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E49 – Dragon Ball Z Part 10 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

With Frieza defeated, it’s time for the next villain to be introduced: Garlic Junior. Remember him? The Garlic Junior Saga takes a surprisingly Halloween-y turn, and it results in something a little different. Meanwhile, Michael is frustrated by the mechanics of the MacGuffin, Peter is irritated by Garlic Junior’s ultimate defeat, and both hosts breathe … Continue reading E49 – Dragon Ball Z Part 10 →

Duration: 00:53:58

E48 – Dragon Ball Z Part 9 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Frieza’s dead! Frieza’s dead! Everybody celebrate! Dragon Ball Z puts forth its most interminable block yet, and Michael and Peter start to run out of ways to explain why it’s bad. Meanwhile, Michael makes a decision on a tattoo, and Peter tries out a King Kai impression. Also included: Dragon Ball Z skateboard, Dragon Ball … Continue reading E48 – Dragon Ball Z Part 9 →

Duration: 00:42:18

E47 – Dragon Ball Z Part 8 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

The final battle between Goku and Frieza begins, and it would cool if it didn’t take so long. As Goku punches Frieza and vice versa, Michael discusses the supposed death of Frieza, Peter talks about a Master Roshi figurine he once bought, and both hosts find they really prefer the Japanese episode titles. Also included: … Continue reading E47 – Dragon Ball Z Part 8 →

Duration: 00:49:08

E46 – Dragon Ball Z Part 7 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Pop quiz: who’s the best character to wish back to life, of these options: Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, or Piccolo? If you said “anyone other than Piccolo is a joke!” you were correct. On Namek, things are starting to heat up as Frieza finally fights our heroes. Meanwhile, Peter feels anxious about Namekian Eternal Dragon Porunga’s … Continue reading E46 – Dragon Ball Z Part 7 →

Duration: 00:44:48

E45 – Dragon Ball Z Part 6 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

We return to Dragon Ball Z and find it much like we left it: tediously slow and occasionally hilarious. Goku finally arrives on Namek, and starts burning through the Ginyu Force like we always knew he would. Meanwhile, Michael shares an anecdote about Philadelphia, Peter defines different types of filler, and both hosts struggle with … Continue reading E45 – Dragon Ball Z Part 6 →

Duration: 00:57:53

E44 – Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Gohan befriends a cute dragon while the world burns. The Z Fighters are up to their usual tricks: watching Goku beat the bad guys. Meanwhile, Michael discusses the strange history of the Tree of Might dub and its censorship, Peter talks about mugs, and both dunk on the villain’s goon squad. Also included: the diminishing … Continue reading E44 – Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might →

Duration: 00:45:32

E43 – Tenchi Universe Part 2 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Tenchi and the gang head into space in order to stop a coup on Jurai that has deposed Ayeka and Sasami. Unfortunately, putting Tenchi in space does very little to solve the show’s problems. Michael complains about the one-dimensional nature of the show’s characters, Peter sandbags the dialogue translation, and both hosts generally get kind … Continue reading E43 – Tenchi Universe Part 2 →

Duration: 00:54:18

E42 – Tenchi Universe Part 1 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Tenchi Universe starts out of the gate with repeated spaceship crashes, and from there… well… We’re back to the adventures of a nondescript teenage boy pursued by six alien women. And it never stops being weird. Meanwhile, Peter compares Tenchi Unvierse to reality television, Michael vents his frustration with a glimpse of characterization, and both … Continue reading E42 – Tenchi Universe Part 1 →

Duration: 00:57:59

E41 – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm reveals the Dark Knight’s origins, but at least we don’t have to see Tom and Martha getting shot for the billionth time. As the Phantasm terrorizes Gotham mobsters, Michael examines his biases against the DCEU, and realizes the unenviable job of the people who are working on the franchise. Meanwhile, … Continue reading E41 – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm →

Duration: 00:49:38

E40 – Sailor Moon Part 4 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Darien gets taken by the Negaverse and brainwashed. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus hang out and go to the hairdresser. We discover the hidden history of the Sailor Scouts, and what really happened to the moon kingdom. Meanwhile, Michael references a children’s book by Roger Hargreaves, Peter highlights some of the differences between the … Continue reading E40 – Sailor Moon Part 4 →

Duration: 01:07:34

E39 – Sailor Moon Part 3 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

All of the Sailor Scouts are finally assembled! Only took, what, 2/3 of the series? Serena officially becomes the leader of the Sailor Scouts, and the choice is immediately suspect. Meanwhile, Michael has a startling vision of Serena’s possible future, Peter gushes about an episode starring Melvin, and both hosts theorize on how the series … Continue reading E39 – Sailor Moon Part 3 →

Duration: 00:51:24

E38 – Sailor Moon Part 2 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

When Nephrite hits the scene, everything changes. Mostly for the better, some… not so much. Sailor Moon gets astronomically better, as new villains are introduced, monsters of the week become goofier, and Luna becomes less of a scold. Meanwhile, Peter discusses the new episode formula, Michael is made uncomfortable by some employed tropes, and both … Continue reading E38 – Sailor Moon Part 2 →

Duration: 00:54:10

E37 – Sailor Moon Part 1 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Sailor Scouts, assemble! Well, just three of you so far, I guess. Sailor Moon starts off with lectures and ends with a boring action scene involving grounded airplanes. What’s not to love? Meanwhile, Peter wonders what a computer contest is and how it could be won, Michael bitches about Luna, the Scouts’ cat advisor/wet blanket, … Continue reading E37 – Sailor Moon Part 1 →

Duration: 00:54:30

E36 – Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone - Hyperspace Broadcasts

There is a lot of wordless screaming in this movie. And courtesy of Scott McNeil, a decent amount of it could be used by a metal band. In a rare re-revisitation, Michael and Peter see if their impression of Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone has changed whatsoever. Michael speculates on the inclusion of Gohan’s drunken … Continue reading E36 – Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone →

Duration: 00:46:20

E35 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 5 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Using QuestWorld to hack into people’s brains has become so strangely blase. But at least we get a time travel episode! At the end of the series, we reflect on the specific episodes that made it great (or at least watchable). Meanwhile, Michael waxes pretentious about faux-classical music, Peter resumes his bet winning streak, and … Continue reading E35 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 5 →

Duration: 00:55:22

E34 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 4 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Watch out for those monsters, Quest Team! No, not the metaphorical monsters who are humans profiteering off deforestation, the invisible one trying to stop them! Season 2 offers up a very consistent block of episodes, but Michael has some reservations about the writing. Meanwhile, Peter discusses his scale of animated explosions. Also included: Monsters preventing … Continue reading E34 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 4 →

Duration: 00:55:26

SURD! Why? - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Oh boy, nothing like your computer eating a file you just spent several hours cutting together! I blame Jeremiah Surd.

Duration: 00:01:54

E33 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 3 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Why is Race’s voice different? Why does Dr. Quest sound so familiar all of a sudden? And what the hell was the deal with “Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings”? Closing out season 1, we find both the best and worst episodes of the show so far, and then season 2 throws our assumptions about Jonny Quest … Continue reading E33 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 3 →

Duration: 01:02:54

E32 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 2 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Jonny and friends just keep trusting the wrong people. Also, sometimes monsters. Both hosts begin to pick up on the formula of this show, and the cracks begin to appear. Meanwhile, Michael is irritated by Quest team’s seeming lack of struggle, and Peter talks about Medusa. Also included: Scooby-Doo on Monster Island, whale internet skepticism, … Continue reading E32 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 2 →

Duration: 00:52:30

E31 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 1 - Hyperspace Broadcasts

Jonny thinks to solve one problem by creating a way bigger one, Hadji doles out aphorisms (but hey, no Sim Sim Salabim!), and Jessie is surprisingly badass. Meanwhile, Michael forgets the Home For Infinite Losers as well as revealing yet another trope pet peeve, Peter doubts the historical accuracy of Indiana Jones, and both shudder … Continue reading E31 – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Part 1 →

Duration: 00:49:02

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