How to Be Epic @ Shakespeare



United Kingdom




The ultimate how-to guide about anything and everything on the planet returns with a one-off single-subject special, celebrating anything and everything you probably didn't know about William Shakespeare. Marking 400 years since the death of the world's greatest playwrights, this programme presents an unrivalled selection of experts, all eager to share their unique top tips around all things Shakespeare. Throughout the course of the show, the well-respected experts - including stage and screen's Maxine Peake, Hip Hop Shakespeare Company's Lorianne Tika-Lemba and actor Ben Crystal - show you how to rap, act, sound-like, dress-like and direct Shakespeare. There's an animated Top 10 Shakespeare Death Countdown, listing the most popular ways Shakespeare's characters met their untimely end, and a group of international school children to show you how to quote Shakespeare in multiple languages. And prepare to be surprised when narrator Cel Spellman shows you that you actually speak Shakespeare every day without even realising it. Once you've become Epic @ Shakespeare, you'll never see the one they call the Bard in the same light again.



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