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Each week, Host Peter Wood gets the scoop from hunting industry experts and hunters in the field on the latest high tech gear and gadgets, results and reviews that you can use. Join us to explore exceptional destinations – some familiar and many unknown. Whether you are a big game hunter or are after upland game, predators, turkey or waterfowl – this is your show for essential hunting tactics. Hunt Talk is your real world guide to hunting. So grab your favorite brew, relax, turn it up and get ready for Hunt Talk!






Hunt Talk – Must Do Deer Hunting Tips for 2012

Host Peter Wood talks about some must do items to have a successful deer season in 2012. Why food plots work with trail cameras,. The importance of knowing your firearm or bow. How to get kids to have fun in January outside. He mentions his new ebook coming out .This will also be his last Hunt Talk show… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:22:24

Hunt Talk – Woman Hunter Magazine Editor in Chief Jennifer Brozak goes over

Jennifer Brozek, Editor-in-Chief of Woman Hunter Magazine, informs Hunt Talk listeners of the benefits for women hunters who learn how to hunt with the help of a qualified hunting mentor. Also featured: What archery equipment do woman prefer?

Duration: 00:26:34

Hunt Talk – Advanced Tree Stand Tactics for Deer Hunters as this season win

Steve Bartylla talks tree stand tactics for advanced and basic hunters. Discover the best tip on choosing the right tree for your hunt. What do some tree work better than others? Tree stand safety is essential for every hunter. 120511

Duration: 00:42:31

Hunt Talk – Moose hunting in Alberta, Mountain Man Adventures Divulges the

Mountain Man Adventures founder Tom Sallows goes over a one the requirements of a one guided moose hunt in Alberta. Using a bow or rifle in some of Alberta’s best hunting grounds available it could be your hunt of a lifetime. In 2012 the Canadian long gun registry should be gone making it easier to hunt in Canada.

Hunt Talk – Magic Dust illuminates wind direction and blood trails in low o

Wayne Woolsey divulges the many uses of his Magic Dust to check wind direction or blood trails in low or no light conditions. All natural easy to use during hunts in the rain or snow. Great for illuminating distances, trail markers, tracking blood trails, arrow fletching or tree steps.

Duration: 00:25:45

Hunt Talk – Hunt Talk Seminar- Five Essentail Tactics To Keep Deer on Your

Discover five essential tactics to keep deer on your property during Ripple Outdoors Hunt Talk Host Peter Wood’s seminar talk.

Duration: 00:36:06

Hunt Talk – Gary Elliot talks archery tips and tactics when choosing a bow

Field Editor Gary Elliot discusses arrows and bows choices. Deer hunting tips. How your left over archery equipment can help a veteran.

Duration: 00:42:20

Hunt Talk – Crossbow hunting can open up a season of great hunting

Excalibur Crossbow Pro Staffer Ken Cull talks crossbow tactics, tips, optics and gear for hunting big game.

Duration: 00:38:50

Hunt Talk – Looking for that ultimate portable bow holder to use for huntin

U-Slide Bow Holder inventor and owner Pete Gutowski explains why it works so well to keep your bow within reach when hunting.

Duration: 00:13:24

Hunt Talk – How to get close with a Stealth Hybrid 44 and what power loader

Michael Williams VP Sales Stealth Electric Utility Vehicle reveals the new 72 volt Night Hawk Hybrid side by side 44. In the Gear n Gadget segment Keith Adams, Great Day Inc talks about the 250 Power Loader to help get your game loaded.

Duration: 00:33:29

Hunt Talk – How the Pros rattle and call BIG Bucks in close

Gord Ellis’s senior editor with Ontario Out of Doors demonstrates during his hunting seminar on how to rattle and call in big bucks. The best time to rattle antlers and what deer call works.

Duration: 00:24:12

Hunt Talk – Professionally tuned archery equipment performs best, find out

Daniel Bennett pro archery technician with McCoy’s Archery Pro Shop in Marianna, FL explains why a bow performs and how to tune it for accuracy. Whether you use a tradition bow, compound or crossbow they perform better with custom strings set up to each individuals unique arrow lengths and draw weight.

Duration: 00:34:02

Hunt Talk – Just Us Hunting is a new hunting show about, you, me and famili

Friends and families all have stories and memories about our hunt enjoyed together. Just Us Hunting is a show about just that; average hunting trips enjoyed by average families that hunt together. With High-Def cameras and memorable locations for hunting you can be sure every hunt will be divulge the true meaning of hunting with archery equipment. Check… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:24:35

Hunt Talk – Shiver Shield Cold Weather Gear

Shiver Shield Founder and CEO Brian MacFarlane introduces a product especially designed to combat and defeat frigid cold when hunting, fishing or spending time outdoors when it’s freezing out! Listen in to our Shiver Shield Hunt Talk interview to learn how to win a $7200 African hunting trip of a lifetime with Taylor Safaris

Duration: 00:06:40

Hunt Talk – Discover out why a custom rifle out performs a stock rifle on t

Steve Boswell owner of Boswell Custom Rifles reveals gunsmith secrets on custom rifles and why they outperform stock rifles. Custom rifles cost more than over the counter guns for a reason. As a life long investment you owe it to yourself to shoot and hunt the best you can. Recognize the value of why you should consider a… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:28:26

Hunt Talk – Early season mallard set up tactics and cleaning your shotgun t

Iron Duck Hunting founder Daniel Guyer goes over early season set up tactics for mallards and Lee Morgan of Gunzillia Canada explains the best method to get your shotgun clean the right way. In the USA click on Gunzillia USA website.

Hunt Talk – Rediscover your hunting passion as new hunter Kristen Monroe te

Kristen Monroe discovers hunting and why she is so passionate about it and Bob Shabaylo of Scorpion Optics on what to look for in a range finder and how to decide what model is for you.

Hunt Talk – How United Sportsmen Youth Foundation involves young hunters an

Ace Luciano get todays youth involved with the United Sportsmen Youth Foundation to learn the basic of hunting and fishing and save your back this hunting season with a Great Day Inc. Power Loader for your ATV or UTV.

Hunt Talk – New hunting directory to discover that perfect hunt and how to

Amber Yates founder S.W. Base Camp talks about the new hunting directory and pro staff program for special youths. TomCat Garner with the SlammerHI sight in target system and Click Stick Pro enables you to sight in your gun with two shots.

Hunt Talk – International IBO 3-D Champion’s top tips to win and Setting a

How David McQuaker focused on winning the 2011 IBO 3D Triple Crown National International events and what helped him win. Chase Wendorff’s CEO of UWAY Outdoors Canada tactics in game trail camera settings to get the optimum deer photo.
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