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How To Be a Yellowknifer: Jess Dunkin

Jess Dunkin was lucky enough to first be exposed to Yellowknife, Whitehorse, and Iqaluit through a work contract. This was her first exposure to Northern Canada and while in Yellowknife, something just captured her. As those contracts ended she started looking for job opportunities in Yellowknife and ended up finding a position at the NWT Parks […]

Duration: 00:20:49

How To Be a Yellowknifer: Lorie Crawford

Aurora College, and by extension Yellowknife, is known for its nursing program. Turns out one of the people to spearhead developing that curriculum that now so well known and regarded is Yellowknife resident, Lorie Crawford. A registered nurse, who with her husband, moved from Ontario, because of the long commutes, has now called Yellowknife home […]

Duration: 00:23:18

How To Be a Yellowknifer: Annelies Pool

Annelies Pool, a resident of Yellowknife since the early 80’s, always knew she wanted to write a novel but knew it would take some time to get there. While working towards that goal, which she recently accomplished, she became a journalist to support herself to continue to practice the trade she loves. In that pursuit, Annelies found […]

Duration: 00:36:17

How To Be a Yellowknifer: Michelle Peters

Michelle Peters, originally from South Africa but now calls Yellowknife home joins us on this episode of the How To Be a Yellowknifer Podcast. Michelle, her husband, Ryan, and their 3 children moved from South African to Yellowknife in 2013 for a job opportunity she couldn’t turn down. Right off the top, I talk to Michelle about […]

Duration: 00:21:11

How To Be a Yellowknifer: Shane Clark

Shane Clark, business owner, coach, and father, joins us on this episode of the How To Be a Yellowknifer Podcast. Shane’s family has deep roots in Yellowknife even though he wasn’t born here and didn’t grow up here. His grandparents met in the early years of Yellowknife, his father was a business owner in Yellowknife by his […]

Duration: 00:18:07

How To Be a Yellowknifer: France Benoit

France Benoit, a Yellowknife Farmer, joins us on this episode of the How To Be a Yellowknifer Podcast. Having been a Government employee, Justice of the Peace, filmmaker, non-profit organizer and now a farmer at an off-grid acreage, France has done a lot of things in Yellowknife since she arrived in the late 1980’s. She explains […]

Duration: 00:21:46

How To Be a Yellowknifer: Carla Johnston

Carla Johnston joins us on this episode of the How To Be a Yellowknifer Podcast to talk about her time in Yellowknife. Working on her Masters Degree, Carla was in Yellowknife for a summer working with Ecology North and Yellowknife Farmers Market on developing a sustainable food system. Yellowknife was not what she was expecting […]

Duration: 00:16:01