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51: Leo Fitzpatrick... LIVE!

Some of you will recognize Leo Fitzpatrick from Kids, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, Doomsdays, and The Wire. Others know him as a fixture in New York’s art world, having run the experimental project space Home Alone 2 Gallery in the Lower East Side with Nate Lowman and Hanna Liden for several years before settling into his current role at Marlborough in Chelsea. As part of the NADA New York Art Fair this year, Humor and the Abject hosted a live episode on-site and invited Leo out to discuss his...


50: Kerry Doran

Curator Kerry Doran has been researching and writing about internet-based art practices for years. She is currently the Director at Postmasters Gallery in New York. On episode 50 of the podcast, she stopped by to discuss the paradoxical techno-utopianism in early internet art, her recent article “Re: Contextualizing the Cyborg” for Open Space, whether or not digital tools can be emancipatory, running in Ridgewood, accidental audiences, the overspecialization of coding, skepticism versus...


49: Peter Smith

What a treat we’ve got for you this week, screedlers. One of the funniest people that Brooklyn has to offer, Peter Smith, stopped by the kitchen to discuss their life and work. We chatted about their recent run at Carolines on Broadway, Alfred Hitchcock and horror, cabaret, big reveals, opening a glass tea house and eventually making Montana gay as fuck, the complicated character of Nancy Grace, their role on Turner Masters Memory Hospital, art history, their collaborations like The Bongo...


48: David Kennedy Cutler

On Sunday, I hopped the Long Island Rail Road bound for East Hampton to visit artist David Kennedy Cutler at “Off Season,” his ambitious exhibition-in-progress with Halsey McKay that’s broadcasting his efforts 24/7 via live stream. We smoked some beers, ate pizza at a place called Sam’s, toured around the space, and we recorded a bonus episode of the podcast right inside the installation. I also stayed the night and was sufficiently creeped out by the four convincing clones he’s made of...


47: Andrea McGinty

You know her on Twitter as @lifecreep, but IRL she’s artist Andrea McGinty. Our friendship goes back several years, and a text-based interview I did with Andrea was one of the very first posts on the Humor and the Abject blog. She stopped by the kitchen this week to talk about material choices and comedy in her sculptures, why getting dunked on by teens is the most devastating of all dunks, the absolute joys of cooking at home in Queens and new dishes she’s been perfecting, her recent...


46: (Teaser) The DSA Podcast (Darcie, Sean, And Azikiwe) #3

For the full episode, subscribe to Humor and the Abject on Drip: It’s another Drip subscriber-exclusive episode of Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe talking a full hour of total shit. In this episode, we managed to cover a wide variety of topics included the ridiculous haunted house documentary “Haunters: The Art of the Scare,” long rides on Greyhound and the resulting bus butt, Azikiwe’s recent jaunt to Mexico City for the Material Art Fair, ancient astronaut...


45: Jillian Mayer

One of Miami’s finest daughters, artist and filmmaker Jillian Mayer, currently has a solo exhibition called “Post Posture” up at Postmasters Gallery here in New York through March 31st. In the middle of her chaotic schedule in town this week, we managed to schedule some time to sit down and catch up. I’ve know Jillian for five years now and think the world of her as both an artist and a friend. We discussed her “Slumpies” sculptures currently on view, the Singularity, taking psychedelics...


44: Thomas J Gamble

You may know Midwest micro-celebrity Thomas J Gamble as the author of the INFINITE HESH comics for Humor and the Abject. Or, you may know him more casually online as Twee Jay, Erie’s absolute boy. Either way, he was in New York this past weekend for his show at Interstate Projects and I dragged him into the kitchen for a conversation. I love Thomas so much that it makes me want to get him really angry. Does that make sense? Well, despite my best efforts to rile him up, he maintained his...


43: Andrew Kuo

Artist Andrew Kuo, AKA earlboykins on Instagram and Twitter, drops by Humor and the Abject this week for a very special bonus episode. We talked about Kuo’s early exposure to Fort Thunder as a student at RISD, how wild and elegant color is, My Chemical Romance making good on their promises as a band, the lineage of emo, the best time of day to paint, getting into self-publishing, the new Obama portrait, anxiety and jokes, literally biting your tongue, how Peter Halley has made the same...


42: Staffonly

Behind every good podcast is a great podcast studio manager. Here at Humor and the Abject, I’m fortunate as all hell to work every week with my own studio manager, Staffonly, to bring you conversations with some of my favorite artists, comedians, writers, and filmmakers. She does all the heavy lifting by making the sound collages and editing conversations, and she also provides a nice contextual introduction every week. For months, I’ve been getting literally hundreds of emails from people...


40: Kendra Jayne Patrick

This spring, Kendra Jayne Patrick is opening up a new gallery called Harrison. She and I were both previously involved--at different times--with the artist-run gallery Essex Flowers, and I had always been super thrilled with the programming that she led there. She stopped by this week to talk about the current pop-up show Harrison programmed at Bortolami, the next steps in her program as she opens her physical space, why being a gallerist and a curator are distinct roles, getting into the...


39: Jennifer Vanilla

Musician, performance artist, professional muse, and self-described “Culturally-Absorbent Prototype” Jennifer Vanilla is my guest this week. Following her mildly frustrating Instagram live post trying to find parking in Bushwick, she managed to locate my apartment and, subsequently, my kitchen studio. We had a great discussion about her monthly show JVL@B (Jennifer Vanilla Live at the Bar) at the Windjammer in Ridgewood, the interesting relationship she has with dance music edits, why...


38: (Teaser) The DSA Podcast (Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe) #2

Subscribe to Humor and the Abject on Drip: In another exclusive episode for our Drip subscribers, Darcie Wilder and Azikiwe Mohammed dropped by to talk about the stupid amount of media that each of us has been consuming now that it’s winter. We learned that Azikiwe once had a treehouse, that Darcie spent her entire freshman year of undergrad without speaking to her dorm roommate, Sean’s history with DVDs of the Notre Dame Marching Band, our favorite and our...


37: Sarah Sherman AKA Sarah Squirm

Skyping in from the Windy City this week is comedian and illustrator Sarah Sherman AKA Sarah Squirm. We talked about her outrageous monthly show HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE, why being gross rules, how Chicago is a unique city for comedy, feeling guilty all the time while constantly seeking approval, the improv bro uniform, why noise music is hilarious, the changing landscape of contemporary comedy, the origin story of Screedler, and our mutual unhealthy obsession--and close encounters--with the men...


36: Alexandra Tatarsky

For the first episode of 2018, I had the privilege of interviewing the absolutely fabulous performance artist Alexandra Tatarsky. If you haven’t seen her live, I honestly don’t know what the fuck you are doing with your life. Alex sat down in the kitchen to discuss her early comedic influences, her monstrous 2017 touring performance piece “Americana Psychobabble,” studying the intricate art of clowning and miming, creating uncomfortable spaces for audiences and herself (and why that’s a...


35: Zain Alam

2017 is finally over, and to celebrate I had musician Zain Alam come over for the final Humor and the Abject podcast of the year. Zain is the mind behind the brilliant musical project Humeysha, which Noisey describes as “a marvelously mellow kind of psych-pop, clean and sparkly like a diamond baguette, dappled with Bollywood-toned lilts.” We talked about the band and its unique visual identity, how his time in India changed his life, odd time signatures, the South Asian diaspora, his faith...


34: Brett Davis

Merry Christmas from Colorado, my good bitches. Andy Kaufman Award-winning comedian Brett Davis stopped by this week to discuss his public access show “The Special Without Brett Davis,” as well as creating a world with hundreds of characters, recent beef with character actor Michael Rapaport, large scale collaborations, kicking off a career in comedy by opening for punk bands, ruining Tinder dates, his new podcast about laundry, and much more. We’re sponsored this week by Christmas,...


33: Sara Greenberger Rafferty

Artist Sara Greenberger Rafferty paid a visit to my kitchen this week to talk about her recent traveling survey “Gloves Off,” as well as childhood pranks, context and timing, television shows like “Mr. Robot” and “Nathan for You,” dissecting mainstream comedy, the influence of syndicated sitcoms on her Midwest sense of humor, making work that’s about being alienated without it being alienating, and her two-volume book project “Women Aren’t Funny” that we put out through Social Malpractice...


32: (Teaser) The DSA Podcast (Darcie, Sean, And Azikiwe)#1

TEASER: Full episode available to Drip subscribers... Friends of the podcast Darcie Wilder and Azikiwe Mohammed came by this week to record the first of an ongoing, Drip-exclusive project: The DSA Podcast. I assigned watching “Jim & Andy” to everyone and we talked about it a little bit but mostly focused on people sucking dick while their man plays 2K, that time Fugazi covered “Red Red Wine” live, a steampunk event that Azikiwe attended, white rap music of the early aughts, getting...


31: Brian Belott

Following “People Pie Pool,” his ridiculous extravaganza for Performa, artist Brian Belott drops by my kitchen to talk about the finest aspects of the fine arts. We discussed his obsession with collecting children’s art and the legacy of early childhood educator Rhoda Kellogg, slapstick comedy, lighting his head on fire dozens of times despite understandable protests from his mother, why Dada artists would hate Dada art, the Marx Brothers, the People Pie Pool performance, cacophony,...


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