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Universal Soul Love is a global organisation concerned with consciously creating the New Earth Paradigm.

Universal Soul Love is a global organisation concerned with consciously creating the New Earth Paradigm.
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Universal Soul Love is a global organisation concerned with consciously creating the New Earth Paradigm.






Universal Soul Love Interview with Author Charles Langley

Lana and David speak with British Author Charles Langley about his upcoming book "Spiritland - The Peyote Dairies of Charles Langley". Charles talks about his experience with a Navajo Indian Healer named Blue Horse. "In 1968, Carlos Castaneda expanded our vision of the universe with his shamanistic journey into the ancient metaphysical knowledge of Mexico withThe Teachings of Don Juan. SPIRIT LAND: The Peyote Diaries of Charles Langley (February 1, 2018) is his spiritual successor for a new...

Duration: 00:47:31

Universal Soul Love Ascension Session with Lauren Weiss

SHOW TITLE Universal Soul Love Ascension Session with Lauren Weiss SHOW DESCRIPTION Author and Channeler Lauren Weiss for Dr Solomon delivers a powerful guided Ascension Session to support the Superconsciousness Project. WHERE: Listen online free at WHEN: Tuesday, December 19th 2017 at 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm Eastern and Wednesday, 20th December 2017 at noon in NSW Australia. GUEST BIO CHANNELER LAUREN WEISS Published Author, Spiritual Coach and Channeler I am a medium-psychic, writer,...

Duration: 00:17:28

Universal Soul Love "The Power of Sound and Vibration"

Lana and David discuss how thought, sound, symbols, and words affect our health and shape our reality.

Duration: 00:43:43

Universal Soul Love - Lana and David's Paradigm Shift Conference Presentation

This is Lana and David's inspiring presentation of personal empowerment given at The Paradigm Shift Conference along with world renown speakers and spiritual leaders.

Duration: 00:37:06

Universal Soul Love “The Arthur Edward Waite Experience”

Dr Lana and Det David Love discuss the life and spirit of author AE Waite. Arthur Waite is best known for the creation of his Tarot cards and leadership of the Golden Dawn. Arthur Waite was an authority on mysticism, secret societies, and occult history. Some literary experts state Arthur Waite’s writings set the course for modern Western Mysticism.

Duration: 00:49:52

Universal Soul Love "What is Sexual IQ"

David & Lana discuss the emotional and spiritual aspects of sexual health by exploring: sexual Intelligence, sexual positivity, sexual maturity and sexual competency.

Duration: 00:51:30

Universal Soul Love with Anti-Sex Trafficking Activist Elle Snow

Guest Occupation: Anti-sex Trafficking Activist and Founder of Game Over Guest Biography: A Survivor herself, Elle Snow is fighting sex-trafficking through her nonprofit GAME OVER which provides advocacy, training, and education on the subject of sex trafficking. Elle is currently providing educational training to youth groups, community members, service providers, social workers, medical staff, foster parents, victim advocates, and law enforcement agencies throughout the...

Duration: 01:15:44

Universal Soul Love Interview with Hollow Researcher Rodney Cluff

Det David and Dr Lana Love speak with author and Inner Earth explorer Rodney M. Cluff about the Hollow Earth Theory. GUEST BIO RODNEY M. CLUFF, author of World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow! was born and raised in the American colony of Colonia Juarez in northern Mexico. He became interested in the Hollow Earth Theory at the age of 16 while working on a New Mexico farm where the farm manager told the workers of the theory. He thought, What an ideal place for the Lord to hide the Lost...

Duration: 00:50:52

Universal Soul Love Interview with 38 North

Special guest Interview with Jenny Town Assistant Director, US-Korea Institute Managing Editor & Producer for 38 North about the History and mission of 38 North, as well as an overview of the current situation with North Korea. 38 North is a website devoted to informed analysis of North Korea. While it strives to break new ground, the site’s main objective is to bring the best possible analysis to both seasoned North Korea watchers and general audiences alike. Too often analysis of...

Duration: 01:11:28

Universal Soul Love “Perspectives on Suicide and Death"

Det David Love and Special Co-host Jacqueline Boyd discuss suicide and our relationship with the event called death.

Duration: 01:01:27

Universal Soul Love with Det David Love & Dr Lana Love and guest Brad Axelrad

Det David and Dr Lana Love speak with spiritual life coach Brad Axelrad about "facing your dragons".

Duration: 00:54:00

Universal Soul Love with Detective David Love and guest Ted Winslow

Det David Love speaks with award winning sound healing researcher and musical composer Ted Winslow about the effect of specific vibrational frequencies on the human energy field and the behavior of other living creatures.

Duration: 01:05:00

Universal Soul Love "The Art of Successful Relationships"

Dr Lana Love & Det David Love speak with talk show host Michele Meiche of Awakenings with Michele Meiche on Blog Talk Radio about the art of manifesting and maintaining successful intimate relationships.

Duration: 00:03:10

Universal Soul Love interview Attorney David Gallup

World Service Authority promotes, educates about and implements human rights, world citizenship and world law. World Service Authority is the administrative branch of the World Citizen Government founded in 1953.

Duration: 00:53:28

Universal Soul Love Interview wtih Special guest Miriam Knight

Universal Soul Love with Dr Lana and Det David Love and guest Miriam Knight, founder of New Consciousness Review about how to survive and thrive the planetary shift.

Duration: 00:53:17

Universal Soul Love Interview with Special Guest Patrick McCormick

Universal Soul Love Interview Author and Channeler Patrick McCormick Special guest Patrick McCormick, spiritual author and channeler of Kartron, an intergalactic being, talk to Dr Lana and Det David Love about how to evolve our consciousness in the global shift. Patrick will also discuss the Superocnsciousness Project and how we can participate in Ascension Processes to raise the vibration of the planetary consciousness and manifesting a positive future.

Duration: 01:10:26

Universal Soul Love with Dr Lana and Det David Love and guest Stevan Bomar

Universal Soul Love with Dr Lana and Det David Love speaking to highly regarded metaphysical author and speaker Sevan Bomar about the Paradigm Shift and the upcoming Paradigm Shift Conference sponsored by Port-To-Ascension.

Duration: 00:56:48

Universal Soul Love Interview with Margo M Mateas

Dr Lana speaks to author Margo Mateas about her new book "Freed by Light".

Duration: 00:51:25

Universal Soul Love "The Fundamental Disconnect in Human Consciousness"

Lana and David discuss the fundamental disconnect within the human consciousness in relation to what we experience in physical reality.

Duration: 00:57:51

Universal Soul Love "The Art of Intimate Relationships".

Dr Lana and Det David Love discuss the intricacies of cultivating successful intimate relationships.

Duration: 00:57:51

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