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As often as possible Paul, Mark and Dave meet up to discuss Star Wars and other television, film and pop culture topics. This podcast is a recording of those discussions.






Closing Statement

After two years and over fifty podcasts released we've come to the decision to close the Hot Wampa Science Fiction podcast down. This is due to a number of different reasons that we'll explain in our closing statement audio. Our apologies and thank you all for listening throughout the Hot Wampa podcast project, you've all been brilliant listeners and followers and we could not have asked for any better. Take care and may the force be with you.

Duration: 00:11:02

Starship Troopers - Force Friday - HitchBOT - The Chatteris UFO

This one's a rich, full meal so we hope you've got the appetite to listen! Firstly in housekeeping we address recent listener feedback, update you all on Feel the Force Day and give you insight on what it actually takes to produce the podcast, plus the upcoming Hot Wampa schedule. In Star Wars news we skim through Force Friday and offer our thoughts on the current state of Star Wars merchandising which inevitibly leads to us coming up with a whole new range of possible uses for Porgs and...

Duration: 02:10:25

London Film & Comic Con 2017 Special

Saturday 29th of July 2017 would see the boys from Hot Wampa plus other assorted party members make the annual pilgrimage down to London Olympia for the 2017 London Film and Comic Con. This podcast tells the story of that day from our journey there and back home again plus our appraisal and personal highlights of the convention. With guest reviews kindly submitted by Lauren Geary and Sophia Anastasia/Martine Richardson to get a broader perspective of the Comic Con experience we hope...

Duration: 01:27:38

Feel The Force Day: Just Giving Campaign Podcast Appeal

Sometime between the 7th August 2017 and the 11th August 2017 thieves broke into a garage used by the organisers of Feel the Force Day conventions to store tactile props and sensory touch items for use at their events. Feel the Force Day conventions are welcoming to everybody but they place a specific emphasis on making the world of film and television accessible to disabled people in an interactive way. A JustGiving fundraising page has been set up to allow people to donate funds to...

Duration: 00:18:47

London Film & Comic Con 2017 Video Slideshow

Our first podcast release to focus on this years London Film & Comic Con. Held at Olympia in London from the 28th - 30th July 2017. This compilation of photographs and video clips was captured on Saturday 29th July. In addition to media captured by the Hot Wampa team this slideshow also features content courtesy of Karl 'Filthy' Irons, Chris Vint and Neil Walker. Enjoy this brief selection of imagery from the day featuring mostly cosplayers and items of interest and if you spot...

Duration: 00:03:25

Commentary Track: Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

Originally recorded back on the 4th July 2017 with the intention of releasing this towards the end of the month to provide you with content whilst we take a summer break and attend the London Film and Comic con. This was pre recorded prior to us recording Episode Fifty of Hot Wampa which in turn was delayed by a further week which Dave was not aware would happen at the time of recording so you'll have to just go with Dave's out of sync explanation of timelines at the start of this...

Duration: 02:07:28

HW 50: Anniversary Episode

We finally announce who has won the coveted prize of a Hot Wamp T-Shirt in our musical medley competition and outline our plans to hit the upcoming London Film and Comic Con. In Star Wars news we go behind the scenes of the recently released The Last Jedi: 'Behind the scenes video reel'. Hear our analysis and breakdown of what we get to see in this short featurette. It's Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope up for review in showcase. How did this film shape modern cinema and how has it's...

Duration: 02:00:01

HW 49: Source Code - The Ely Cathedral Science Festival Prom - Star Wars News

For Star Wars news we focus our attentions back to the movies currently in production with an image appearing online that depicts a sea monster residing on Luke Skywalker's island home on Ahch-To and revelations that actor Oscar Isaac was slapped twenty seven times around the face by the late Carrie Fisher whilst filming scenes for The Last Jedi. We also discuss what we do know about the firing of directors Lord and Miller from the set of the upcoming Han Solo standalone movie. In...

Duration: 01:33:09

HW 48: Ely Cathedral Science Festival Silent Film Night - Star Wars News

Flash Gordon actor Sam J. Jones and the Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferringo come close to fisty cuffs at the MCM London Comic Con. In Star Wars news we cover the lightsabre vendor who was asked to leave the Phoenix Comic Con and Admiral Ackbar gets the 'Billy the Bass' treatment. The Last Jedi gets a UK release date and Mark talks further about the progress of the upcoming Battlefront II video game. For showcase we keep it local by covering the Ely Cathedral Science Festival Silent...

Duration: 01:37:12

There's Something There: A conversation with Tony Buckingham

Dave and Mark interview Tony Buckingham, the Littleport based leader of the East Anglian UFO Group. Tony talks candidly about his own UFO sighting back in the early 1970's and how that event inspired him to dedicate a significant amount of his time over the years since researching the UFO phenomonen. Tony also took the time to discuss the objectives of the East Anglian UFO Group and their efforts to record and investigate local UFO sightings and activity. We would certainly urge our...

Duration: 01:22:41

HW 47: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) - The Last Jedi News

POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! A recent interview with Star Wars The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson may have shed some light on the meaning behind the film's title. We attempt to interpret Rian's comments. Leaked photos of the packaging for Lego's upcoming The Last Jedi range of sets gives us some insight into Snoke's physical size and wardrobe tastes! Plus we extract what information we can from the Vanity Fair The Last Jedi Photoshoot. In Showcase we take a Theramine laden look at the...

Duration: 01:56:31

HW 46: Prometheus - Star Wars News - Local News

In Star Wars news we briefly talk about the concept images that have surfaced on the internet from the upcoming Han Solo stand-alone movie and the recent statistic that 'Kylo' has become the 901st most popular baby name in the U.S. For Showcase it's Alien Covenant Part One also occaisionally known as Prometheus up for discussion. This 2012 Ridley Scott movie still has it's critics to this day but during the course of our analysis we discover that it's actually a much better movie than...

Duration: 01:32:57

HW 45: Guardians of the Galaxy - Star Wars News - Newts

Disney is considering launching a possible Star Wars experience for hotel guests at Walt Disney World and a 22 year old Star Wars fan gets Anakin Skywalker actor Hayden Christensen to sign a jar of sand! Plus the latest on the Battlefront Two video game's development and news about the costumes to be featured in Episode Eight, The Last Jedi. For showcase it's a run through of the 2014 Marvel/Disney hit Guardians of the Galaxy. Will a movie that straddles the line between the Super Hero...

Duration: 01:39:00

HW 44: Moon - The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction

They don't come better than this! Dave gives his live commentary on the Last Jedi panel from Star Wars Celebration in Orlando including his reaction to viewing the recently released trailer for the first time. Mark and Dave then discuss the trailer before Mark covers the latest news on the Star Wars Battlefront video game franchise. Plus a brief round up of all the other Star Wars news out there at the moment. In showcase we delve into Duncan Jones' low budget 2009 masterpiece Moon and...

Duration: 01:50:04

Richard Hatch Remembered - Part Two

We conclude our audio tribute to the late Richard Hatch by focusing on Richard's life and career from the 1990's through to his sad passing earlier this year. Richard was a strong champion of the original Battlestar Galactica and even made an independent attempt to launch a continuation of Glen A. Larson's science fiction vehicle with his Battlestar Galactica 'The Second Coming' project which ultimately the networks would decline, chosing instead to opt for Ronald D. Moore's vision for a...

Duration: 01:01:23

HW 42: The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Star Wars News

In housekeeping we appeal to you our listeners to donate any old and unwanted movie themed 'Hot Wheels' toy cars to the organisors of the Feel the Force Day convention for their sensory touch tables. We run through a wealth of news coming from the filming of The Last Jedi including rumours that Captain Phasma will be armed with a spear and some of the speculation about Frank Oz's possible involvement. Plus Disney begins construction on some full sized AT-AT Walkers. In showcase it's the...

Duration: 01:23:43

Go Figure! An interview special with Guy Trussell

Do you remember your favourite Kenner Star Wars action figure? Following up from a fan photo of an impressive collection display we chat with Guy about his desire to complete the set, how he renewed his passion for the original trilogy figures and what he will do with them now he has the whole band. Please note: For the following links to work your device must be connected to the internet. On Apple devices such as iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone etc then make sure you select 'View Full...

Duration: 00:20:17

HW 41: Galaxy Quest - Bill Paxton - Star Wars News

Listener feedback in housekeeping before we move on to pay our respects to the late, great Bill Paxton who sadly passed away on the 25th February 2017 aged 61. Rumours are circulating that Disney may be planning to release the original edits of the classic Star Wars trilogy. We ask if they should do or if the 1997 special editions should be the accepted versions moving forward. It's the 1999 Dean Parisot comedy science fiction movie Galaxy Quest in showcase. Featuring a guest review from...

Duration: 01:49:28

Richard Hatch Remembered - Part One

Richard Hatch the actor much loved by two different generations of Battlestar Galactica fans for his portrayal of Captain Apollo in the 1978 original incarnation and later as the political revolutionary Tom Zarek in Ronald D. Moore's reimagined Battlestar Galactica from 2004 - 2009 sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer on the 7th February 2017 aged seventy one. In this, the first part of a two part special focusing on Richard's life and career throughout the decades we roughly cover a...

Duration: 01:10:28

HW 40: Interstellar - Jimmy Vee - Local News

Life begins at forty or so they say. Here's our 40th episode in which for Star Wars news we talk about Harrison Ford's latest aviation blunder and Jimmy Vee, the new actor who will take over the role of R2-D2 after the sad passing of Kenny Baker late last year. For our 40th showcase we focus on Christopher Nolan's science fiction epic Interstellar. Not a lightweight movie by any standard so expect our discussion on this one to run long accordingly. A good selection of local news items to...

Duration: 02:11:52

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