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I Don’t Want to be FAT! will give you a road map to health, fitness, working out and diet. I will help you find what work out best suits you, through time constraints and your availability to help you establish your goals. We will talk about supplements, how they work and why they are so important to us today, even if we are eating right. We will also discuss the importance of minerals and why our foods today don’t have enough of them and how sustaining a good diet improves mental health and decision making.




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The Last Show

To Boldly guide you where you have not gone before. To make you aware of the pit falls of the decision process of weather or not to work out and the consequences that come to those who decide not to.

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Life Goes on

Planning for our financial future is a lot easier than planning weather or not we will live long enough to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But of course no one wants to think about health because without money what use is good health. However, do not be deceived, investing in you should be your biggest priority. The problem is time. Work has become so demanding that we just cannot juggle everything in our lives enough to make time to have time. Besides there is always tomorrow, right? Do...

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What Does Being Fit And Healthy Mean

Healthy Living, is a life free from medication and health problems. Not all of us want to become super athletes, Most of us are just trying to get through life without having to deal with any major issues, such as dietary concerns, cancer, joint pain, diabetes or fatigue. One of the biggest issues to modern health is in the food we eat. Your health becomes what we put into ourselves. The other issue is lifestyle. Who and what you hang around with is what will determine what you become....

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Moving Forward

Effective workouts take a lot of time to establish because as your fitness level increases so must your routine evolve. Never be afraid of progress. Moving forward, means it’s time to reset your health and endurance goals. Because what may of seemed impossible before may seem a little more ’obtainable’ once you start making progress. However, working effectively must always be a priority. That’s why Core work outs, with the correct measure of cardio are so important and must always remain...

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Answering All The Questions

This show is a catch-up show - where I have put together all the questions that I have received from you over the past nine weeks. The quality and content of these questions has exposed me to concerns that I would have never thought to address or talk about, These questions address your concerns and interests which give me input on how my experiences can help you. This is really exciting. because it guides and encourages you toward your goals.

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Work out Right for your body type

How big you are effects the way you work out. How long the work out effects your attitude. So start small by learning the basics of how to set a new course to a healthy lifestyle. The best work outs do not have to be with any equipment but by starting with your own body weight. Because getting Healthy should be you’re first priority in making your work outs fun and interesting, Do not fall into the trap of overworking. The key to keeping your goals alive is to make it fun, so, in setting...

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What workout works best for you

The show this week is about – What workout works best for you. With all the time you have to invest in yourself. How much time should you spend working out. And how do you set your goals based on what time you have. There are so many questions involved with this huge lifestyle change, So in this show we will attempt to address the biggest pitfalls associated with most workouts. This falls in great with the last two shows I did on diet, because your size, weather big or small, really...

Duration: 00:29:16

Eating Right and Living Better

Eating right for you – where to start in understanding food without making it complicated. How its effects us is something most Americans struggle with all the time. Struggling with what and when to eat is almost impossible because of our diversified lifestyles We either eat too much or not enough, or too late and the wrong stuff. What foods are right to eat and how does eating the wrong foods effect us. Today I will try to simplify the eating issue by keeping it simple. This show is the...

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Diet is the most difficult subject to approach because of the range of choices we have as Americans concerning food. The other problem with diets is what we choose to belive about them because of what we have been told. This show will try discern the difference between fact and fiction. I want to talk about the misconceptions of what we have been led to belive about eating and attempt to address these options, I also want to talk about how age effects our diet and how that effects what we...

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My show today is about Direction. We already talked about perspective, about correcting your attitude to adjust to your goals. Direction now is about how to set your goals, and not get distracted. Distractions are undisciplined thoughts that you entertain to justify an excuse. The greatest example of that is diet. We justify our diet by working harder so that we can eat things that are not healthy, or good for us, Thinking, that if we work harder and longer we can compensate for those...

Duration: 00:28:42

Chiropractic Enhancement

My guest today will be Matt Parsons. We will be talking about how Matt as a chiropractors has influenced lifestyle changes. Matt is a great believer in healthy living. His clinic offers alternative forms of exercise to his clients. He is active in educating his patients about the do’s and don’ts of eating exercising and nutrition. Eighty percent of people today in the U.S have a chronic disease of some kind. And fifty five percent of that eighty have more than one chronic disease. Matt and...

Duration: 00:27:45

I Don't Want to be FAT!

This show is about the role of a personal trainer. I will address things that stop you from working out such as your lifestyle, your habits, and your work life & apart from these three aspects of your life, on top of that, family contributes time consumption & responsibilities. People alone are generally unable to manage these situations, trainers have insight of how to help you balance your time. I’m here to be your trainer, I have the experience to help you help yourself & to help you...

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I Don't Want to be FAT!

This is the first episode of I Don't Want to be FAT! Don't miss this debut show with host Marcus Aurelius.

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