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Podcast 012 | Walking

This episode is about the practice of walking and how creating or intentionally incorporating the habit of walking into your life can change your body, make you leaner, reset your mind, present a unique moment to learn and can change your life for the better. I share my daily walking routine and just some of the changes I have seen in my body in the last week from incorporating a morning, afternoon and evening walking routine. At the end, of the podcast, I give a few other quick tips....

Duration: 00:20:06

podcast 011 | Barriers

This episode is about how life can cause us to have mental barriers that prevent us from being able to think, act or do. I give specific examples of mental, emotional and physcial barriers with some recommendations on how to take back control of your mind and life. At the end, of the podcast, I give a few other quick tips. Happy Listening and have an awesome Sunday! Listen, share and leave me comments, ratings and awesome feedback, but most importantly, I hope you enjoy the moment! If this...

Duration: 00:19:02

podcast 010 | Minimalism

This episode is a little different. I share a series of stories from age 5 to age 34 about how I became a consumerist of all things money could buy and how it was not until I had burdened myself, mom, friends and family with all my stuff that finally began to shift from consumerist to minimalist in 2016. It has not been an easy journey, but I am glad that I made the change. At the end, of the podcast, I give a few other quick tips. Happy Listening and have an awesome Sunday! Listen, share...

Duration: 00:31:09

podcast 008 | Style

Style is something soooo personal that we should never take it for granted. We need to understand ourselves first to really understand our style, without that we end up feeling constantly uncomfortable and discontentment in our own skin in your clothes, lives, environment and relationships. I know some might feel this is the least important part of their changing their lives to be the happiest they can be, but remember that feeling of discontentment that you are plagued by daily when you...

Duration: 00:25:15

podcast 007 | Learning

In this podcast, I discuss one of my favorite self-development, self-discovery and self-rescuplting tools: LEARNING! I LOVE TO LEARN! However, I introduce a different approach to learning, because I absolutely do not like to read books. We discuss about 5 different tools or approaches to learning in today's ever so digital world. At the end, the are some tips to discovering your learning style or best tools for learning. At the end, of the podcast, I give a few other quick tips. With the...

Duration: 00:24:53

Podcast 006 | Chocolate

In this podcast, I share about my most personal and longest relationship with a toxic element, Chocolate. It is insane how I depended on Chocolate like it was a friend. Today, that relationship has ended and better healthy relationships and habits have been formed. The podcast shares stories about our relationship with food or things as a way of comfort or punishment. How to change that habit and create new ones. How I changed my love affair with Chocolate to transform my life and body. At...

Duration: 00:22:57

podcast 004 | Travel

This podcast talks about the importance of travel in personal self-development. The importance to exposing ourselves to new, uncomfortable and unknowns experience, which then allow us to learn new approaches to life that we can either adopt as new life habits or approaches into our personal life (ex. learning, cooking, creating and minimalism) or reject them (as they are great, but not great for your specific and unique personality or desired life goal). Ten ideas/ benefits are discussed:...

Duration: 00:26:56

podcast 003 | Dating

In this podcast, we discuss dating and how not knowing yourself first will hamper your ability to actually attract and recognize your ideal partner. It is difficult or rather impossible to find a good partner, if you do not know yourself. To help you in finding your perfect partner different questions/ ideas are explored? For example, what tolerances, habits or dynamics in your life, do you need for your partner to be tolerant of or aware off before you start dating? What life habits,...

Duration: 00:29:50

podcast 002 | Perfectionism

Harlem goes into the topic and the dangers of seeking perfection in oneself, actions, work, life and creations. What is the definition of perfectionism? Is there a perfect definition? What are the problems that come with seeking perfectionism? How has perfectionism or the quest of it affected the lives or people today with plastic surgery statistics as an example. What are the five major problems with perfectionism? What are some real-life takeaways about learning to accept yourself? If...

Duration: 00:14:39