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Honey, I think they went LIVE!! Cody & Ned bring to you the first ever live episode of Honey, I Shrunk the Binge! Recorded at the wonderful Rec room in Houston, the binge-boys take on a movie starring a star from the hometown hive: Beyonce Knowles! Friends! You gotta help us with our reviews on … Continue reading "BONUS! LIVE! OBSESSED!"

Duration: 01:01:25

EP 13 The Rifleman Shrinketh!

Pa! PAAAA!! There’s binges that need shrinkin’ and I reckon its time we grab our guns, boots, and Codys & Neds to take care of another tv show!! This week we go further back than we have ever dared to go. Back to a time before tropes, taglines, and bitchin’ celebrity cameos! Back to the … Continue reading "EP 13 The Rifleman Shrinketh!"

Duration: 01:25:40

BONUS! Harry, I ‘Scussed Yer Qui’tch!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Harriest Boy Who Lived, the binge boys decide to have rectangle table discussion featuring Ned’s roommates Conner & Jeremy! Listen as these boys discuss, philosophize and dream of the extended Hogwarts Uni’ (British slang for universe). Check us out/rate us on iTunes and Stitcher!! And like us on … Continue reading "BONUS! Harry, I ‘Scussed Yer Qui’tch!"

Duration: 01:09:14

EP 12 Felishitty!

Dear Bingeheads, You are never going to believe this, but Cody and Ned just tried to shrink the binge for the “hit” television “experience” Felicity and ended up BINGING THIS SHOW! Wait, what? Cody and Ned would never do that!! Listen now & find out why!!! Check us out/rate us on iTunes and Stitcher!! And … Continue reading "EP 12 Felishitty!"

Duration: 01:17:28


BONES! BONES! THERE’S NO JOKE, ONLY BONES! Cody & Ned watch a show called Bones where a character is named Bones and works at a Bones place where people talk about Bones and solve mysteries about (and with) bones. Bones. This episode took a year to record. Bones. Check us out/rate us on iTunes and … Continue reading "EP 11 NO MO BONES!"

Duration: 01:18:02

BONUS! Something Bingin’ This Way Comes!

Wake up, bingeheads!! Time to rise and then afterwards griiiind!! Today we present to you the calm before the storm (of laughter coming from your stupid mouth!). Next week we return with full episodes but until then allow us to treat you to a youtube microbinge™ BINGE ON PUPS RATE & REVIEW US ITUNES!! And … Continue reading "BONUS! Something Bingin’ This Way Comes!"

Duration: 00:11:43

Ep 10 NYPD BUDS w/ Our Bud, Conner Clifton

Happy 2017 Binge babies!! NEW YEAR//NEW US! We celebrate the new year by having our first-ever guest! MicroSatan‘s Conner Clifton joins Cody and Ned as they shrink the boys in blue in NYPD Blue! Check us out/rate us on iTunes and Stitcher!! And like us on Facebook! Special thanks to Mockingbird Network! Have a show … Continue reading "Ep 10 NYPD BUDS w/ Our Bud, Conner Clifton"

Duration: 01:24:25

Ep 09 Cheers to Drinkin’ & Shrinkin’!

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody shrinks your BINGE! And finales don’t make you cringe! This week Cody and Ned take on the legendary CHEERS! To get into the festive spirit, they decide to knock a few back themselves (YOU’VE BEEN WARNED)! Check us out/rate us on iTunes and Stitcher!! And like us on Facebook! … Continue reading "Ep 09 Cheers to Drinkin’ & Shrinkin’!"

Duration: 01:04:37

Ep 08 Doogie Binger BS (Binge Shrunk)

This week Cody and Ned push the bounds of technology by shrinking a binge IN TWO DIFFERENT CITIES! What better way to celebrate these young adapters of technology then by shrinking the binge of a young medical innovator named Doogie Howser (MD!!)?! Check us out/rate us on iTunes and Stitcher!! And like us on Facebook! … Continue reading "Ep 08 Doogie Binger BS (Binge Shrunk)"

Duration: 01:23:42

Ep 07 Binge it, Girl!

Binge Shrinkers here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of binges getting shrunk. Cody and Ned take on the fast-talking drama-filled spectacular that is Gossip Girl. Do they enjoy it? Do they think its worth binging? Will all your questions be answered? …And who are we? That’s one binge I’ll never shrink. … Continue reading "Ep 07 Binge it, Girl!"

Duration: 01:27:14


LONG TIME, NO BINGE!! We return to you today with a little bonus episode we’ve been sitting on for a few months. Enjoy listening to Cody and Ned destroy their buds Paul and John on the ol’ bowling court! Honey, I Shrunk the Binge will return with brand new episodes next week! Check us out/rate … Continue reading "BONUS! Honey, I CLUNKED the PINS!"

Duration: 00:17:51

Ep 06 BING(e)S

Please, fly me to moon! Or anywhere that’s far away from this show!!!!! Cody and Ned soar through the 8 sky-high seasons of the 90’s sitcom, Wings! Put your seats in the upright BINGE position! Special Thanks to Anuj Bhutani from the Impromptu Movie Night Podcast for makin this sound sweet! Check us out/rate us … Continue reading "Ep 06 BING(e)S"

Duration: 01:08:01