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Episode 414 – Chickpeas Be Poppin

I think the grey skies have sucked the life out of me the last couple days. I have zero will to do anything, BUT I don’t want to do nothing either. I am stuck in this odd limbo of not wanting to exert effort, but also wanting to be entertained by something other than an … Continue reading "Episode 414 – Chickpeas Be Poppin"

Episode 413 – Kielbasa Sausage

I made chai tea from scratch! It is currently burning my throat and I LOVE it! Also, I need cardamom. I didn’t have any, so I just made it without, but now I wonder how much better it would be with it. Right now it is really peppery and gingery… which is so good with … Continue reading "Episode 413 – Kielbasa Sausage"

Episode 412 – Beet Juice Jamboree

I started doing yoga again on a daily basis… and I’m sore. Why do people stop doing things that are good for them? It just makes starting back so much harder. The only habit I habitually (hah) keep is flossing my teeth. I have no idea why. Why, actually, I do. I am obsessed with … Continue reading "Episode 412 – Beet Juice Jamboree"

Episode 411 – Snow Cream

I wanna go play in the snow. I have no buddy to play with me, though. This is a sad thing. It’s getting all dark and the snow is turning melty, but I wanna run around for five minutes like a maniac and come in and drink hot chocolate. Ooooooooooohh, that sounds yummy. Hot chocolate … Continue reading "Episode 411 – Snow Cream"

Episode 410 – Patient Zero

It has been freaking COLD the last 7 days! There was this storm that reminded me of every disaster movie ever (they are calling it a “Bomb Cyclone” which doesn’t help it feel any less like a movie). It would behoove me to get groceries and to leave the house, but noooooooooo. I like feeling … Continue reading "Episode 410 – Patient Zero"

Episode 409 – Fickle Flaxseeds

We hope your first few days of the new year have been AMAZING! I have to admit to some trepidation as the last several years (ok, since 2012) have been a bit… rough. HOWEVER, this year is beautiful so far! Snow days, friends, family, and my optometrist not getting my axis right on my contacts! … Continue reading "Episode 409 – Fickle Flaxseeds"

Episode 408 – Pound It

This past week has been amazing. Everything was great (including the amount of cheetos consumed), Christmas went super (food and family and friends, oh my!), and fun times were had. We didn’t get to watch Die Hard, BUT I am going to watch it on New Years 😀 Yay! We will see you in 2018 … Continue reading "Episode 408 – Pound It"

Episode 407 – One True Naked

It’s cold. I’m cold. I have fifteen layers of clothing on, and I’m made of ice. I’m not entirely sure how I am typing because I cannot feel my fingers. Or my toes. Make it stop. Make the cold not cold anymore. Granted, it is meant to be a billion degrees on Christmas. So, this … Continue reading "Episode 407 – One True Naked"

Episode 406 – Chickpea Pantaloons

There are some days where I would be perfectly happy to sit and listen to music all day. Just to absorb the tunes and let them wash over me in amazing, techno glory. Today is one of those days. Do you guys have music that you listen to on days like these? I just found … Continue reading "Episode 406 – Chickpea Pantaloons"

Episode 405 – Screeching Doors

I have learned how to make vegan banana bread! Kind of. I think I put too much applesauce in it last time… because it was REALLY moist. I know some of you hate that word, but it is the perfect word for what my banana bread was… overly moist. It wasn’t soggy, it wasn’t wet…. … Continue reading "Episode 405 – Screeching Doors"

Episode 403 – Members Only

Are you a vegetarian? Based on the statistics of people that listen to this show, I am going to guess a big, fat, “No!” on that account. Well, if you ARE, prepare for one of two worst weeks in your life! You don’t eat meat, everyone knows you don’t eat meat, you haven’t eaten meat … Continue reading "Episode 403 – Members Only"

Episode 402 – We Gotta Get This Show Done

We are finally settled at the house a bit, and I am able to get back in the swing of eating healthfully (guys, it was take out almost every night… you don’t even know… I thought i was going to die.). I have my swamp water every morning (it really does look like a swamp … Continue reading "Episode 402 – We Gotta Get This Show Done"

Episode 401 -Ultra Shart

Hello, ladies and gentlemonkeys! It is bloody cold outside! It was seventy, and then we went into Lowes, magically went through a time portal, and when we left Lowes, it was twenty degrees cooler. How did that happen? I was in shorts and short sleeves and now I need socks and a hoodie and the … Continue reading "Episode 401 -Ultra Shart"

Episode 400 – Freaking 400

I know I normally babble here about my week or my fingernail polish or what I’m making for dinner (it was great, i bit it all off… maybe quiche?), but this is episode four-freaking-hundred of my favorite thing on earth! Hanging out with you guys, chatting with Stephen, and forgetting what we talked about 4 … Continue reading "Episode 400 – Freaking 400"

Episode 399 – What What Up Your Butt

I like putting food on my face. It has its benefits. I decided to branch out and make my own recipe of face mask today. This was a mistake. I have regrets. I put cinnamon, milk (parents left it in my fridge and I’m not going to drink it, so I might as well wear … Continue reading "Episode 399 – What What Up Your Butt"

Episode 398 – Pumpkin Spice Podcast

I cooked my first meal in the new house! I made a bigger mess! I should just accept that eating out every night is going to make me a better person because I don’t have to grocery shop, create some sort of edible nourishment, clean up dishes, or think much past, “How far is Sassol … Continue reading "Episode 398 – Pumpkin Spice Podcast"

Episode 397 – I Hate Painting

Guys, painting is the biggest crock of crap ever. Why can’t they just make sheetrock come in colors? Or make our walls plastic that can be tinted? Or video screens that can put whatever your heart so desires up on the walls? Why the crap do we use heavy-arse, lame, paint absorbing drywall? Seriously, there … Continue reading "Episode 397 – I Hate Painting"

Episode 396 – Thrusting Into Place

Guys! I just realized that I’ve only eat once today. I am now incredibly hungry. However, that we are moving, so everything has been packed and we haven’t gone grocery shopping in two weeks. Actually, if I’m honest, it’s been more like a month. There’s a frozen pizza down there… But is now 11 PM. … Continue reading "Episode 396 – Thrusting Into Place"

Episode 395 – Hookup Con

Guys, Dcon was AMAZING! Stephen and I had the absolute best time. We walked until I thought my legs were going to fall off (actually, we waddled because there was no room to take a real step), we met with fantastic people, we laughed until we cried literal tears, and we learned that Oxford commas … Continue reading "Episode 395 – Hookup Con"

Episode 394 – Sucking Slurpies

I am reading a book series right now that I am in LOVE with! I read the first one in two days (it would have been one, but adulting eats time I should be spending in books), and started the second one today. It’s a trilogy and I talk about it on our Anchor station … Continue reading "Episode 394 – Sucking Slurpies"
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