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20: A Week of Setbacks

Jimmy is out, so Bob (@BobMcDonald) has brought along Phil Daniels ( @Phil_2016) and Jon Durda (@pronkville08) on board. And they're talking about the down week the Horizon League experienced. That includes a near-disaster for Cleveland State against UT-Martin and a three-game slide by Youngstown State. Also, they discuss the rise of Isaiah Brock, the Oakland freshman and Army vet who will be making his way to the starting roster against Nevada.

Duration: 00:29:05

19: It Has Begun!

College basketball has officially returned, and all of the Horizon League teams are back in action. Bob and Jimmy talk about a few of the notable games, including a surprise win by Youngstown State over Akron. They also discuss Scott Nagy's debut win with Wright State. Plus, with several non-Division I games on the schedule, what is the basis of their appeal?

Duration: 00:42:21

18: Warming Up

Bob and Jimmy welcome Karic Jones from Campus Pressbox this week. And they have to talk about Detroit Mercy's preseason loss to non-Division I for Wayne State. Also, Dikembe Dixson is good, and UIC is a threat this season. Finally, they tackle the importance of being well in the non-conference slate, as well as potential departure of Green Bay athletic director Mary Ellen Gillespe.

Duration: 00:41:30

17: No Media Day? No Problem!

Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) welcome Paul Oren (@NWIOren) from the Times of Northwest Indiana to the show. First, there's the discussion about the Horizon League's decision to cancel Media. Plus, Valpo is the favorite to win the conference, but how much pressure is on Alec Peters. Finally, with all the coaching changes, who will excel and who will struggle?

Duration: 00:46:23

16: The Summertime Episode

Just a little something to break up the monotony of the off-season, Bob and Jimmy come back for this special summer episode. Alec Peters is staying at Valpo, and we'll talk about how that affects the conference race. Plus, there's more on the ongoing Milwauke dramas playing out. And, of course, there's the emergence of...Evil Gary Waters???

Duration: 00:49:28

15: This Is the End (Not Really)

It's the final episode of the season, and yet, there's still plenty to talk about. Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) discuss Wright State's hiring of Scott Nagy and Milwaukee's choice of LaVall Jordan. And, of course, there's the departure of Bryce Drew at Valpo. And Bob and Jimmy can't leave without saying goodbye to the season.

Duration: 00:44:52

14: And Then There Were Two...

Valpo is heading to Madison Square Garden, and Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) talk about the prospects of a Crusader NIT crown. Also, Oakland is taking part in the inaugural Vegas 16. Plus there's an update on the Wright State vacancy. And, of course, Jimmy brings everyone up to speed on the ongoing Milwaukee saga.

Duration: 00:45:12

13: The Mean Season

As the NCAA Tournament goes on, the Horizon League is having an eventful post-season of its own. And it goes beyond Valparaiso's NCAA snub and Green Bay's first-round exit. Wright State and Milwaukee have fired their coaches. This has left Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU)left to wonder what two 20-game winning coaches did to deserve that.

Duration: 01:01:57

12: The Post-Season (Or Not) For Everybody Else

While Green Bay gets ready for the NCAA tournament, other Horizon League schools will be headed to other tournaments. Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy ( @PantherU) talk about Valparaiso, one of final cuts from the NCAAs, who have clinched a top seed in the NIT. Also, Jimmy goes into the situation with Milwaukee opting out of the post-season. And should the NCAA Tournament expand?

Duration: 00:58:57

11: To The Victors

Green Bay won the Horizon League Tournament to punch its ticket to the NCAA Tournament. So, this episode is dedicated exclusively to the Phoenix, complete with guest Brian Dickmann (@phearthephoenix)from Phear the Phoenix. Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) talk with Brian about the tough road Green Bay went to to get the tourney crown. Plus, they preview the NCAA match-up with Texas A&M.

Duration: 00:39:19

HoriZone Roundtable 10: Welcome to #MotorCityMadness

The first two rounds of the Horizon League Tournament are in the books, and Karic Jones (@karic_jones) is on hand for the recap. And Bob and Jimmy have something in common: Green Bay eliminated both of their teams. Also, Wright State advances, but their coach, Billy Donlon, isn’t happy with the format. Plus, sad news … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 10: Welcome to #MotorCityMadness →

Duration: 01:09:03

HoriZone Roundtable 9: Jimmy Goes Nuts

Jimmy (@PantherU) breaks the bad news that about the proposed Black and Gold hospitality area for the Horizon League Tournament. And then Jimmy goes off about Motor City Madness, as Bob (@BobMcDonald) chips in a comment or two. Among other issues is the venue and the tournament format. Needless to say, Jimmy is very, very … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 9: Jimmy Goes Nuts →

Duration: 00:56:35

HoriZone Roundtable 8: On to the Motor City

The regular season is over in the Horizon League, and all the seeds have been decided. Bob and Jimmy break down some of the first-round match-ups. Bob also has an announcement to make about a change in venue for his Cleveland State column. And Jimmy laments the down year for the Horizon League. Topics: Bob … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 8: On to the Motor City →

Duration: 01:08:58

HoriZone Roundtable 7: Flame On!

Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) are joined by Jesse Kramer (@Catch_n_Shoot) from The Catch and Shoot, a site dedicated to college basketball in Chicago. They start off talking about UIC’s emergence from the bottom of the Horizon League standings. Also, Wright State beat Valparaiso at the ARC. Scheduling is also discussed, as well as who … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 7: Flame On! →

Duration: 00:53:31

HoriZone Roundtable 6: Who’s Separating Themselves?

Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@pantheru) kick things off with a clip from the song Norris Cole from hip-hop artist Graddy Co. They also talk about Oakland’s recent six-game winning streak, along with Milwaukee’s two-game slide. Bob also gets into comments made by Cleveland State coach Gary Waters after the loss to Detroit. Finally, where does … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 6: Who’s Separating Themselves? →

Duration: 01:16:53

HoriZone Roundtable 5: The Halfway Episode

Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) welcome guest James Squire (@StlVUFan) from the On the Horizon blog. Illinois-Chicago won its first Division I game, at the expense of Cleveland State, much to Bob’s dismay. Also, Wright State got swept in Michigan and Valparaiso rolled, leaving the Crusaders back in sole possession of first place. They discuss … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 5: The Halfway Episode →

Duration: 01:20:32

HoriZone Roundtable 4: And Then Came Wright State…

Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) start off the show talking about the upset of Valparaiso at the hands of Wright State. As it turns out, the Raiders’ strong showing has been more of a resurgence of a healthy lineup more than anything. Also, Northern Kentucky is on the radar, as the Norse went to Oakland … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 4: And Then Came Wright State… →

Duration: 01:16:06

HoriZone Roundtable 3: Getting to Cleveland State’s Problems a Little Early, Aren’t You?

Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) get into a discussion about Cleveland State’s sporadic attendance and fan issues. Also, in the only time he’ll ever talk about it, Bob gets into the much-discussed CSU transfer issue. To start off, though, they remember former Butler player Andrew Smith, who passed away last week. Plus, there’s a discussion … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 3: Getting to Cleveland State’s Problems a Little Early, Aren’t You? →

Duration: 01:09:58

HoriZone Roundtable 2: Metro Series Preview

Bob McDonald (@BobMcDonald), Jimmy Lemke (@PantherU) and guests Karic Jones (@kirky313) and Matt Dudek (@GrizzTalkOU) discuss the upcoming Metro Series opening game between Detroit and Oakland. Jimmy and Bob wanted to get to e-mails, but there wasn’t any time. Topics: Karic Jones (Detroit) and Matt Dudek (Oakland) on the Metro Series The Horizon League Tournament’s … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 2: Metro Series Preview →

Duration: 01:05:59

HoriZone Roundtable 1: There’s Valpo and Everybody Else

Bob McDonald (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy Lemke (@JimmyLeMKE) open the show with a discussion about Valparaiso’s dominance early in the conference schedule and how they’ve built the program. Also, they tackle the surprise wins Youngstown State notched against both Oakland and Green Bay. Topics: Valparaiso’s hot start and deep-rooted program Youngstown State, to everybody’s surprise, beat … Continue reading HoriZone Roundtable 1: There’s Valpo and Everybody Else →

Duration: 00:41:17

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