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A weekly horror podcast reviewing new releases, weekly horror news, daily viewings, trailers and much more.

A weekly horror podcast reviewing new releases, weekly horror news, daily viewings, trailers and much more.
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Smithtown, NY


A weekly horror podcast reviewing new releases, weekly horror news, daily viewings, trailers and much more.




Episode 144: Cheap Thrills

In House Announcements Introducing Silent Hill 2 On The Retrograde Podcast Cannibal Holocaust Announced For Blu-Ray Review Cheap Thrills News Ti West Casts John Travolta & Ethan Hawke For In A Valley Of Violence First Look At Rosemarys Baby TV Mini-Series Amityville Gets Producer, Director & Cast The Grudge Getting Rebooted What We Watched Intruder Disneys Frozen The Orphanage Trailers Infliction The Canal Into The Storm

Duration: 01:28:49

Episode 143: Children Of Sorrow

Review Children Of Sorrow News Leigh Whannell Gives Updates On Insidious 3 & Saw 8 What We Watched The Funhouse Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood The Last House On The Left (2009) Freaks Near Dark Trailers Mischief Night Fan Mail Broadcasting Live For Commentary Tracks Reviewing The Raid 2

Duration: 01:17:54

Episode 142: I Will Follow You Into The Dark

In House Announcements Reactions To Anamnesis Review I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Spoilers: 21:30-26:30) News Rob Zombie To Create Manson Family TV Show For Fox The Birds Remake Gets A Director What We Watched Devils Pass The Return Of The Living Dead Oldboy (2013) Trailers Godzilla Trailer #2 Stage Fright Alien Abduction 13 Sins Deliver Us From Evil

Duration: 01:24:18

Episode 141: The Sacrament

In House Announcements Anamnesis Premiere Quiz Up Movie Trivia App The House Of The Devil Commentary Review The Sacrament (Spoilers: 31:00-36:00) News Rob Zombies New Horror Film? Eli Roth To Direct Knock Knock What We Watched Predators Riddick Audition American Movie The Woman Trailers All Cheerleaders Die Haunt The Purge: Anarchy Under The Skin

Duration: 01:37:18

Episode 139: Home Sweet Home

In House Announcements Snow Storms The Stepfather Retrospective The Blair Witch Project Commentary Anamnesis Trailer Review Home Sweet Home (Spoilers: 8:45-17:00) What We Watched Wrong Turn 4 Unaware Prom Night (2008) Martyrs Silver Bullets Trailers The Babadook Oculus In Fear

Duration: 00:57:07

Episode 136: Devil's Due

In House Announcements Christmas/New Years New Blu-Rays Joes Trip To California Being Nominated For The This Is Horror Awards 2013 For Podcast Of The Year Review Devils Due News Zoe Saldana To Star In Rosemary’s Baby Mini-Series The Alternate Ending To Carrie What We Watched Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective House Of Wax (1953) Black Rock I Am Legend The Nightmare Before Christmas Shutter Island Insidious: Chapter 2 Black Christmas (2006) Day Of The Dead...

Duration: 02:13:41

Episode 135: Top 10 Films Of 2013

In House Announcements Scream Retrospective Top 10 Horror Films Of 2013 Joes Top 10 Horror Films Of 2013 Toms Top 8 Horror Films Of 2013 Top 5 Worst Of 2013 Joes Top 5 Worst Horror Films Of 2013 Toms Top 10 Worst Horror Films Of 2013 Top 5 Most Anticipated Of 2014 Joes Top 4 Most Anticipated Of 2014 Toms Top 4 Most Anticipated Of 2014 Toms Favorite Films Of The Year Toms Worsts Films Of The Year Fan Mail Scream 4 Biggest Surprises Of 2013 Biggest Disappointments Of 2013 Open Grave Other...

Duration: 01:21:45

Episode 133: Dark Touch & Contracted

In House Announcements Scream Retrospective Thanksgiving Black Friday Blu-Ray Sales Reviews Dark Touch Contracted (Spoilers: 30:30-33:30) News Friday The 13th Part 2 To Hit Theaters March 13th, 2015 Don Mancini Announces “Child’s Play 7 What We Watched Texas Chainsaw 3D Peeping Tom What Ever Happened To Baby Jane Trailers Nurse 3D Fan Mail Prince Of Darkness The Living Dead Trilogy Hannibal Television Show

Duration: 01:00:18

Episode 132: Europa Report & The Last Days On Mars

In House Announcements Hannibal Retrospective New E-Mail Address: Reviews Europa Report (Spoilers: 15:00-19:00) The Last Days On Mars (Spoilers: 27:50-35:00) News Mark Tonderai To Direct Day Of The Dead Remake What We Watched Dead Silence Halloween (2007) Village Of The Damned (1960) Manhunter Repulsion

Duration: 01:00:13

Episode 130: We Are What We Are

Review We Are What We Are (Spoilers: 19:00-25:30) News The Conjuring Sequels Officially Announced What We Watched The Conjuring Repulsion V/H/S The Lost Boys Prisoners Fan Mail Asking Established Filmmakers Advice

Duration: 01:20:40

Episode 129: All Hallows' Eve & Hallows' Eve

Reviews All Hallows’ Eve (Spoilers: 15:10-17:30) Hallows Eve News Army Of Darkness 2 Not Happening The Conjuring" Spin-Off Annabelle What We Watched The Walking Dead Duel Trailers Ritual

Duration: 00:56:11

Episode 128: The Green Inferno

In House Announcements How Was Your Halloween? John Carpenter Retrospective Review The Green Inferno (Spoilers: 27:25-45:50) Our Trip To NYC, Meeting Eli Roth & Lorenzo Izzo News Beetlejuice 2 Green Lit Army Of Darkness 2 Is Happening Trick R Treat 2 Announced Clive Barker Writing Hellraiser Remake Pet Sematary Remake Gets A Director Sleepaway Camp Reboot What We Watched Pumpkinhead The American Scream Cloverfield V/H/S/2 The Lords Of Salem Cannibal Holocaust Tourist Trap Superstition...

Duration: 02:03:24

Episode 125: Carrie

In House Announcements Turns 1 Carrie Retrospective Review Carrie (Spoilers: 32:25-47:00) News Jurassic World Casting What We Watched Halloween III: Season Of The Witch Halloween 5 The Night She Came Home Room 237 The Shining The Sentinel Gravity Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th In Dreams 30 Days Of Night Escape From Tomorrow The Others Nosferatu The Vampyre The Innocents Trailers Godzilla Comic Con Teaser Trailer I, Frankenstein...

Duration: 02:33:29

Episode 123: Curse Of Chucky

In House Announcements Carrie Blu-Ray Child’s Play Retrospective Review Curse Of Chucky (Spoilers: 22:55-34:00) News Insidious: Chapter 3 Green Lit & Leigh Whannell Signed On To Write It See No Evil 2 Gets Directors & Leading Ladies Jamie Lee Curtis & Steve Miner Reunite For The Final Girls Kevin Smith To Direct Tusk Bryce Dallas Howard To Star In Jurassic World The Weinsteins Are FIghting Over Making Scream 5 Scream Television Show To Go In A Supernatural Direction Friday The 13th Part 2...

Duration: 01:38:14

Episode 120: Insidious: Chapter 2

In House Announcements Insidious Commentary The Lords Of Salem Blu-Ray Giveaway Winner Review Insidious: Chapter 2 (Spoilers: 33:30-50:30) What We Watched The Lords Of Salem Black Swan Grace Trailers Shiver Dark Touch Fan Mail Youre Next (Spoilers: 1:08:45-1:13:20) Insidious Commentary Future Commentaries John Carpenter Retrospective Would You Rather August Underground Mordum

Duration: 01:29:10

Episode 118: You're Next & Among Friends

In House Announcements Joe Shooting His Senior Project The Lords Of Salem Blu-Ray Giveaway Reviews Youre Next Among Friends (Spoilers: 44:15-47:30) News What We Watched Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers No One Lives The Lords Of Salem The House Of The Devil Hollywood Game Night Trailers We Are What We Are Fan Mail Bad Trailers, Good Movies

Duration: 01:23:40

Episode 117: Top 10 Trailers

Top 10 Trailers Joes Top 9 Trailers Toms Top 12 Trailers News R.I.P. Karen Black What We Watched Sharknado Shark Week Prometheus The Furious Gods: Making Prometheus Dear Zachary

Duration: 01:31:29

Episode 116: Byzantium

In House Announcements The Sleepaway Camp Retrospective Next Retrospective Review Byzantium News Rosemarie DeWitt In Talks To Play The Lead Poltergeist What We Watched The Innkeepers Sisters The Canyons Dressed To Kill The Evil Dead (2013) Laid To Rest House On Sorority Row Trailers Godzilla Encounter Footage Almost Human Haunter Fright Night 2 Fan Mail James Wan Done With Horror Halloween Plans

Duration: 01:35:49

Episode 115: Sleepaway Camp Retrospective

Reviews Sleepaway Camp Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland Return To Sleepaway Camp Rank The Films Top 5 Best Moments

Duration: 01:10:01

Episode 114: The Conjuring

In House Announcements The Saw Retrospective Next Retrospective Another Dark Tale From Tom Going To The Theatre Review The Conjuring (Spoilers: 36:00-47:20) News Texas Chainsaw 3D Producers Remaking Day Of The Dead No Paranormal Activity This Year What We Watched Jonestown: The Life & Death Of Peoples Temple The Poughkeepsie Tapes The Helpers The Happening The Hunt For The BTK Killer It’s Alive (1974) Skew The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Dark Water Possession (1981) Poltergeist Summer Of Sam...

Duration: 02:48:53

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