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Country Music Legend Margie Singleton Is 82 And Just Getting Started

At age 82, Margie Singleton has released her new music video, "Jesus Is My Pusher" Margaret Louis Ebey (born October 5, 1935), known professionally as Margie Singleton, is an American country music singer and songwriter. In the 1960s, she was a popular duet and solo recording artist, working with country stars George Jones and Faron Young. Singleton had her biggest hit with Young called "Keeping Up With The Joneses" in 1964. She managed a successful solo career in the 1960s, recording 9 Top...

Duration: 01:02:45

" The Turn Up Adult Party" With ya fav entertainers Snoopy SoFly & Sugar J

Welcome to the "Adult Turn Party" with your favortie entertaines Snoopy SoFly and Sugar J. Put those kids to bed and join the hottest adult show on the planet. Broadcasting live from a bacholarette paryt is Sugar J, givng you all the hotesst news and updates.We talk the hottest toys, gadgets, sex and more. wanna comment call in @347-308-8747

Duration: 01:29:59

"The Friday Nite Turn Up" Wake & Bake with ya favorite entertainer Snoopy SoFly

Welcome to the "The Friday Nite Up" Wake & Bake. Time to get lit baby its the weekend and you all ready know how it goes down. Light up, pour up, and get it in. We got the hottest music, news, topics, and more. Let the Turn Up Crew get your weekend started right. listen in live or call in live to comment @347-308-8747.

Duration: 01:29:54

Navy Veteran And Blues Pop Artist Phillip Broussard Talks About Debut EP

Born and raised in Washington State, Phillip Broussard discovered his passion early in life, when his father brought home a guitar. His father’s original intention was to play the guitar himself, but he soon found Phillip picking up the guitar, when he didn’t think anyone was watching. Phillip grew up under the influence of his father’s favorites, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. What started as just a few chords, ignited a desire to share his new-found passion with...

Duration: 01:04:01

"The Friday Nite Turn Up"Wake & Bake With ya fav entertainers SnoopySoFly&CrazyB

Welcome to the "Friday Nite Turn up" Wake And Bake with ya fav entertainers Snoopy SoFly and Crazy B It's the new year baby 2018. Lets start the year off right with love, loyalty, and respect. The grind never stops get ready for a year full of hot independent artist, young buisness owners and a new wave of style. You know we the hottest inde podcast on the planet so give us a call @ 347-308-8747

Duration: 01:30:44

An up and coming rapper looks to spread positive messages through his music.

I've been writing for the past 12 years. I'm a Miami Dade College graduate, and I'm currently obtaining my second degree at Southern University at New Orleans. The type of artist I am is still undefined at the moment, but I'm venturing into a new style of Hip Hop that includes old school, country, etc. I'm currently working on a new pop track, and a cultural track where I speak on the first independent Black country “Haiti.” What really pushed me into Hip Hop? After hearing my father and his...

Duration: 01:00:52

"The Turn Up Adult Party" with ya fav entertainers SnoopySoFly,SugarJ&CrazyB

Welcome to the adult turn up party. Its New Years Eve and you know it's going down the fire works are popping and so are we. Its ya boy Snoopy SoFly Sugar J & Crazy b helping you bring in 2k18 with love, sex, advice, fire music, news, gossip and so much more from sex toys, positions gadets and room spicers. listen in live or call 347-308-8747

Duration: 01:31:53

"The Friday Nite Turn Up" With ya Favorite entertainers Snoopy SoFly & Crazy B

Welcome to the weekend babbbyy it's the last friday before the new year and you know we are partying tonight and tommorow. its the New Year addition and we going all the way in. Hot music, topics, new years resolution and more so call in tell us whats on your mind @ 347-308-8747 we live to night on blogtalk radio.

Duration: 01:28:44

The Turn Up Adult Part with ya Fav Ent Snoopy SoFly ,Sugar J & Crazy B

Welcome to the "Adult Turn Up Party" . Put the Kids to bed and come join the party. the hottest late night show on the planet. Sex, Love, Relationships,Toys and gadets. We talk , fetish, we talk the sexiest talk on the planet. you can listen in live @347-308-8747 or click the link under the promotion bar. This is a rated R show so please parents be advised. you are now tuned in to the Tutn Up Adult Party With ya favorite entertainers Snoopy SoFly, Sugar J & Crazy B

Duration: 01:31:33

"The Friday Nite Turn Up" With ya Fav entertainer Snoopy SoFly & Crazy B

welcome to the Friday Nite Turn Up. You already know it goes down right here of blogtalkradio, we keep the hottest news, sports, gossip, tea, and more. We get your nite started right. the best music along with the best converstion on the radio. so join us live by calling in 347-308-8747 or click the blogtalkradio link.

Duration: 01:05:06

Cherish Lee Making Music On Her Own Terms

Cherish Lee has seen how hard the business is first hand through her father, Johnny Lee (country music legend, Urban Cowboy’s “Lookin’ For Love”) and mother, Charlene Tilton (television sex pot vixen, Lucy Ewing on hit TV show, “DALLAS”). She quickly gained her own recognition as a singer and songwriter in THE Music City. Lee’s album is truly homegrown– a Cinderella piece that is just flat out cool. This October 2017, Lee is releasing her first single “Tequila Cowgirl,” along with her...

Duration: 01:02:08

"TheTurnUpAdultParty"With ya favorite entertainers SnoopySoFly SugarJ CrazyB

Welcome to the Adult Turn Up Party. With your Favorite Entertainers Snoopy SoFly, Sugar J & Crazy B. Get ready to take part in ADULT conversation, about ADULTS, with ADULTS! So put ya' kids to bed and lets get freaky! Call in to join the fun! Anything goes... We talking toys, positions, relationships, lifestyles, fetishes, etc. Listen in live or call in @347-308-8747

Duration: 02:02:54

The Friday Nite Turn Up with ya favorite entertainers Snoopy SoFly & Crazy B

welcome to " The Friday Nite Turn Up" with ya favorite entertainers Snoopy SoFly & Crazy B. We got the hottest music, on point with the news, go in on the gossip and stay cool while doing it this is the hottest night show on the planet listen in live @ the link or call in to listen live @347-308-8747 we always lit over here ya heard

Duration: 01:32:34

The Turn Up Adult Party with ya favorite entertainers SnoopySoFly Sugar j CrazyB

Welcome to the turn up adult party this is where it goes down. So Put you kids to bed grab you some wine or liquor. We talk the hottest talk from sex toys gadgets, love, relationships, foreplay and so much more dont miss out on the hosttes night talk show on the plant Got a question or comment call in @ 347-308-8747

Duration: 01:32:31

"The Friday Nite Turn Up" with your favorite host Snoopy SoFly and Crazy B

welcome to the "Friday Nite Turn Up" with your favorite entertainers. We got the most up to date news, info, 411 and the tea. Log in to blog talk radio or call in to listen or talk live @ 347-308-8747. Its going down tonight on The Friday Nite Turn Up

Duration: 01:31:26

"The Turn Up Adult Party" with ya favorite entertainers Snoopy SoFly , Crazy B & Sugar J

Welcome to the hottest night show on the plant. You are now tune in with the "Turn Up Adult Party" so put those kids to bed and join the party. Oh yeah its going to get wild and kinky, talking about the hottest toys gadgets, also the best lubs and foreplay. you dont wann mess out you can listen in live online or by phone. if you got something to say call in at 347-308-8747.

Duration: 01:23:43

The Turn Up With ya favorite entertainers Snoopy SoFly and Crazy B

Its the weekend baby and you already know what that means, Its going down right here on lets get lit we going all the way up and partying hard why its the holidays baby and the joy is here. stay tuned for hot music, news, gossip, and more. wanna get ya voice heard call in live at 347-308-8747 and get it in with us tonight @ 7c

Duration: 01:31:22

The Turn Up with your favorite entertainers Snoopy SoFly & Crazy B

Its friday so you already know what time it is. Live on blogtalkradio its "The Turn Up" with your favorite entertainers Snoopy SoFly along with Crazy B. Keeping you up to date with the latest news, gossip, 411, and tea, you know we also got sports on lock as well as the celebs. Tune is live @347-308-8747 or follow the link and listen online. Hot topics good music as you chill inside or get your night ready to parttyyyy. Also special guest Tiffany Prevost will be sharing with us her new...

Duration: 01:31:02


I am Indi is an innovative force in the Music Industry, that derives the vibes and insight to rise, from the experienced, artistic creators of the Music world, by informing, advising, mentoring, and just plain networking with any new talent R&B, Jazz, Country, Hip Hop, or Spoken Word. Our Radio show, 9 years running, captivates audiences all over the world. Please tune in on Wednesdays, 2:30pst,because at I Am Indi, You Are Indi, which means We are Indi. So lets talk about talking today.....

Duration: 01:03:28

"The Turn Up" With ya favorite entertainer Snoopy SoFly & cohost Brandy& Mercel

Lets get the weekend started babyyyy. Ya'll already know what it is. Its The Turn Up with ya favorite entertainer Snoopy SoFly and cohost Brandy and Mercel. this weeks topics are of the chain we talking about harrassment, abuse of power, sexual misconduct and so much more. And all this while we bring you the hottest jams, news, gossip, and all the tea you need for your weekend. tune in on or call in 347-308-8747. Press 1 to comment press nothing and just listen in live.

Duration: 01:28:35

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