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Hospital Podcast 349 with London Elektricity & Inja

Inja & Pete Cannon ‘No regrets’ Krakota x Urbadawn ‘Focus Shift’ Jono McCleery ‘Ingenue’ (Synkro remix) Urbandawn ‘Ground Zero’ (feat. Inja) S.P.Y Dominator Mode’ SCAR ‘Break It’ Keeno ‘Jungle Ballet’ Whiney ‘Flashlight’ (feat. Inja) Skeptical & dBridge ‘I’ve Seen’ Keeno ‘Is This The Way?’ (feat. Abbie Rose) Serum & Inja ‘Blow Them Away’ Krakota x Urbandawn ‘Coyote’ Logistics ‘Ammunition’ (feat. Inja) Etherwood ‘Fire Lit Sky’ GLXY ‘Lucid’

Duration: 01:19:41

Hospital Podcast 348 with London Elektricity & Keeno

Keeno ‘All The Shimmering Things’ Keeno ‘Day Dreaming’ (feat. Kailaa) Gremlinz & Jesta ‘BSM’ Dawn Wall ‘Shy’ S.P.Y ‘Hardcore Harry’ Keeno ‘Tree Houses’ Krakota x Urbandawn ‘Paladin’ Keeno ‘Amethyst’ Keeno interview Cruk ‘Lit’ Keeno ‘Guesswork’ S.P.Y ‘Transmission’ Keeno ‘Cosmic Creeper’ Naibu ‘Fighting For Attention’ (Microfunk Crew remix) Voltage ‘Mood Swings’ Om Unit ‘Twilight’

Duration: 01:08:27

Hospital Podcast 347 with London Elektricity & Royalston

Royalston ‘Spladerunner’ Royalston ‘Strobes’ (feat. Thavy-Ear) Signal & Disprove ‘System Leak’ Spectrasoul ‘Heartbeat’ Royalston ‘Popular Mechanics’ Royalston ‘Cerulean Blue’ Royalston ‘Diorama’ S.P.Y ‘Dreaming’ Royalston ‘I’ll Keep It Warm’ Royalston ‘Oscilla’ Keeno ‘Light Cascading’ (feat. Becca Jane Grey) Royalston ‘Fork Tongue’ (feat. Lyflyk) Etherwood ‘Fire Lit Sky’ Conduct ‘Shards’ Krakota x Urbandawn ‘Paladin’ Royalston ‘Cruisin’

Duration: 01:10:21

Hospital Podcast 346 with Bop

Hospital Podcast 346 is a very special Med School takeover from Bop and the Microfunk Crew.

Duration: 00:45:09

Hospital Podcast 345 with London Elektricity

Royalston ‘Popular Mechanics’ Impish ‘Changing Colours’ Bert H ‘Fly With Me’ (Bop remix) Mitekiss ‘Some People’ Fred V & Grafix ‘Cinematic Party Music’ Fred V & Grafix ‘Drowning Without You’ Royalston ’15GAMMA’ Spectrasoul ‘How We Live’ Royalston ‘The Sound We Made’ (feat. Victoria) Fred V & Grafix ‘Fire With Fire’ Conduct ‘Uharibifu’ Royalston ‘Strobes The Vanguard Project ‘Twice As Nice’ Benny L ‘Low Blow’ Makoto ‘Ambers Song’ Treega ‘Fly On Man’ Rude Operator ‘Arrowhead’

Duration: 01:03:53

Hospital Podcast: A Tribute To Rob Apex

Apex ‘Surrender’ Apex Inner Space’ Apex ‘Space Between’ Apex ‘City Limits’ Apex ‘String Theory’ Apex ‘Omega Point’ Apex ‘Emo Funk’ Unknown Error ‘Yearning’ (Apex VIP) London Elektricity ‘Phase Us’ (feat. Emer Dineen) Bachelor’s Of Science ‘Strings Track’ London Elektricity ‘Just One Second’ (Apex remix)

Duration: 00:51:15

Hospital Podcast 344: Hospitality In The Park special with London Elektricity

Fred V & Grafix ‘Hurricanes’ Calibre ‘Bullets’ (feat. Diane Charlemagne) MIST:ICAL ‘Time To Fly’ Kahn ‘Illy’ Total Recall ‘Cold Rock Stuff’ Calyx & Teebee ‘Sawn Off’ Culture Shock ‘Troglodyte VIP’ Keeno ‘As One’ (feat. Pat Fulgoni) Hugh Hardie ‘Light It Up’ Danny Byrd ‘Gold Rush’ (feat. Brookes Brothers) Etherwood ‘Revive’ (feat. Logistics & Eva Lazarus) Mala ‘Miracles’ (Commodo remix) Chimpo ‘War Tanker’ London Elektricity Big Band ‘South Eastern Dream’ (live) Break ‘The Rush’ Clipz & Die...

Duration: 01:11:54

Hospital Podcast 343 with London Elektricity

Fred V & Grafix ‘San Francisco’ Seba & Jr Vallo Royalston ‘We Were Told’ (feat. Amy Kisnorbo) Conduct ‘Deli Bal’ S.P.Y ‘Shadow Play’ Royalston ‘Spladerunner’ Lewis James ‘Shapeshifter’ Makoto ‘Salvation’ (feat. DRS) Royalston ‘Popular Mechanics’ Andy Skopes ‘Seance’ Technimatic ‘Trigger Warning’ (Fracture remix) QZB ‘Apollo’ Missing ‘Dem Fi Know’ nClear & Triple Sky ‘Landmark’ Zed Bias ‘Energy High’ (feat. Bahia) Makoto ‘Wind Of Change’ (feat. Karina Ramage)

Duration: 01:00:12

Hospital Podcast 342 with London Elektricity

Makoto ‘You Might Not Get Another Chance’ (feat. Pete Simpson) Enjoy ‘Contours’ GLXY ‘Cylindrical’ Makoto ‘Expand’ (feat. A-Sides) Document One ‘How Long Can You Get?’ Whiney ‘Last Contact’ (feat. Lakeway) Teddy Killerz & Signal ‘Funky Feeling’ Impish ‘No One Else’ Fred Rob ‘Trickle’ (live in Prague) Physical Illusion ‘A Guide To Exploitation Cosmic Shop’ Sustance ‘Shiv’ Polaris ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ Conduct ‘Matriarch’ Pola & Bryson ‘Delphic Underworld’ AI ‘True Colours’ Whiney ‘Minds Collide’

Duration: 01:07:43

Hospital Podcast 341 with London Elektricity

London Elektricity showcases the very best in worldwide drum & bass.

Duration: 01:14:25

Hospital Podcast 340 with London Elektricity & Whiney

This week London Elektricity is joined by Med School's young-gun Whiney who discusses his new album 'Talisman' and his musical influencers.

Duration: 01:01:07

Hospital Podcast 339 with London Elektricity + Chris Goss & Flite

Keeno ‘Lost In The Clouds’ Krakota ‘Bullet Proof Vest’ Polaris, Stranjah & Tyr Kohout ‘Way Back Home’ FD ‘Ambra’ (Calibre remix) 1991 ‘Heartstrings’ (feat. July Hones) Shapeshifter ‘Stars’ (Hugh Hardie remix) Unglued ‘Ay’ High Contrast ‘Dehydrated Funk’ Metrik ‘Fatso’ VIP Logistics ‘Communicate’ Turno ‘The Invaderz’ Ownglow ‘Just A Little’ MRSA ‘Stuxnet’ Emperor ‘Calypso’ Roni Size ‘Rock The Boat’ Bobby Tank ‘Catalyze’ (Metrik remix) Flite ‘Awakening’ Flite ‘River Of Glass’

Duration: 01:19:44

Hospital Podcast 338 with Chris Goss

S.P.Y ‘Cold Wave’ Kid Drama ‘Brutal D’ S.P.Y ‘Shadow Play’ Reso ‘Tiberium’ Anthony Kasper ‘Departure’ (Technimatic remix) Randall, Dave Antony & Lisa Millet ‘Broken Plates’ (Voltage Rollers remix) Mefjus & Kasra ‘Decypher’ BCee ‘Hollow Eyes’ Nu:Tone ‘Vapor’ Flite ‘River Of Glass’ Makoto ‘I Don’t Wanna Wake Up’ (feat. Karina Ramage) Mikal ‘Echoed’ Fred V & Grafix ‘Colours Fading’ S.P.Y ‘Get Up’ Frederic Robinson ‘Breathing’ (feat. Lily Juniper) (Live In Prague)

Duration: 01:05:53

Hospital Podcast 337 with London Elektricity

Makoto ‘I Don’t Wanna Wake Up’ (feat. Karina Ramage) Kubatko ‘Trianglove’ (feat. Jo Jooghyun) Hybrid Minds ‘Touch’ (Tiffani Juno) Earl Grey ‘Kilonewton Compass’ BCee ‘Angel Of Light’ Nu:Logic ‘Our Nights’ (feat. The Nextmen) DLR ‘Panoramic View’ S.P.Y ‘Termination’ Nu:Logic ‘Pathways’ (feat. Blake) Joakuim ‘Funk As You’ Urbandawn ‘Like What’ Metrik ‘Fatso’ VIP John B ‘Energy’ dBridge x Kabuki ‘Lose Yourself’ Sam Binga & Danny Scrilla ‘Frolic In Brine’

Duration: 00:51:04

Hospital Podcast 336 with London Elektricity

Nu:Logic 'Red Velvet' Kid Drama 'Payback' S.P.Y 'Get Up' Whiney 'Beyond Reach' Crypticz 'Forever' ***** mystery dubplate ***** Ethos 'Acceptance' Anile 'Caveman Neil' Nu:Logic 'Driftwood' (feat. Ed Thomas) Frame 'Banana' Nu:Logic 'Sepia' (feat. LSB) Reso 'Kodama' Fracture 'Your Time' Physical Illusion 'Oppression' Hybris & DLR 'Every Day Is A New Tomorrow' Nu:Logic 'Strut' (feat. Echoes)

Duration: 01:03:08

Hospital Podcast 335 with London Elektricity

Nu:Logic ‘Change Or Die’ Whiney ‘Portal’ Camo & Krooked ‘Witchdoctor’ Mochican Sun ‘Providence’ Nummix ‘Words Of Jah’ Frederic Robinson ‘Flare’ Response ‘Only U’ Nu:Logic ‘Somewhere Between The Light’ Nu:Logic ‘Nova’ Ownglow ‘Glo-Mello-Flow’ Dominator ‘Forever’ dBridge x Kabuki x V.I.V.E.K ‘Dem A Sheep’ Break ‘In The Clouds’ Danny Byrd ‘Jam’ Ownglow ‘Mercy’ (feat. Courtney Odom) Serum ‘Black Metal’ Anile ‘Honour’ London Elektricity ‘Dirty Dozen’

Duration: 01:12:59

Hospital Podcast 334 with London Elektricity

Hugh Hardie 'Dusty Keys' Impish 'That's Right' Hugh Hardie 'Camera Obscura' Ulterior Motive 'Step Change' Ownglow x Mitekiss 'Take Me' Changing Faces 'Talk To You' Nu:Logic 'Sun Goes Down' Ownglow 'Breathe' (feat. Elle-Vee & Disco's Over) Brain & Semitone 'Data Transmission' Electrosoul System 'Mystica' Halogenix 'Flames' (feat. Solah) Hugh Hardie 'Fireflies' Nu:Logic 'Side By Side' (feat. Thomas Oliver) III Truth & Sati 'In Your Soul' (feat. Charli Brix) Sebra & Jr Valo '-15'

Duration: 00:55:21

Hospital Podcast: A Tribute To Marcus Intalex

M.I.S.T ‘Barracuda’ Marcus Intalex & ST Files ‘Universe’ 4hero ‘9 by 9’ (Marcus Intalex & S.T Files remix) Marcus Intalex & S.T Files ‘My Soul’ Un-cut ‘Midnight’ (Marcus Intalex & S.T Files remix) Marcus Intalex & S.T Files ‘How You Make Me Feel’ Mist:ical ‘Mistical Dub’ MJ Cole ‘Be Sincere’ (Marcus Intalex remix) Marcus Intalex ‘Zumbar’ Marcus Intalex Airbourne’ Marcus Intalex ‘Virgo’ Solid State ‘Just A Vision’ (Marcus Intalex & S.T Files remix) Marcus Intalex ‘Celestial Navigation’...

Duration: 01:00:15

Hospital Democast with Whiney (May 2017)

Think Less ‘I Keep’ Changing Faces & Inmost ‘Secret Place’ Mountain ‘Natural Law’ Kiril ‘Stock Hatsow’ Subview ‘Soundsystem’ Bou & Niterider ‘Running’ Impish ‘Let Me’ Perspective ‘Yemoja’ Dubhead & Fatone ‘Tenderness’ Tomek N ‘Be With Me’

Duration: 00:33:01

Hospital Podcast 333 with London Elektricity

Fred V & Grafix 'Sugar' S.P.Y 'Black Ops' Hugh Hardie 'Shades Of Blue' The Vanguard Project 'Don'Let Go' Hugh Hardie 'Love Troubles' Revaux 'Northern Air' S.P.Y 'Alone In The Dark' Aggressor Bunx 'Thunder' Fanu 'Five Ounces' Spectrasoul '& Alix Perez 'So Close' Amos & Fre4knc 'Vortice VIP' Moby 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?' (Technimatic remix) Avalon Rays 'Don't Cry' Hugh Hardie 'Distance' Hyqxyz & Mean Teeth 'Alive'

Duration: 00:55:32

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