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Progressive politics and economics. Will covers political issues from around the world and Arliss does the same for financial news and monetary policy with special emphasis on modern monetary theory. Each week they are joined by a special guest for the interview. Both Will and Arliss are fond of carrots.




Darlene McDonald for Congress

14 August 2017 – All across the country incredible first-time candidates are entering the political fray. Darlene McDonald (@VoteDarlene), running in UT-4, is an articulate, accomplished, woman with a truly compelling backstory. This is the very kind of candidate who has the ability to change the Democratic party…and I don’t mean only if she wins. Darlene’s message, story and her campaign carry the voice of the party in the way no amount of tweeting, blogging or, frankly, podcasting, every...

Duration: 01:29:10

Charles Gaba - Fixing the ACA, a Deep Dive

7 August 2017 - This week we go really deep into the weeds, which is our favorite place! National ACA expert, Charles Gaba (@charles_gaba aka Brainwrap) of ACASignUps.org fame is with us to help us sort out current legislative efforts, what needs to be done as well as what is politically possible. Charles also defines and clarifies terms like "Medicare for All" and explains the problems with Dems settling on that vocabulary and policy at this point. Will starts us out with a bang and a...

Duration: 01:57:23

The CFPB is under attack!

31 July 2017 - We were incredibly lucky to have just the right interview guest at just the right time, Amanda Werner (@wamandajd), Arbitration Campaign Manager for Americans for Financial Reform & Public Citizen, was with us to talk about the dangerous efforts, by Congress, to overturn the new arbitration rule just published by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). In the first half of the interview Amanda gets into some great detail about why forced arbitration is problematic and...

Duration: 01:22:30

Freedom of Speech w. Armando Llorens

This weeks show was a first amendment extravaganza. Arliss had to leave on business, but she still made time to participate in the show this week. In my section, I discussed freedom of speech with Joel Dent, long time listener and new member of the Hopping Mad team. We talked about what freedom of speech is, what it isn't, and how the alt right represents a threat to it. Arliss discussed being blocked on twitter by Donald Trump, and why that's probably illegal. Yes, the president of the...

Duration: 01:17:11

Landon Shroder on Terrorism & White Nationalism

17 July 2017 - Will is back and he brought political risk and security expert Landon Shroder (@LandonShroder) with him. The interview, both in the broadcast and in the podcast versions of the show, is longer than usual and with good reason. We go wide getting into Mosul, the Kurds, Saudi, Yemen and the UAE during the broadcast show and then, in Extra Mad, coming stateside to talk about the rise of terrorism within the white nationalist movement. Will continues his series on small "d"...

Duration: 01:23:36

Erasing Women, Healthcare, Trade & Policing - Something for Everyone

10 July 2017 - Today I was joined by all three of the new associates: Michele LeSure, David Paquette & Joel Dent. They are all bringing new perspective and strengths to the show so I am reveling in the opportunity to showcase them. Will is still on vacation but he is back next week with, hopefully, some interesting stories to tell. Michele starts off the show with a brief introduction of herself and then her nomination for the Hopping Mad Lying Liar Lie of the Week - Donald Trump. He...

Duration: 00:54:31

NRA Ad Abomination & Trade War Trouble

3 July 2017 - Will is on vacation this week (and next) so I am joined on the show by two of our three new associates, Joel Dent and David Paquette. David, a self-professed connoisseur of lies, starts us off with a spectacular lie direct from a true master of the subject, Senator Orrin Hatch. I respond with a whopper from Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry but Hatch won the day on style points. Here, by the way, is David's recommended maple syrup video. "The moment" is right at the very end...

Duration: 00:57:06