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HunnicWeen 2017 Preview Ghost Story

Series Premiere Episode One Welcome to HunnicWeen an Weekly/Bi Weekly Podcast Discussing My favorite Holiday Halloween Also Horror Themed Topics Well I'm back on the market again, as my GF dumped me. But the show must go on. And this is an episode she appeared on. A Ghost Story is the latest from Director David Lowery. Why do Ghost's Haunt Houses? Why does Romney Mara eat an pie for five minutes? Was this an art house film? Or the sheet, was pulled over our eyes? Remember life's no fun...

Duration: 00:28:35

Labyrnith Of Bones

Season Four Our good friend Gene Hoyle is back. And is wrapping up his Project

Duration: 00:31:16

HunnicWeen 2016 Return of The Living Dead

HunnicWeen 2016 Season III Hunnic-Ween 2016 continues with Kendra, Edward and Todd. As we discuss and '85 Cult Classic with BRAINS...........BRAINNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.

Duration: 01:28:27

HunnicWeen 2016 Top Thirty One Tales From The Crypt Episodes

Season III HunnicWeen 2016 Last week I was asked to guest on Wacko's Comics, Comics, Comics. But the host was no where to be found. So I was left to guest the show on my own-some. While the Cat's Away, Hunnic will play. We were supposed to discuss. The Tales from the Crypt Comics. As part of an Halloween themed episode. No matter, I decided to cover Thirty One. Of my all time fav Tales from the Crypt T.V. episodes...for now...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA... The Thought/s and...

Duration: 02:38:04

The Killing Joke

Season III "Ladies and Gentlemen, Here I give you. The Average D.C.A.U. adaption of Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. Step right up, don't be shy. But be prepared for an thirty minute. W.T.F. -esque fest. Of Bat and The City. As Barbara Gordon will try to prove herself. As she tries to take down. An Mobster that tries to act, like The Joker. Only to be verbally abused by Batman. Then to have an night stand? Oh and then an forty five short film. Of Killing Joke, that doesn't have...

Duration: 01:56:05

There's Always an Place For You In The Asylum

Welcome to an Season One Episode. Wayyyyyyy Back in Early '14. Dane Lamont From Dane and Jake get Classy and Punisher Body Count Podcast/s. Joined me for an Hunnic-Ween 2014 show. An Grant Morrision Treat. What if Batman was placed in an environment. He had no control over? If things get to hard. Listening to this episode. There's always an place for you in the asylum.

Duration: 01:30:30

There Were Four...Three...Three...Guys in an Asylum

This is an oldie but goodie Last year during All Hallows Eve. Dane Lamont, and Jacob Williams. From Punisher Body Count. Joined Wyatt Jones and Myself. As we see how one bad day. Can change your life forever. The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions. The Opening Themes are that of Bad Day by Daniel Powter. And Shirley Walker's Joker Theme. The Songs are the intellectual property of Warner Bros. The Estate of Shirley...

Duration: 01:45:46