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Episode 5: EAs Daniel Lingen

Daniel Lingen is a video games industry original. The nerd love child of Destructoid, Electronic Arts, and World of Warcraft. Daniel started at Electronic Arts as an intern, hung out with Ozzy Osbourne, helped EA produce several crazy E3 events, sometimes with helicopters, or with Snoop Dogg, all while secretly dreaming of becoming EA’s first Executive Guild Master (in Azeroth). Daniel and his team currently lead player engagement across all of EA’s official social channels, including the...


Episode 4: John Etheridge / Tony Schnur, Neebs Gaming

We are joined by two of the original gangsters of Neebs Gaming, Tony Schnur and John Etheridge. Neebs Gaming is one of the most successful content channels and comedy teams in video games today. Their breakout hit Battlefield Friends captivated audiences across the First Person Shooter genre, particularly the EA Battlefield community where it is based. Their show Doraleous & Associates is a work of comedy, nerd culture gold. Neebs Gaming was created by five guys (not the fry guys, but...


Episode 3 - Markus Frieske

Markus Frieske is one of the leading voices for storytelling, creators, and Generation C & Z at Electronic Arts. Markus got his start playing professional baseball all around the country, and after a career-ending injury - pursued his passion for creating gaming videos to an astronomical career at Electronic Arts where he connects the most significant gaming brands in the world with top talent throughout YouTube, Professional Sports, and Entertainment. Markus is the very definition of...


HYPTG: Episode 2 - Tim Havlock

Tim Havlock aka Darkness 429 is a full-time live streamer, content creator and influencer for triple-A gaming publishers, and husband. Tim started his streaming career in early 2014 when he started streaming the Titanfall beta. His channel started to quickly grow as the top streamer in the Titanfall directory, which led to him accepting a partnership with Twitch in April of 2014. After some time Tim started to branch out into other game directories like Battlefield 4, which grew his...


Episode 1 - Rich Weil

Rich Weil is the Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Mod Squad, where he is responsible for worldwide project logistics, client services, and business development. Prior to joining Mod Squads, Rich held positions building and managing Community Relations and Customer Service teams at NCsoft, Kaneva, and Cartoon Network. Rich is a long time MMO enthusiast is a strong advocate for finding new ways to engage online communities that blend Community Relations and Customer Support...