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#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ #GeauxTigers Does #LSU have a problem #NFLDraft

Spring game season is nearing an end and we are now only months from week 1 of the college football season. Alabama may not have a QB probem in 2017, but one certainly is brewing in 2018. #LSU anemic offensive struggles appear poised to continue. Since Joe Montana is all of eligbility it looks like its Myles Breenan or bust. NFL Draft week is here, so that means its time for leaks, failed drug test, and accusations

Duration: 00:44:16

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ #OnWisconsin #TheU n #Gators the fake #DBU

In 1999, the Wisconsin Badgers reached the height of its football program history, Rose Bowl and Heisman. The Badgers blueprint was a tremendous had worked. The Hurricanes were on the verge of a dynasty, after a 9-4 finish championships soon followed. In order for both of these once proud programs to re-emerge, running backs are key. Programs all across the nation lay claim to DBU, but whose the real and whose the fake? Colorado, Washington, LSU, or Florida

Duration: 00:45:53

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ #OnWisconsin #NFLDraft #BillSnyder #BrianKelly +more

Spring is in the air, in stadiums all over the country your favorite team is poised to improve and redeem themselves from last year's mistakes. Five stars are not for everybody, but just because you miss out doesnt mean winning isnt possible. Wisconsin and Kansas State continues to thrive with an abundance of 3 stars, walk-ons, and no stars because they know who they are. What they do for an encore starts in the spring.

Duration: 00:44:33

#Countdown2Kickoff #Tarheels #redemption who's next? #Cane #Pokes

The ACC is the new king of college sports, after coming up short in 2016, #UNC and #Clemson redeemed themselves in 2017. So who will be next? Confetti and netting cutting may happen in January and April, but the real work is done in the spring and fall. Oklahoma State may have the most explosive offense in the nation but there is still work to do. The Canes may not be back, but boasting the top recruiting class in the country must mean that they are cose.

Duration: 00:44:59

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ QBs #ProDays n Practice #FearTheFrog #Buckeyes

163 days until week 1 of the college football season. Til then coaches are climbing mountains, ranting at reporters, and one coach in Norman is continuing the habit of looking the other way. Til week 1, we talk pro days and spring PRACTICE. Come one come all, the freshman are here and they are going for that No. 1 spot

Duration: 00:41:49

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ @aseaoblue #TheOtherGuys #BBN Football

March Madness is here, and we are now only two rounds away from the Final Four. While this is exciting for most, the footbal programs aka 'THE OTHER GUYS' struggle to get notice only gets harder. Are football programs at basketball schools fighting a losing battle, can the two co-exist or is there only room for one big man on campus

Duration: 00:43:24

#Countdown2Kickoff cont No QB job is safe #UGA #TCU #RollTide #HookEm #Buckeyes

Spring is in the air, march madness is the appetizer and college football is the main course. The early enrollees have arrived, hungry and wanting NO ONE'S JOB is safe. JT Barrett, Jalen Hurts, Shane Buechele, Kenny Hill, and Jacob Eason you've all been warned. You all had great years, but the new guys on campus weren't brought in to redshirt or hold clipboards.

Duration: 00:39:33

#Countdown2Kickoff w/ @McBeezy the future of #Baylor Life after #ArtBriles

The glory years of Baylor football seem like yesterday but are those days gone forever. Each day brings another lawsuit or another story of bad press but things certainly cannot be bad always, right? Matt Rhule was a magician at Temple, now he will be counted on to be a healer in Waco.

Duration: 00:44:53

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ Where's the O #CoachMac? #NFLCombine #UF +more

3 years ago the University of Florida fired their coach b/c of an enemic office, however despite having a different the Gators still have the same problem. Only in SEC country is back-to-back Eastern Division champions a disappointment. However, with new reinforcements in tow, who are the names to know in the QB race. While there defensive pipeline continues, who will be poised to replace Tabor, Maye, Wilson, Davis, Anzalone, and Brantley, and Cox Jr. In addition, we look at NFL Combine...

Duration: 00:42:05

#Countdown2Kickoff Is #USC #Trojans back? Can #Baylor come back? #SicEm #FightOn

When USC defeat Penn State in the best Rose Bowl in ages, it signaled the return of two tradition rich programs back to the national stage after a decade long scandal. Is #USC back or is this a #MattBarkley false alarm? Can programs like #Baylor & #OleMiss follow the Trojans and Nittany Lions path back to the national relevance?

Duration: 00:40:34

#Countdown2Kickoff So you want to win? Is #Maryland the next #OleMess or #Baylor

So you want to be a winner? When your not a 'blue-blood' program Ws and national attention are a bit harder to come by. Getting the coach, keeping the coach, getting the players is no easy task. If you want to win it no only takes dollars but it also takes SENSE. Baylor, Oregon, and Ole Miss were almost there, each program nearly made it to the promise line, only to fall short. Will Maryland share a similar fate?

Duration: 00:40:25

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ @TheMichiganMan #JimHarbaugh #NSD #NFLCombine

March Madness is less than a month away but fans in Ann Arbor are already looking forward to Harbaugh-Meyer III. 100k seats may be empty but there is hardly a boring moment in Michigan when Jim Harbaugh is your coach. From go carts to selfies with Allen Iverson, the summer of Harabaugh promises to be a good one. So get your wheeties, hold the milk and add gatarade becaause its about to go down.

Duration: 00:40:48

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ @ccmachine #SoonerMagic #TraeYoung #BoomerSooner +mor

33o participants were invited to the 2017 nfl combine, one Sooner made the cut while another more talented Sooner missed the cut. Witih an offense in total overhaul which new Sooner recruits will step in and make a difference. If Mark Stoops last name was not Stoops would he be gone? In light of Joe Mixon and DeDe Westbrook fiasco how have the Sooner changed there recruiting strategy

Duration: 00:42:59

#Countdown2Kickoff w @ClintRLamb #RollTide #NSD #BamaOC If ur not 1st ur last

Alabama can't win them all. Although no one remembers second best, how the Tide responds will be truly compelling. Another top recruiting class certainly helps, but who will coach them? 3 OCs in 2 months is not a good look. And the only thing that was worst was seeing Jarez Parks breakdown on an emotional NSD day. Tune n2 #Countdown2Kickoff as we discuss #NSD as well as the latest happenings in the world of college sports

Duration: 00:44:46

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ @DonJamesSports #GeauxTigers & Hokies @gobblercountry

The Rajin Cajun aka Coach O may have signed a top class, but he's still having an off-season to forget. No Kiffin No Marvin Wilson. Now there may be a #CoachOBan. In HokieLand, a mass exodus occured No Evans No Ford No McMillian No Cam No Bucky NO OFFENSE. Someone please dial Hokie 9-1-1 In both Blacksburg and Baton Rouge, help is on the way but which newcomer will be their next brightest star? Tune n2 #Countdown2Kickoff for this and more.

Duration: 00:45:32

#Countdown2Kickoff Life After #DeshaunWatson & #JohnRoss #PurpleReign #Clemson

For true college football fans there is no off season. Hardware has been handed out and letters have been signed. Now the real work begins. Tune n2 Countdown2kickoff as we discuss the latest happenings in college football. Thanks to transfers, dismissals, and the dog days of summer there wont be a boring moment. Year in and year out, players come and go, but it is no way in hades that Clemson and Washington keep it rolling without a hickup with such a massive exodus of talent, or is it?

Duration: 00:40:29

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ #NationalSigningDay the morning after

National signing day has come and gone. Fans believe they have filled the holes to make a run, but still only there will only be four. Although there were no mom's who made NSD a day to remember tune in as we share a unique yet honest perspective on the winners and losers of signing day.

Duration: 00:42:12

#Countdown2Kickoff Why #HailWV is no.2 #UGAvsUF #UMvsMSU #FSUvsCLEM +more

So what if the Cubs break the curse, who cares about NBA opening weekend. Nothing takes precedent over week 9 of the college football season. The committee first rankings comes out next week, so its time for teams to put their best foot forward. Clemson, Florida, and Washington its time to put up or shut up. Which ranked team will survive week 9 unscathed? Utah? West Virginia? Nebraska?

Duration: 00:41:54

#Countdown2Kickoff cont w/ #CFB WK8 Previews #EddieJackson4Heisman +more

No one will contest that Jabrill Peppers is a dynamic player, but there is another defender worthy of Heisman talk and is name is Eddie Jackson 21 tk 2.5 tk for loss 1 pick 6 and 2 PR for TDs. Kevin Sumlin is 1-4 against Nick Saban, could 1-5 result in Sumlin looking elsewhere ie Notre Dame, Texas, USC, or UCLA to avoid being the next Les Miles causalty because in the SEC if your not first your last

Duration: 00:41:37

#Countdown2Kickoff cont Gd #rowtheboat the bad #Spartans n ugly #FightingIrish

Its a bird. Its a plane. No its Briank Kelly who just cant seem to do nothing right, was Stanford's strength and conditioning coach being prophetic when he said 'bye-bye?' Faster than a speeding bullet, its the Apple Cup, the instate rivalry no one saw coming that has Pac 12 as well as CFB Playoff implications. Glory hallelujah USC, Clay Helton has been healed, it's time to do the JuJu. Instead of focusing on who failed to live up to expectations, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Virginia Tech,...

Duration: 00:46:24

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