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#15HMN - Mick Gledhill [Comedian] - Sky diving tales, Army Life & romancing the Eiffel Tower

[Episode #15] We’re back with a show favourite, my great buddy - the hilarious Mick Gledhill. He’s made it to the Triple J RAW Comedy WA STATE FINAL for the 2nd year running. He had a 30 year military career, spent years as a sky diving instructor, he advocates for veteran’s affairs groups AND donates the proceeds from the sale of his “Dogfather Comedy” shirts to animal charities. What a bloody legend! Plus, he’s so funny that you’d wanna listen to him even if he was a doucher. Let us...


#14 HMN - Cabba [CLAIM THE THRONE]: Tour & drunken war stories

Hell yeah! Welcome to Episode #14 with Cabba from Perth’s Extreme-Death-Folk-Metal-Lords “CLAIM THE THRONE”. CTT have been blasting across the glove for over a decade and have just released a brand new album titled “On Desolate Plains“. They’ve just toured Australia and Japan with Wintersun, have played all over Asia, toured the U.K with Alestorm and are hardworking, killer live band. Cabba also hosts with Bandtools Podcast: giving people practical experience and advice around getting your...


#13 HMN - Alex Shom [STATUES] Perth’s Hardcore-Prog-Lunatics: No Grave, No Rave, No Burial…

Welcome to Episode #13. The show has just begun its teen years, and I’ve got Alex Shom from Perth’s Progressive Hardcore Lunatics STATUES on the show. The boys from Perth have a new album out called “No Grave, No Burial” and are touring the country in support of their latesst single “Defiance“ [Which you can hear during the show]! Statues are one of the most intense and chaotic live bands i’ve seen, so do yourself a favour and check them out on the Aussie tour. This show actually includes...


#12 HMN - Okoi [BÖLZER]: Switzerland’s Extreme Metal Psychonauts

Hey guys! Welcome back to Episode 12 of the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast. This one is a god damn ripper!! I had a chat to Okoi Jones from Swiss band BÖLZER! This episode is brought The Faction: Get your fix of heavy metal on the Apple or Android apps or at www.thefaction.live Two-piece extreme-metal juggernaut Bölzer (Switzerland) first toured Australia in 2015: (shortly after the release of their groundbreaking EP “Aura”) and they’re back in 2018 supporting the mighty Mayhem [...]


#11 HMN - Shad Wicka & Richo: [Guilt Free Comedy QLD]

Tropical thunder from sunny Cairns with Shad Wicka [Cairns Hit 103.5] & fellow comedian Richo. It’s Episode #11 with the lads from Guilt Free Comedy. One year ago Cairns had no stand up comedy scene so these dudes wanted to perform so they put together some open mic comedy rooms & gave people a space for comedy to develop! The Guilt Free crew have put together a roadshow which they’ll be running at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival. We begin the festivities with a lady who’s in a...


#10 HMN - “Twiggy” [BALLOONS KILL BABIES]: “Insane in the brain: The story of Ted”

Who better to have at my 10th birthday than one of my oldest pals – Twiggy Carter from the band Balloons Kill Babies [QLD] in the funniest episode yet – hands down!! I met Twiggy when he was about 15. He roadied for my band Enlightened By Darkness and was always a huge supporter of ours. Then he created this band, and Jesus tap-dancing Christ are they good. Progressive, atmospheric metal/rock perfection. We start the show off with a double header: TWO clips of online insanity. A lady...


#09 hypermanicpod w Sean Conway - Tour stories, bombing badly & killing it onstage and off!

BREAKING NEWS: It’s Episode #09 & the biggest name in comedy today Sean Conway is in the house. Sean has just finished a national Australian tour with the great Tony Hinchcliffe and has shared the stage with legends like Tom Green, Steve O, Ari Shaffir & Dom Irrera. It’s hard to pull off an entire show based around serial killers but he pulled that sh#t off big time. [This episode has a world exclusive] Conway has big news, easily the biggest moment in his comedy career


#08 HMN - Stu McGill [Silent Knight] - Power Metal Supreme

Epsiode #08. OH YEAH! It’s Stu McGill from Australia’s Power Metal Knights [punfun]: SILENT KNIGHT! These guys have been crushing it across the globe & they’re a great bunch of shredders. Stu is a great dude and it was cool to pick his musical brains. We kick things off with a dude that loves to date grandmas. I’m not judging the guy, but he’s way too young for that to be normal. We spoke about the band, their recent travels to Europe & approach to songwriting. Stu runs a number of gigs...


#07 HMN - with comedians Bruno Oliveira and Mick Gledhill - Comedy Killers

Hey there kids. It’s Douglas the dancing clown. It’s episode #7 and we’re back with comedians Mick Gledhill and Bruno Oliveira for some killer shit. We start the show off with a dude that lives as a dog, a man who may have missed out on a few hugs growing up. We spoke about racism in Australia and being a former soldier, Mick gives the down-low on some problems within the military. The world’s getting soft and we don’t like it – thoughts? How good is Steven Seagal! *COUGH* Bruno and...


#06 HMN - Brenton aka Reggie [OSAKA PUNCH] - Death Monster Super Pod Groove Monster

Episode #06 of the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast is here so get ready to groove with Brenton [aka Reggie], bass shredder for musical mutants OSAKA PUNCH [QLD]. They’ve been hitting the road promoting their new single “How We Operate” [check out the single at the end of the show!!] and we sat down for a “Death Monster Super Pod”. We learned about Jesus through a geriatric rap group [complete with gratuitous N-bombs] and Reggie fills me in on the Osaka Punch story. We discuss my theory about...


#05 HMN - Steve “Lips” Kudlow [ANVIL - Canadian Metal Demigods]

Metal on Metal!! Who’s that on Episode #05? Steve “Lips” Kudlow of metal demigods ANVIL[Canada]: that’s who eh! Speaking with Lips inspired the shit out of me. We’re talking about a guy that’s been busting his arse since 1978, released 16 killer albums, faced more downs than ups [for much of that time] and eventually made it: on HIS terms. The guy has a METAL spirit of integrity & determination like I’ve never seen before. Lips[...]


#04 HMN - Jez Watts [Comedian/Brief Interviews With Hideous Men Podcast/Infinite Jest]

Rock and Roll bitches it’s Episode #04!! This week on the show I throw my chat pants on with one of Perth’s finest comedians; the host of the Brief Interview With Hideous Men Podcast – Mr JEZ WATTS!!! We open the show with a dude who’s in a relationship with 15 inflatable animals. Is that too many? Is he the Hugh Hefner of pool toys? You Decide!!!! We go deep into the art of stand up, talk fuckwit promoters who rip off comedians, appreciate the fine art of pornography & discuss Jez’s...


#03 HMN - John Ryan666 [Vocalist: Suffer In Rot - A death metal laugh fiesta]

Are you ready to get brutal? It’s Episode 3 of the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast where I sit down with my favourite Kiwi, John Ryan666: Vocalist for Western Australian Death Metal outfit Suffer In Rot. Suffer In Rot have shared the stage with a shitload of awesome bands including: Immolation, King Parrot, Disentomb, Make Them Suffer & many more. They’ve just released a new EP & this episode features the title track titled ”Beat The Fetus“.


#02 HMN - Mick Gledhill [Comedian]

WASSUP!! Welcome to Episode TWO of the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast with the “Dogfather Of Comedy” Mick Gledhill