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LinkedIn integration in Office 365 with Microsoft's Cem Aykan

Jeremy Thake talks to Cem Aykan, Principal Product Manager in Microsoft who shares the responsibliity for the LinkedIn integration and people card experiences in Office 365.

Duration: 00:42:44

Connecting to other profile sources using Hyperfish Integration Framework

Jeremy Thake talks to Evan Gits and Ivan Sued from Provoke about their journey using the Hyperfish Integration Framework to enable Hyperfish to manage profile information in their HRIS system.

Duration: 00:32:55

Hub site, Groupifying and new migration tool in SharePoint with Benjamin Niaulin

Jeremy Thake talks to Benjamin Niaulin, product manager and evangelist at Sharegate, about SharePoint Hub sites, Groupifying and the migration tool that was announced at Ignite 2017.

Duration: 00:39:12

Going deep on Office 365 Groups with John Peluso

Jeremy Thake catches up with an old colleague, John Peluso VP of Product Management at AvePoint and Microsoft Regional Directory, to talk in detail about Office 365 Groups.

Duration: 01:02:45

How profile information will power the AI of the digital workplace with Ephraim Freed

In this episode, Jeremy Thake talks to Ephraim Freed about his experiences deploying advanced digital workplace solutions as a consultant. Ephraim discusses the importance of profile information based on a blog post he wrote earlier this year on the strategies around personalization in the digital workplace.

Duration: 00:41:17

What's coming in SharePoint with Mark Kashman

Jeremy Thake talked to Mark Kashman about all the announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2017. Jeremy asked follow up questions based on questions he'd got from his listeners around the announcements. https://blog.hyperfish.com/whats-coming-in-sharepoint-with-mark-kashman

Duration: 00:43:05

Women in Technology discussion with Heather Newman

Jeremy Thake talks to Heather Newman, co-founder and CMO at Content Panda, about women in technology. They discuss the activities that happened at Ignite and the broader concerns about this topic. https://blog.hyperfish.com/women-in-technology-discussion-with-heather-newman-hyperfish-podcast

Duration: 00:36:41

The evolution of email in the digital workplace with Cameron Dwyer

Jeremy Thake caught up with Cameron Dwyer from OnePlace Solutions to talk about how he sees email evolving in the digital workplace. The discussion covered how he sees customers using email in Office 365 using services such as OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and much more.

Duration: 01:01:01

Exclusive! SharePoint & OneDrive news with Dan Holme from Microsoft Ignite 2017

Dan Holme shares his own thoughts on all the SharePoint and OneDrive news from Microsoft Ignite 2017.

Duration: 00:54:21

Hyperfish Ignite 2017 announcements with Chris Johnson

Jeremy Thake talks to Chris Johnson, Chief Technology Officer at Hyperfish, about the Integration Framework in Hyperfish Premium and the new FREE Hyperfish Lite product.

Duration: 00:36:58

Lessons learnt from Matthew Bookspan on Microsoft Teams

Jeremy Thake speaks to Matthew Bookspan, CEO of Blacktip IT Services, about what their managed services company learnt by deploying Microsoft Teams. Matthew talks about how it transformed their existing Google Apps digital workplace with their move to Office 365.

Duration: 00:45:58

Tips to prepare for Microsoft Ignite with Alistair Pugin

Jeremy Thake talks to Alistair Pugin, Office 365 MVP and consultant at Dimension Data in South Africa. Alistair shares his tips for getting the most of Microsoft’s largest conference with 24+ attendees!

Duration: 00:40:23

Getting the best use out of all Office 365 applications

Jeremy Thake talks to Asif Rehmani, CEO of VisualSP, about how he helps customers get the best use out of all the Office 365 applications. Asif has been a trainer for over a decade and seen SharePoint evolve and become part of the larger Office 365 product.

Duration: 00:38:25

How to increase adoption in OneDrive with Stephanie Donahue

Jeremy Thake talks to Stephanie Donahue, SharePoint MVP and co-founder of PAIT Group consulting. In this podcast they talk about strategies for increasing adoption of file sharing in Office 365.

Duration: 00:34:33

The evolution of communication in Office 365 with Tom Arbuthnot

Jeremy Thake talks to Tom Arbuthnot about the evolution of unified communications in the Microsoft ecosystem. Tom has been in the space since the days when Skype for Business was code named RTC. He shares great insight into the journey the products have been on and what it means for Office 365 customers.

Duration: 00:45:55

Change management and adoption in Office 365 with Loryan Strant

This week Jeremy Thake talks to Loryan Strant about his experiences with change management and adoption in Office 365. In this show, Loryan discusses: how it is important on a balance of bottom-up and top-down initiatives he talks about customers usages of Yammer, Microsoft Teams and other services he discusses what initiatives he has seen to be successful in customers

Duration: 00:58:55

A non for profits journey to Office 365 with Paul Federwitz

Jeremy Thake talks to Paul Federwitz, from the Lutheran Bible Translators non for profit organization, about their journey on boarding to Office 365. He talks about their use of SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Office 365 Groups, Yammer and much more.

Duration: 00:47:49

How customers get the most of SharePoint search with Matthew McDermott

Jeremy Thake talks to Matthew McDermott, consultant, trainer and 11 year Microsoft MVP, from Abel Blue about all things SharePoint search. In this podcast, Matthew talks about: the five most common scenarios for search in SharePoint and Office 365 the history behind search in SharePoint the differences between SharePoint search and Delve search his wish list of features for the future resources on how to get started

Duration: 01:02:23

The birth of the Office 365 Periodic table with Matt Wade

Jeremy Thake talks to Matt Wade, Cloud Service Lead at H3S inc, about his experience moving to Office 365 with his last company and how he is helping more companies do the same.

Duration: 00:55:49

PowerApps is the killer app of Office 365

Jeremy Thake talks to Paul Culmsee, Managing Partner at Seven Sigma Business Solutions about why he thinks PowerApps is the new killer app of Office 365. Based in Western Australia, Paul has written two amazing management books and has a superb blog covering all things SharePoint.

Duration: 00:45:38

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