalyptic times. Featured Content: Laura Palmer's Theme - Angelo Badalamenti One Week - Barenaked Ladies:...

Duration: 00:54:24

12. Fyred Up for Juicero

Busters, Shoggoth and Pinback return to discuss all your favourite recent travesties, including the Fyre Festival, Juicero, and the death of Pepe the Frog. Along the way we dip into waifu jars, internet cultural appropriation, advanced sex toy engineering and cannibalizing the bourgeoisie. Thanks for your patience while we grapple with the trials and tribulations of real life. We hope to get the next one to you sooner. FEATURED CONTENT: CNN Reports the death of Pepe the Frog:...

Duration: 01:24:52

11. Kiwi Days of Thunder

Megan is here for a thorough discussion of webcomic oddity Kiwi Day, and the peculiar character behind it: Cold Fusion, along wiht other sundry internet odities. PATREON: DISCORD: RELIQUARY: AN EX CATHOLIC NOVEL FACEBOOK: T-SHIRTS!:…rtist_title_name TWITTER: MEGAN:

Duration: 01:10:07

9. Big Titty Skunk COMIX

Does anybody have just ONE fetish? ft. our friend Megan to talk about furries and webcomics. PATREON: DISCORD: RELIQUARY: AN EX CATHOLIC NOVEL FACEBOOK: T-SHIRTS!:…rtist_title_name TWITTER:

Duration: 01:07:27

8. Batman Foreverial Tiedup Delitized

PATREON: Just Buster and Shoggoth this week. Shoggoth wants you to BUY HIS BOOK! We tried to get guests but couldn't even get Pinback. UFOs. L. Ron Hubbard. Grant Morrison chat. Weird entity encounters experienced by Scifi Writers. Pulling back the veil and why you might not want to. Regular people don't ever talk about their occult dabblings cause it makes you sound crazy. Batman. Buy my book. We sold a sticker. RELIQUARY: AN EX CATHOLIC NOVEL...

Duration: 00:49:34

Ep. 7 The Melancholy of Xu Lizhi

Artiph Returns/Georgeson RR Martin/Apple Jacks/The Poetry of Xu Lizhi/We're Not Ethical/Fuck Animals/Kabuki Facts/Final Thoughts About Xu Lizhi: McDonald's Anime Indoctrination: Duck Dicknasty: Music: 'Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide is Painless)' - Johnny Mandel 'No One Loves You' - Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2 OST 'Wave of Mutilation' - The Pixies - UK Surf Like the show?...

Duration: 00:44:56

Ep. 6 Long Live the New Fleshlight!

SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES OR YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST APP! TOPICS: Fake News/Buster is Worried/How the News Works(Dragons)/Shoggoth Got a job at a sex shop/Spirit Science Weirdness/Zuck's Manifesto/18th Century Cooking/Primitive Living/PewdiePie is a Nazi/Kiwifarms is Back/Birbs/Imoplex G/Milo Lost his job FACEBOOK: PATREON: T-SHIRTS!:…rtist_title_name TWITTER:

Duration: 01:04:40

Ep. 4 Hero Whale Saves Gotham

Topics this week include: The Death of liberator whate Tilikum, UFO abduction and body dissosciation, Batman and Bond as meters of cultural fascism, and the emoji to make everybody feel good! PATREON: T-SHIRTS!: TWITTER: MUSIC: INTRO: Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by the Carpenters TILIKUM (The Assassin) by Dr. Shoggoth:...

Duration: 00:51:02

Ep. 2 (Meme) Magickal Girls

Special Guest: BUSTER LINKS! PATREON: BUSTER's Wishlist:…_wishlist_lists_1 OP: Dragonfootjones – Lum Hayao Miyazaki Hates The Future: KNOWER- The Govt Knows: THE FUTURE: CLOSER: MADOKA vs EMINEM:

Duration: 01:20:46

Ep. 1 Welcome to the Desert of the Virtual

On our inaugural episode goodbuddy @ArtiphHastaenax joins us to talk Trump, VR, gangbang logistics and how everyone should play Metal Gear Solid 3 at least once before they die. Also: Dr. Shoggoth tells you how to achieve eternal salvation for $35 or triple your money back.Keep your eyes on our feed for more episodes Visit Homo Vulgaris on Facebook: PATREON: Dr. Shoggoth is on Twitter and Soundcloud: @dr-shoggoth @DrShoggoth Pinback...

Duration: 01:14:50