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How to like things is a podcast hosted by Adam Waldron-Blain where he talks about specific little things a lot. Hopefully it is going to be awkward and maybe funny or sad at different times but also interesting in a way that certain people will like.




Colours with Jillian Fleck

Artist Jillian Fleck and I talk about mixing, using, and experiencing colours, especially in ink. We also touch on maintaining our tools and our souls.

Duration: 00:36:28

Choosing drinks with Chris Felling

I ask Chris Felling how he chooses what to drink in different situations, and as he tells me many things he knows about liquor, we talk about how it is that we come to know things and why, and why that's stort of trouble.

Duration: 01:14:19

Clothes shopping with Jessica Kennedy

Jessica Kennedy and I talk about shopping, or not shopping. 8 months into a 13-month self-imposed period of buying no new clothes, the former owner of Nokomis tells us about some of her best and worst possessions, and I talk about some of my most recent purchases.

Duration: 00:47:48

Note-taking and record-keeping with Trevor Prentice

I talk with Trevor Prentice about taking notes at the bar, and other places. We discuss Rhodia, Field Notes Brand, and Hit List notebooks for drink logs, art reviews, and dream journals, as well as Trevor's home-brewed recordkeeping system of spreadsheets, web apps and the cloud, and secrets.

Duration: 00:59:13