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Life is a mystery. Confusion is all around us. The truth is out there… but you wont find it here. Welcome to Hysteria Fifty One. A weekly "oddcast" of conspiracy theories, mysteries, and the unexplained. All viewed through skeptical eyes and the blurry lens of a beer bottle. Listen to Brent and John make sense of it all each week by subscribing.






Somerton Man | 52

A recently deceased man's body is discovered on an Australian beach. No signs of foul play and at first glance it appears to be just another unremarkable death. But then... The man can't be identified...with any database...anywhere on the planet. All tags have been removed from his clothing, taking away the ability to even trace their country of origin. A small scrap of paper is found in his possession with two words in Persian, torn from a rare first edition book by a 12th century poet. Oh,...

Duration: 01:10:37

Area 51 | 51

In this very special episode of Hysteria 51 we take an introspective look back at the show over the years and the socioeconomic...hahahahah...I can't. Nope, for our 51st episode we talk our (sorta) namesake - Area 51. What's there? What isn't? Do the aliens only communicate with Data from Star Trek? Plus, C-Bot compares the show to Rouge One (he just likes the robot), can a patty melt be classified as a cheeseburger (a debate ensues), and are Lego sets really Area 51 starter kits (was there...

Duration: 01:25:04

HAARP | 50

Can the government "weaponize" the weather? Are cataclysmic natural events around the world actually the result of an even colder war taking place between enemy states? If so, how would they do it? Enter HAARP - the The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska. To some - a harmless antennae field in the middle of nowhere Alaska put in place to help study and expand worldwide communication abilities. But to others (ya know, the woke types) it's a microwave on steroids ready...

Duration: 01:02:23

Nazis and the Occult

While they were busy losing the war, the Nazi's were also failing at acquiring another type of power - supernatural. And while we know these wastes of oxygen did unequivocally lose the war...some wonder about their success in the other. Did they capture the power magick in their final hours? Creating super soldiers, conducting mind control, and reanimating the dead? Not to mention chatting with aliens and building a secret base in Antarctica. Plus, what's the best way to kill Nazi zombies?...

Duration: 01:09:33

DB Cooper | 48

Remember in Ocean's Eleven when George Clooney boarded a plane wearing a dark suit and tie and opened his brief case showing a bomb to the flight attendant and hijacked the plane? Then he demanded 200K in cash, four parachutes and food for the crew before releasing all the passengers. Classic Clooney amirite?!? Then 45 minutes after takeoff, Clooney sent the flight attendant to the cockpit while donning the parachute, tied the bank bag full of the money to himself, and jumped into the...

Duration: 01:07:54

Nibiru | 47

Ever throw a great party only to have it crashed by an unexpected guest that shows up and ruins the whole thing? Eats all the guacamole, drinks all the beer, is actually an ancient alien civilization and/ or a rogue planet spiraling across the universe? You know, that ol' chestnut. Well, that's exactly what some people think is in our future when the (yet to be discovered) planet Nibiru comes calling later this year, or in a few hundred years, or when its (yet to be discovered) sun drags...

Duration: 00:57:45

Demons and Exorcisms | 46

It's split pea soup and spinning head week on Hysteria 51 as we take on demons and exorcisms! We take a look at some well known demonic entities from all across the world (not just Conspiracy Bot this time), dive deeper into the Catholic Church and exorcisms, and take a look at some famous demon hunters throughout history (and no that isn't a World of Warcraft reference). Plus, is Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel really the Mothman? Was Conspiracy Bot really possessed by Jeff Bezos? And can...

Duration: 01:15:34