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Hyper Manic Noize Podcast with Douglas Harvey

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#06 HMN - Brenton aka Reggie [OSAKA PUNCH] - Death Monster Super Pod Groove Monster

Episode #06 of the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast is here so get ready to groove with Brenton [aka Reggie], bass shredder for musical mutants OSAKA PUNCH [QLD]. They’ve been hitting the road promoting their new single “How We Operate” [check out the single at the end of the show!!] and we sat down for a “Death Monster Super Pod”. We learned about Jesus through a geriatric rap group [complete with gratuitous N-bombs] and Reggie fills me in on the Osaka Punch story. We discuss my theory about...

Duration: 00:52:19

#05 HMN - Steve “Lips” Kudlow [ANVIL - Canadian Metal Demigods]

Metal on Metal!! Who’s that on Episode #05? Steve “Lips” Kudlow of metal demigods ANVIL[Canada]: that’s who eh! Speaking with Lips inspired the shit out of me. We’re talking about a guy that’s been busting his arse since 1978, released 16 killer albums, faced more downs than ups [for much of that time] and eventually made it: on HIS terms. The guy has a METAL spirit of integrity & determination like I’ve never seen before. Lips[...]

Duration: 00:25:03

#04 HMN - Jez Watts [Comedian/Brief Interviews With Hideous Men Podcast/Infinite Jest]

Rock and Roll bitches it’s Episode #04!! This week on the show I throw my chat pants on with one of Perth’s finest comedians; the host of the Brief Interview With Hideous Men Podcast – Mr JEZ WATTS!!! We open the show with a dude who’s in a relationship with 15 inflatable animals. Is that too many? Is he the Hugh Hefner of pool toys? You Decide!!!! We go deep into the art of stand up, talk fuckwit promoters who rip off comedians, appreciate the fine art of pornography & discuss Jez’s...

Duration: 00:50:15

#03 HMN - John Ryan666 [Vocalist: Suffer In Rot - A death metal laugh fiesta]

Are you ready to get brutal? It’s Episode 3 of the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast where I sit down with my favourite Kiwi, John Ryan666: Vocalist for Western Australian Death Metal outfit Suffer In Rot. Suffer In Rot have shared the stage with a shitload of awesome bands including: Immolation, King Parrot, Disentomb, Make Them Suffer & many more. They’ve just released a new EP & this episode features the title track titled ”Beat The Fetus“.

Duration: 00:46:49

#02 HMN - Mick Gledhill [Comedian]

WASSUP!! Welcome to Episode TWO of the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast with the “Dogfather Of Comedy” Mick Gledhill

Duration: 00:49:16

#02 HMN - Simone Springer [Comedian/Author/Radio Host/Store Owner]

Welcome to Episode One of the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast!! I’m your host Douglas Harvey and I’m super lucky to be able to kick [...]

Duration: 00:48:59